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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fire Drill

On Tuesday, we were told that there will be a fire drill in the next morning at 10.30... Our reactions were like... "HAR?!?! What should we do? Run??" Then, S (the one and only male staff in my floor) told us to shut down the computer and 'run' to the assembly area and bla bla bla...

Wednesday, 10 o'clock in the morning... One of my colleagues was preparing to 'escape'... Well, she's a bit plum and you know... So, she told me "I gotta go down earlier and standby first... Or else, I will be blocking the way when everybody wants to run down..." Hahah!! She's so funny la! As if she can predict when will the real fire come... Lol!!

The clock turned 10.30... The fire alarm still not bell yet... Actually I was already standby la... Closed down all the unwanted windows and prepared to shut down the computer anytime... Then, the clock turned 11... My colleague J said "SEE!! This is what we called Malaysian time!! 11 already still not bell yet..." *Sigh* Actually that time was raining lar... No fire drill even better la! Coz the assembly area is an open area...

*DRING!!!!!~~~ DRING~~~~~~" Ohh!! Finally the bell rang at 11.30 am... I shutted down the computer immediately... And prepared to run!! But wait... All other colleagues were still sitting there and some were on the phone... Aiyaya... Fire come already still berlengang-lengang over there 1... After a while then only we walked out at a super slow pace... Haha!!

That time, outside was drizzling... The staffs from other departments were so smart!! They brought along their umbrellas... However, my department... Aiyah! So dumb la! Summore we need to queue up according to departments... Grrr! Cannot share umbrella with them... *(@_@)*

We were waiting under the rain patiently.. *Actually I was very impatient that time*... Seeing the Ang Moh Director eating his apple.. I also want... =p After 5 minutes... We heard "Ngee Ngoor Ngee Ngoor..." Here came the firemen!!! Guess what? There was actually someone making fake smoke at the second floor's balcony. Then, the rest of the firemen sprayed water to the building... The water was sooooooooo dirty!! Like longkang water... Yukes!

After all the 'shows'.. We got back to work... Errrm... I felt a bit mou liu... hahah!! Anyway, its still a good experience for me. At least I know where to run when there's fire...


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thank you note

It was raining this morning... Such weather is the BEST time to SLEEP!! Agree? So cooling and comfortable... But, I had to force myself to get out from the bed. Or else, I will caught in the traffic jam and end up late to the office... The consequences will be kena potong gaji and no parking lot!!

This morning I reached the building around 7.30am and got a perfect parking! It was almost the nearest parking. Errrm... But I was a bit too early, because the office wasn't open yet. (I do not own the key.. Sob sob...) So, I had to wait at the lobby...

15 minutes later, one of my colleagues came and unlocked the door... Finally... *YAY* I faster went into the office and switched on my computer. Then, I wanted to make myself a cup of hot MILO... *Sigh* I found out that I had finished all my 3 in 1 Milo and Coffee... Thats why I end up eating my Tiger Biscuit only... and drink plain water lor...

8am~W..O..R..K..~5pm... Haha! Today wasnt a hectic day for me... So, I could go home early... Heheh! I swapped my ID at 5.15pm!! Kekeke!! Tak payah OT... and can go home and enjoy my TV!! So happy...

When I reached my car... It was like... So SHIT!! What the heck la... Office pun got ppl wanna double park?!?! I thought all the big bosses all went for the company conference already? Then there should have plenty of parkings... How come got ppl double park behind my little KANCIL?!?! I was a bit geram lerr... I thought can head back home earlier... But end up got stuck over there. =(

I stood beside my car and looked so hopelessly... Then I walked nearer to the 'illegally parked car' to find out if there's any phone number for me to contact him/ her to repark the car... But there wasnt any message! All I know is this person is from LAB Dept... I have no idea what department is that...

Amazingly... 5 minutes later, a Malay guy walked towards me and said "Amoi!! Mari sini... Mari kita tolak kereta ni...".... *Eyes rolled big big* I was a bit blur at that time... It took me a while to filter his message,,, Lol!! Then, 'we' pushed the car away... Basically, he was the only one who pushed the car... I was there touching the car only... Never used my strengths to push also... Lol! Anyway, I wanted to thank this helpful guy again... Terima Kasih!!

So... I managed to drive out and reach my house at 5.45pm!! Hehehe!!!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lazy pig is back!!

Wow! I didn't touch my blog for such a long time! The last blog I posted was more than a month ago!! Errmm... ok... I admit... I'm a lazy pig.. =p After exam already marr... So, don't feel like writing any essays lor...

Well, I'm currently working in Dutch Lady as a temporary staff... Has been working for 2 weeks already.. Its a 5-day work per week... Don't ask me bout the salary... Its super duper low, ok? But, it managed to cover my food and transportation expenses la...

Right now, I gotta wake up at 6.10 in the morning... (I never get up so early when I was in uni!! Except for exam time la...) At 7am, I will start my journey to my office located at PJ... Be there early to avoid the annoying traffic jam mar...

Usually I will reach the office at around 7.25am and make my breakfast. Heheh!! My hot MILO!! Or sometimes coffee... Yum yumm... Errm... Once a while I will drink the Dutch Lady Packet Drinks la... FOC punya. Then, W~O~R~K...

1pm ~ Lunch time!! Right now, the company provides free lunch for all staffs!! That's why, many of us will proceed to the cafeteria and grab our free food. Wait a minute... Our free food is only up to RM3.50. So, if u wanna eat more, you gotta poke out own money lor. But for me, the RM3.50 'mixed rice' is more than enough already ler... (1 rice, 2 vege plus 1 meat...) Drinks are FOC... BUT... I heard this free lunch thingie will be on till end of Dec only la... So, I need to buy own food for another 2 months next year...

2pm, back to work... *Tick tock tick tock...* Yay!! Its 5pm!! The work is over!! But I will usually OT until 7pm. Sob sob... When I reach home, its already 8pm plus!! After dinner, bath, TV... Then, I will go to bed at 10.30pm or the latest 11pm... Or else I won't be able to wake up at 6.10 in the next morning... Thats why, I dont have time to blog!!!

"What about weekend?" Weekend got other stuff to do la.... See my bedroom! Still so messy... and... I need time to meet friends and so la... hehe!! By the way, I'm waiting for u all to organise some gatherings!!! I wanna meet u guys!! Miss u all... YES!!! YOU!!! Dunit to look at the left or right... ITS YOU!! Hahaha!!

See you soon...


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Students are smarter nowadays?

I'm sure all of you are aware that the number of SPM straight A's students are increasing from year to year. There are so many students out there with 12, 13, or even 16 A's in SPM!! What's the reasons for this? Probably the students have better teachers or tutors... Or they are smarter!? Or the standard of the examination has been more lenient?

I have an answer here... :p

Unlike our generation, the students nowadays have a smarter way of studying!! Take my brother for example... He is among the SPM candidates for this year... Most of his time is spent on the computer and the printer!!!

Guess what? The 'SPMers' actually have a forum, and that forum is used to discuss and predict the questions which will come out in the exams... And worse... Even the 'Soalan BOCOR'!!! No jokes man! My brother relied on those 'tips' and got good results in his trial exams!! According to him, those questions came out 'bulat-bulat' from the so-called 'tips'!!! Thus, there is no need to study the whole syllabus as the students can only concentrate on the selected topics. Is this fair?

So, now you know... Why the students are 'SMARTER'?? Lol!!


Joke of the Day =)

Got this joke from Eugene the other day... I found it interesting. So, I would like to share with u all... =)

See this Maths cacat.. Lol!!

Study = Dont fail (1)
Dont Study = Fail (2)

study + Dont study = Dont fail + Fail

Study (1 + Dont) = Fail (1 + Dont)
Therefore, Study = Fail

So, No need to study... Hahah!!
Wish u all the BEST!! MUST PASS!! *(^o^)*


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wash 'n' Run

A few weeks ago, I was very busy with exams and other stuffs... Therefore, I did not have extra time to wash my car (Actually was lazy larr...). That's why my car was so damn dirty!! U can even use ur fingers to draw picture on my car! Hahaha!! Yeah.... It was super duper dirty la...

Then, I drove passed this Esso Petrol Station near Monash Uni (the one near Pyramid)... I saw this sign "WASH 'N' RUN RM5".... Hahaha!! So cheap larr... Value for money right? Summore the banner inside said its for wash and vacuum!! Without doubt, I sent my car to the station for a car wash. But then, the small board inside showed "Kereta RM 6, MPV RM 8... and so on". Aiyah... Cheating 1... The cheapest also RM6, where got RM5 one oo? But I dun mind to pay another extra 1 Ringgit la...

When I finished my lunch, I came back to collect my car. I was surprised that the fella asked for RM8 from me!! Wat la? Suddenly so expensive ady 1? Then I asked him... "Why RM8? I thought RM6 only?". The foreign worker didn't know how to answer (language barrier)... Then another worker approached me... And told me "RM6 for car wash, RM2 for vacuum"... WAT THE... Okay... I was so hot under the sun, so I just paid them RM8 and drove back to uni.

I felt so cheated la! Kena conned!! Their pricing is so damn cheating la! If my car is a big car, then its understandable that they may charge you more than the posted price lar... But mine is only a KANCIL!!! The smallest car!! (not including mini cooper lar)... They owed me an explanation! Please tell me what's the RM5 wash and Vacuum for??

They are so cheating!! Don't send your car to this Esso for car wash!!

*Tips: Always ask for the price first!! Then, they can't cheat you...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Finally I'm back! Haha!!! Sorry for abandoning this blog for so long... I was too busy with my assignments, presentations, viva test and exams... But, now I'm FREE, a.k.a. M~E~R~D~E~K~A!!! Yooohooo!!

I did 3 papers on Monday and Tuesday (3 exams in 2 days!!)... I thought I will be real suffered... But after all, its not so bad la... Coz I'm still alive, haven't die yet la... Should be able to get at least a 'P' (PASS) kua... Please please... I dun wanna waste my parents' money... sob sob...

What's next? Gotta look for jobs already lor... Any of your uncle or aunty wanna hire a fresh graduate like me? Hahaha!!! *Just Kidding*

More posts coming up soon... =)


Monday, October 09, 2006

My b'day pictures =p

As mentioned in my previous post, I will upload the pictures once I get it from the 'camera-man'... Lol!!!

Here's my 21st Birthday Cake... Tiramisu!! Very yummy!! *slurp slurp* But the strawberries were toooo SOUR!!

A picture with A, together with my cake and a cup of hot honey drinks... How come there's a baby chair behind us? Lol...

After blowing the candles... S helped me to cut the cake into pieces... Hehe!! Thanks!! I think she's quite pro in cutting cakes... Got experience!! Hahaa!!

I was enjoying the cake... Yummy!! Do you want some? *(^0^)*

And lastly... Happy family!!

Thanks for all the wishes... including the sms, mms, friendster and msn messages... Thanks for everything :-) I'm officially an adult now... As what K said, I can go into the CASINO already!! So, who wanna be the 1st one to bring me in to the casino? Lol!!!


Sunday, October 08, 2006

So Surprise & Thank You!!

Last week was a tough week for me... 3 assignments due in 1 week! Although all are group assignments (Int Mgt, Int Biz, and Mkt Planning), they were not easy! I went through the hassle of editing the draft... Imagine 3 or 4 members in a group and each of us has different styles of writing!! Therefore, we had to re-format the whole report to ensure the flow of the report is good... (Yala.. I'm very fussy 1 lar... Not a perfectionist, but fussy.. Lol!!)

My last assignment (Marketing Plan) was supposed to hand in by Friday... But, it somehow postponed to Saturday, 2pm... Err.. I dunno why it was postpone. Anyway, once I found out the new due date, I stopped editing the work... Lol!! I walked off from the computer lab! Hehe!! and went out for lunch... (I was very hungry...)

A came to uni and fetched me out for lunch... Guess what? S, SY, YM, & JC actually came along and they wanted to throw me a surprise party!! Wow!! I was really shocked! Oo.. Thanks a lot!! *(^o^)* We drove all the way to Damansara for lunch!! And thanks to KH as well... He came late and end up parked very far from the restaurant... Lol!! He was our DBKL to help us to finish up all the leftover food as well... Hahaha!!!

Thanks for the party, the pressies, the birthday song, the tiramisu cake, and the wishes... I love it!

p/s: Will upload some pictures once I get it. =p


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Royale Escapade

Last Friday was our Annual Monash Ball... It was held at the Palace of the Golden Horses... The ball was supposed to start at 7.30pm, but we actually reached there around 6.30pm... Haha!! Says who Malaysian always late for dinner?!?!?! We had proved it wrong!!! Hahaha!! Since we were early, we snapped a few pics outside the hotel... See! There were horses behind us!

After 7pm, the place was becoming more and more crowded... We saw more and more familiar faces and started to snap pictures......

1 group of girls here... Who's the prettiest? Lol!!! *(^_^)*

After that, we had an extra male in the pic... Lol!! I call this pic as 7+1! =p

We are Yin Mei, Shu Yin and Mei Yin... A.K.A... THE YINs!! Hahah!!

Becky and I... She's so beautiful!!!

My forever Assignment groupmates,,, Linda and Munny... Too bad... Kelly was absent... Or else we could have a "4 ji mui" pic... Lol!!

And lastly... Our picture... A bit blur... But I like it.. *wink wink*


Monday, September 25, 2006

Random Pictures...

While waiting for my prom pictures, let's have a look on some ramdom pics... Hehehe!!! Actually some 'expired' pictures... =p

I did HRM in HELP Uni Coll last summer... So, this is a pic of the Assignment. The report was actually inside this Green Assignment 'folder'... One thing good about it is... its FREE!! Unlike Monash's Assignment cover sheet, which u need to spend 10cent to print out the cover sheet EACH TIME...

Some yummy, delicious cheese cakes and lemon juices from Secret Recipe!! *slurp*

Aaron, Jacin & Steve a.k.a JX's birthday party at Nando's.... *Happy belated Birthday!!* Lol!!! *(^o^)*

K2 the wacky class!!! Siao siao 1... FLOWER POWER!!! HAHAH!!!


Monday, September 11, 2006

Mentos + diet coke/pepsi explosion

warning: don't try this at home. rather, try it outside. Founders 309 Productions.

affiliated with


My brother told me some interesting science experiments he did with friends yesterday...

Experiment 1
Ingredients: Coca-Cola, Soap Powder/ detergent
Steps: Put the soap powder into the Coca-Cola (Not ask u to taste it la!)
Results: The colour of Coca-Cola will be changed to white/ clear colour...

Experiment 2
Ingredients: Diet Coke (1.5 litre), Mentos
Steps: Put all the Mentos into the Diet Coke.. MUST be real fast!
Results: Explosion will be resulted!! The gas will shoot as high as 2 metres!!!

Dont trust me?? Haha! I managed to find some proof through Google... Click here for the Video *(^o^)*


Saturday, September 02, 2006

2 topics...

My shitty-looking exam timetable

Two days ago, I got an email with an attached "Unofficial Examination Timetable"... I was happily downloaded the file and checked for my timetable... Wat the.... I got a so-damn-terrible exam timetable!!! U see:

27 Oct (Afternoon paper) -- Marketing Law
6 Nov (Afternoon paper) -- Marketing Planning and Implementation
7 Nov (Morning paper) -- International Management
7 Nov (Afternoon paper) -- International Business

CRAZZZZYYYY!!! 3 papers in 2 days!! How to study?!! Wanna cry already la... Anybody please let me know if I can complain and change this timetable... *(x_X)*

HotDog Versus Sausage

Yesterday, I shopped in the night market with my brother... We bought lots of fooood!! Yummy yummy food!!! We came to this stall selling fishball, fried chicken, hotdog, and so on... Then, I grabbed a few cucuk of fishballs... And the hotdog I wanted was quite far away... So, I asked the tauke to take it for me...

Me: One more Hotdog please.. (pointed at the yummy hotdog)
Tauke: This 1? "heong cheong" la... Hotdog is that 1...
Me: *blur* (my brother also blur. Then, he asked the tauke wats the different between HotDog and "Heong cheong")...
The answer was, "HotDog is 'Yit Kau', while 'heong cheong' is sausage...."
Bro and I: *Faint* LOL!!!

So, HotDog and sausage are DIFFERENT!!! Keekekek!!!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Struggling with assignment


Struggling with my IB assignment la...

<= Current mood =>


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Busy Week...

I'm bored... The next assignment is due on Thurs (24 Aug)... And I havent started yet!! Read a few journals... I highlighted and jotted down the relevant points... But still don't know how to start my very first paragraph of essay!!! Shit la...

Then next week there's MBC Icecream sales... Havent prepare the board for them also... Friday pulak got Tug-O-War and MUSA Street Party... Of coz I'm not one of the participant for Tug-O-War la! But Im hunting for people to join the game... Any Monashians interested with it? FREE 1 ooo!!!

And for those ice cream lovers... Come and support our ice-cream la... Lol!! *Yummy Yum Yum*


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Assignment

Finally I had finished my very FIRST Assignment for this semester! *Phew!!*

This is my thinnest assignment ever!! No picture, no graphs, no diagram... all words... *Boring* Haha!! Is an essay format assignment with 2000 plus +- 3% words... *Geram* 3% only!! Might as well don't give la... Aiyoh! So stingy!! 3% of 2000 words is only 60 words!!! What can you write in 60 words? But I have no choice ler... Have to cut down some paragraphs to make it fit into 2060!!

There's another assignment (Int Biz) coming up next week Thursday... *Sigh*... Eh! Where's my unit guide? I wanna read the assignment question la... Lol!!


Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm Back!!

Hey friends, I'm BACK!! I didn't abandon this blog ler... Simply lazy to type out new post only... The semester had started for 3 weeks and I was so busy with Monash Business Club's (MBC) thingie... Secondhand book Sale, Recruitment Drive, Networking Party... and bla bla bla...

* A pic with our Pro-Vice chancellor after winning the Best Booth Award... :p And yes... This is the most happening club... Lol! *

* Anyone can figure out the meaning behind this picture? *Blink blink* *

Lets change a topic...

Last Saturday (29 July 2006) was one of the best days in my life!! I went to an event called "SP Setia Night of the STARS"... SP Setia is actually the developer for the place called Setia Alam... and they invited 2 famous singers to perform a concert... The famous singers are Victor Wong and Emil Chau!! Wow!! Victor is my favourite!

The concert was scheduled at 8pm. But, A and I reached there at... 5 something!!! Lol! We were too excited bout the concert, that's why, we went there earlier... (But we weren't the 1st to reach there... Lol!!) Since we were too early, we ate our McD nuggets in the car... After that, we took a shutter bus to the concert place (It's a big recreation park actually)...

There were some small stalls at the side selling food and beverages... Coca cola, Ramly Burger, fish ball, kacang putih and much much more... Besides, there were also a few rows of "temporary toilets"... or you call it "Removable toilet"? Lol! I have no idea...

8.30pm... Finally the concert began... Hehe!! I got to see Victor Wong and Emil Chau!! Yay!!! They sang a few songs each and Emil Chau played some games with the audience as well...

* See~! Victor and Emil!! *

The concert lasted for 1 and a half hour!! Its longer than the 45 minutes I expected! So happy... And the best part was... There were fireworks right after the concert!! The fireworks were damn nice!! Thats the 1st time I see fireworks in such a near distance! Wow... I love those colourful fireworks! BEAUTIFUL!


Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm a Cookie Monster!!

I found a personality test from coco_panda's blog... So, I decided to test myself as well... And here's the result.... OMG!! How come I'm a "Cookie Monster"?? Exactly the same as coco_panda worr... =p

You Are Cookie Monster

Misunderstood as a primal monster, you're a true hedonist with a huge sweet tooth.

You are usually feeling: Hungry. Cookies are preferred, but you'll eat anything if cookies aren't around.

You are famous for: Your slightly crazy eyes and usual way of speaking

How you life your life: In the moment. "Me want COOKIE!"


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My school ~ SMK Dato' Onn

I visited my secondary school's teachers with a bunch of friends yesterday. While we wanted to enter the school, the guard blocked us and asked for our purpose of entering the school... Then we told him... "Nak certify sijil"... Heehehe! Actually, we weren't wanted to certify any certificates... Hehehe!! Anyway, he let us to go in after held our ICs...

Then, we entered the staff room... First, we saw Pn. Lai and Pn. Foong... Haha! They seriously looked older than before... They were quite shocked to see us and chatted with us for a while... All teachers asked us the same thing.. "What are you doing now?" "Ohh! Studying? Which college? Diploma? Degree?".. and blah blah blah... After a while, Pn. Hana passed by and said "Nampak mereka sekarang ni... Saya nampak dah tua la! Haha!" Then, Pn. Lai replied funnily, "Kamu ni tua? Saya ni apa? Usang kah?" Lol!! Funny la them..

After that, we went into a class (should be 4P1) and kacau my Chemistry teacher ~ Pn. Hana. Haha! We asked her... "Cikgu!! Apa khabar? Ingat saya? Nama saya siapa?"... Hehehe! She told us that she can remember all our faces but names... She had a hard time to recall our names... Lol!

Besides, we chatted with Pn. Rahimah, Pn. Noreza, Pn. Saro... and others. Pn. Rahimah even jotted down our telephone numbers!! Coz she wanted to form some Dato' Onn Alumni thingie... Hahaha! They even asked us to give the juniors a talk to encourage them to study hard... Wow!! I seriously dare not la... Lol!!

Ermm... The school really changed a lot ler... First of all.. The name is changed from SMK Jalan San Peng to SMK Dato' Onn. Second, the school is very very Orange!! Orange = warna ceria? But I still prefer last time's blue wall... Looks nicer... And all the murals (wall painting) we did had gone... So sad...

Besides that, we used to draw the banners manually... And now, they printed the banners... No more handmade banners... I wonder whether there's still any junior knows how to make banners. Its fun to do the murals and banners! I enjoyed it very much last time...

And.. What else...? Oh yah! The kacang putih lady is still there selling her kacang putihs... Haha!! She's there for more than 10 years already! Wow!! Looks like her business is very good ohh!! High demand for kacang putih in school!

Lastly, they have very changgih and better teaching method now. They are using laptops and LCD!! No more writings on the normal white boards! They use power point slides!! Just like what we are using now in uni... Hahaha! I'm jealous la... *(^_^)*

Miss my school... Miss my school days...


Monday, June 26, 2006

Cutie Yung Yi

Last Friday was A's last day of exam. After the exam (Finance Paper), I went to A's place and we saw this cute little Yung Yi... See the picture below... She's adorable right? Initially, I asked her to stand still and pose for me to snap picture. But once she saw my camera, she came towards me! Guess what? She was sort of sitting on my tummy when I snapped this picture! Haha! (I was lying on the floor) *(>_<)*

After that, A helped us to snap some photos... *Sigh* This small girl cannot stand still 1... Keep on moving moving... Very hard to snap nice pictures with her... In the end, the photo came out like this... Errmmm... I dunno why my face was so red (like a tomato)... Hehehe!! Maybe I laugh too much... Wahaha!!!

Then, she tried some "Yung Yi Dance" (she created the dances)... See how she dance! Hahah! She has lots and lots of funny faces... I find it cute but A said its ugly... Anyway, all babies are like this... Cute, adorable and naughty... Those very quiet and obedient ones are weird babies... Wahahah!!! Thats the FACT!!

*Babies ROCK*

Friday, June 23, 2006

Exams Ended!

My exams ended yesterday... I'm supposed to be out there enjoying my holiday! Movie, shopping, makan and etc.... But what am I doing over here? Errmmm.... Im actually here in the Computer Lab and blogging rubbish! Hahah!

I went to the library earlier and grabbed 2 books... Some art and comic related books. I thought I can read those so-called-comic books to kill my time while waiting for A to end his exam... But then, the 2 books were sooooo boring!! And I dun understand the comic! Am I too dumb or what? =(

It's 2.30pm now. I need to wait for another 2 hours!! Coz A is now in the exam hall doing his paper... Besides A, many other accounting and econs students are doing the same thing... Good luck people...

I feel hungry and bored right now... Anyone can introduce me with some interesting online games? Those Free 1 la of coz... Hehehe!! *(^_^)*


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tag-along 2


Heheh!! I finished my exam at 3.42pm today!! YOOOHOOOO!!! F~R~E~E!! Anyone wanna ajak me out? Lol! =p

Well, I have been tagged by coco_panda AGAIN!! Let me finish this tag-along thingie first...

10 Life's simple pleasure...

1) Pass all my exams with flying colours...!! *(^_^)* Hopefully I can make it this semester... Aiming for 4 Ds this time... D means Distinction ler... not the empat ekor punya 4D... Hahaha!! I dun gamble.. =p

2) Getting HDs for all assignments.. This is to help me to pull up the marks for my final score... Coz I usually dun do well in my written exams... =( Aiyoh... Exam got time constrains 1 ma... how to do well worr... agree with me?

3) Dunit to drive to uni everyday... Hehehe! I wish someone will drive me here and there everyday... U know, its so so SO SO tired to drive a manual car while its stuck in the heavy traffic?!?!

4) Play with Yung Yi every week... Hehee!! She's so adorable... cute... hugable... and notti as well... *(>_<)*

5) Eat ice-cream... I love Mc D's ice-cream.. Especially the vanila ice-cream... The Mc Flurry is even nicer... I like the Oreo flavour! Yummy Yum Yum!! *slurp slurp slurp* But Mc Flurry is a bit pricy ler... Its RM 4.19 each... More expensive than a plate of Chicken rice in medan... So cannot eat that so often...

6) Watch movies with A... I missed out lots of new movies!! Errmm... I wanna watch CARS! And many other new shows... I gotta check out the list later... hahah!

7) Have a gathering with my old classmates... I miss my frens... primary school frens, secondary shool frens and SAM's classmates... I miss my teachers too! Ermmm... Wanna go back to Dato' Onn (Jalan San Peng) lar... Anyone wanna teman me? I have 2 weeks semester break now!! Coco_panda!! R u free?

8) Chit chit chat chat with frens... Hehehe! What will girls do when they sit together? Gossip la! What else...? LOL! Im not really a 'pat kua' person la... But I find it fun to know ppl's gossip... Hehehe!! dont you?

9) Snap pictures... I like to snap pictures... Hehehe!! *Snap Snap Snap* Now we can use digital camera. So, we can snap unlimited number of pictures... Then, delete those ugly ones... Lol!!

10) Go for Guang Liang's concert!! I'm looking forward for Guang Liang's September 30's concert in Bukit Jalil!! Im not a real big fan of Guang Liang, but I like his songs... heheh!

Phew, finally Im done with this... *sweat*

Okay now, who am I going to tag?
JX!! you are the chosen one!! Coz you finished ur degree!! No more exam or assignments for u! Congrats!!


Friday, June 02, 2006


Coco_Panda had tagged me for more than 1 week.. Aiya.. Recently very busy with studies... EXAM IS CUMING SOON!!! My 1st paper will be starting next Wednesday... And now Im here blogging.. *(x_X)*

I AM: Jacqueline/ Jac/ Mei Yin/ Foong.. "eh!".. Lol!

I JUST NOW: Reply an email

I SAID: Did I say something?

I WANT: to watch moviesSSsss!! Cinema will be my second home after exams... Muahahah!!

I WISH: the final is over!! Yay!!


I MISS: Little Yung Yi and her cousin... Miss you sooooOOOO much!

I FEAR: snakes!

I HEAR: the sound from tv

I WONDER: how's my results for this sem.

I REGRET: Im not doing revision now...

I AM NOT: a male.

I SING: ?!?! I cant sing.. =p

I CRY: when Im sad... And I can cry non-stop for hours!!

I AM NOT ALWAYS: Err... Duno...

I MADE: Lots of noise in the library... Lol... *flu flu* *hatt-chooo*

I WRITE: with my right hand..

I CONFUSE: with directions..

I NEED: to bath... and then study..

I SHOULD: finish this faster and do what I need to do..

I START: start wat? I start my comp? car? blah...

I FINISH: this tag-along thingie!!! FINALLY...

I TAG: Errmmm... 'Brother', Jinn Xiung, Philip, Rebecca, Lei Ye, Sue Lin.... Hahahah!!

^Good Luck in Exams^ ^All the BEST^

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Summary of a week

Sunday – Mother’s Day…
Wishing all the mummies Happy Belated Mother’s Day!! Hehehe!!

Monday – Becky’s Big Day!!
Wishing Becky happy belated birthday again and again… Your doggie is ^on the way^.. Lol! *surprise surprise*

Tuesday – International Marketing Presentation
Finally its my turn to present my group assignment.. I was the third group to present that day. The first group presented the topic of mini ice-cream.. the second group’s topic was some Arab Cola.. Was it Quilby Cola? Omg.. Cant remember, as long as its some Halal Cola. And guess what? They gave us FREE Cola!! Hahah! For me, that Cola taste exactly the same as Coca Cola coz I cant feel any difference except the can! Wait.. The design of the can was actually very similar with the original Coca Cola.. From far, it looked really similar! Its a red can with similar font as Coca Cola!

Then, Kelly and I presented our topic on Health Centre.. TRUE FITNESS!! *Blah Blah Blah* Its a 30 minutes presentation. But we over shot the time and end up 7 marks deducted from the timeframe.. =( SO SAD!! Anyway, I was quite satisfy with the overall marks la.. Hehe!!

Wednesday – Skipped Dogan’s Lecture
That was my VERY VERY FIRST TIME of skipping lecture in the whole semester!! Initially I wanted to rush my XML Assignment at the foyer.. But then, Munny called me for some Marketing Strategy group discussion.. O..kay.. Then, I put my XML aside and discussed with them.. Ermm.. *Chit Chit Chat Chat* + *discuss discuss*..

Finally I finished my XML assignment at night.. Ermm.. It wasnt a perfect program actually.. But then, its valid and well-form! So, I dont care it anymore and straight away continue with my Marketing Strategy assignment.. But end up ter-slept until next morning.. *Sigh*

Thursday – Handed in my XML Assignment
I went to the lab early morning and sent the XML program through online.. *Phew* Finally.. I felt a bit more relaxed..

I went home around 4.30pm, and there was heavy traffic along KESAS highway!! Can you believe it? I was wondering what was happening.. I saw 14 Lorries (big and small) and cars stopped at the road side (at the opposite direction) *Yea! I counted the number of vehicles*. ??? Why ar? After a while, I realised, theres actually an accident happened at my lane.. A big lorry was lost controlled and crashed to the motorcycle lane.. Then, those busybody from opposite direction stopped at the roadside and crossed over to see what was happening.. Maybe they wanna see the car plate number for 4D or Toto purposes? Hahah! Im not sure la.. What I know is, these people caused massive traffic at both directions..

Ermm.. I am a last minute person.. I always rush my assignment very last minute.. And I study very last minute too! So, dunit to ask whether I have started to study for exam or not.. The answer is – NO! Coz Im a lazy person.. Yeah.. I admit. Thats why Thursday night I rushed my marketing assignment until 2 something in the morning!! By that time, my brain started to shut down and I kept seeing funny stuff on my screen.. *Sigh*.. Kelly, Munny, Linda and Aaron will know what am I talking about..

Friday – Happy Friday!!
Friday!! Thank God Its Friday! Hehee!! Nola.. Im not here to do free advertisements for TGI Friday.. I feel so ‘han fok’ (blissful) yesterday, coz I dont have to drive!! Hahaha!! Sue Lin and bf came and pick me up in the morning.. :p Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very MUCHIE!! *(^o^)*

We reached uni around 8am, then I started to compile my marketing assignment.. *Compile compile* I finished it at 10am, and then went for GCO lecture. Wow!! SO many ppl absent!! Where they went la? One hour later, Thomas gave us a short break..

*10 minutes later*

The class left 3 students ONLY!! JX left the class without telling me!! =’( But luckily he ended the lecture 30 minutes early.. Yay! I can go to the lab and improve the assignment before hand in.. *Edit Edit*… And finally finished it at 1pm.. *PHEW PHEW* NO MORE ASSIGNMENT FOR THIS SEMESTER!!!


Friday, May 12, 2006

Mission Impossible 4 (MI.IV)

**I put this pic for fun only ler**

Yesterday morning, I parked at Elephant Walk.. There will be some X-game event during the weekend. Therefore, I saw lots of signboards over there, “No food and drinks allowed” and etc.. On the way to uni, I met my International Marketing (IM) lecturer.. Here goes our conversation:

Me: Morning!
She: Morning! How’s your IM?
Me: Oh! My group is going to do presentation. (I thought she was asking for the IM report)
She: Did your group present in the first assignment?
Me: No, we did a report for that.
She: I see. Then your group will be presenting on Wednesday because... (blah blah blah)
Me: Oh! Thats great!!
She: I will put up an announcement later.. Check out student drive ya!
Me: Oki! No problem!
And blah blah blah..

After that, I started to do my IM presentation slides at the foyer.. After a while, I saw more and more laptop users came but theres only 4 powerpoint plugs. So, remember to charge your laptop before come to uni!! In case you didnt get a plug! Or bring an extension wire.. Hahaha!! (I saw people did that!)

I took my own sweet time to do the slides.. Slowly look for sources and stuff because my group will be presenting on next Wednesday! We have at least 5 days to prepare for the slides! Hehe!! But all a sudden, I heard SHOCKING NEWS! According to one of my classmate, the presentation slides are to be submitted first! And the due date is that day itself!! I was so damn panic..

But luckily our lecturer is good enough to extent another day for all the presenters.. So, me and my groupmate rushed for the slides like mad.. I slept at 4.30am last night, while she slept at 5 something.. And this morning, we started to compile all the slides in uni.. Can you belief it? 50 detailed presentation slides were done in less than 2 days!! *Phew*

Finally, we submitted the slides at 2.30pm just now and hooray!!! LUNCH @ McD!!


Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Blog

A weblog, web log or simply a blog, is defined as a web application which contains periodic time-stamped posts on a common webpage (Wikipedia, 2006). Topics can range from a personal life journal to personal journalism intended to complement, complaint or sometimes even challenge the mainstream media. For example, Citizen Blog, which you can find out lots of complaints from people out there. But for me, I prefer those picture blogs more than the long-winded complaints.

A blog may be published by one person or a group of people, but regularly will reflect a consistent point of view through a series of entries. Besides, topics within a given blog can be wide-ranging and cover different phenomena or can be narrowed down to a niche discussion (Schneider, 2005).

Well, for my blog, it’s more like a personal journal. I blog my own events, personal views and at the same time, keep in touch with my friends. :) We read each other’s blog and find out how are they, what are they up to, and etc..

However, some of them are anti-blog!! For example, Mr. PigHead.. According to him, bloging is a waste of time.. Only those who has nothing better to do will come out with a blog. X( So, are you apro-blog or ranti-blog? Or maybe neutrals



Schneider, H. (2005), Rapid ICT Change and Workplace Knowledge Obsolescence:
Causes and Proposed Solutions, The Social Science Research Network Electronic Paper Collection, No. 2005-04, pp. 1-48.

Wikipedia (2006), Blog,, Assessed 7 May 2006.

V** You might ask.. Wahh!! Need to quote journal 1 ar? Hehe!! Im doing an Assignment related to corporate blog actually. So, not I purposely look for a journal 1.. :p

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A visit to Compassion Home

Today, I visited Compassion Home in USJ 1 with a few other MBC committee members. We reached there around 3pm. We were so surprised that there was a big crowd having some party. Haha! Its actually Tupperware Company’s staffs gave them a party with food, presents, games and a lot of tupperwares!! I’m not sure how the kids gonna use those tupperwares. Besides, they oversupplied the food!! What a waste.

We waited there until they finished their games and stuff. Then, we started to unload our “presents”, including rice, cooking oil, magi mee, ribena (my favourite!!), tomato sauce, milo and etc. After that, Basil performed with his guitar. We sang 2 songs.. First, Rasa Sayang and second, Sound of music (Doe a deer, a female dear..). Remember our famous childhood song? Lol!

After that, we played the MBC well-known game ~ Blow Wind Blow!! *Blow Blow Blow* And we ended up with cheque giving ceremony.. Lol! Its just a simple ceremony, as in Sheer Leen passed them the big mock cheque of RM500! Lol! This is not a big amount of money, compared to other sponsors like the one we saw in the picture. The big mock cheque written RM 22,000 plus plus!! Anyway, I’m sure our RM500 does help some of them.

Let's support MBC!!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Busy.. Busy..

Last night I stayed up until 3.30am to finish up my 4000 words of E-Commerce Economics Assignment… After that… It took me 1 hour to print out!! Thanks to my slow motion Bubble Jet printer… It was damn slow… Its time for me to change a new printer… Hahah! Next target… Laser Jet Printer!! --- the lab type… So fast and changgih… LOL!!

This morning, I leaved my house around 7.45am to attend a 9am tutorial… I was half dead when I drove… I wasn’t sure whether the other cars really didn’t signal before cutting in my queue… Or I didn’t see them… But I assumed I was right and guess what? I FLASHED them! I acted like the whole road was mine! Nobody else can fight with me… Lol! *Joking*

Finally, I passed up my assignment at 2pm (during lecture)… *phew*

Wait… There are three more assignments to go!! And EXAM is around the corner!!!

*No Cheers*

Monday, May 01, 2006

*Please Take Note*

You probably have read the message, plese take the necessary action.... IMPORTANT
A stock clerk was sent to clean up a storeroom in Maui, Hawaii.When he got back, he was complaining that the storeroom was really filthy and that he had noticed dried mouse/rat droppings in some areas. A couple of days later, he started to feel like he was coming down with a stomach flu, complained of sore joints and headaches, and began to vomit.
He went to bed and never really got up again. Within two days he was severely ill and weak. His blood sugar count was down to 66, and his face and eyeballs were yellow. He was rushed to the emergency at Pali-Momi, where he was diagnosed to be suffering from massive organ failure. He died shortly before midnight.No one would have made the connection between his job and his death, had it not been for a doctor who specifically asked if he had been in a warehouse or exposed to dried rat/mouse droppings at any time. They said there is a virus (much like the Hanta virus) that lives in dried rat and mouse droppings.
Once dried, these droppings are like dust and can easily be breathed in or ingested if a person does not wear protective gear or fails to wash face and hands thoroughly.
An autopsy was performed on the clerk to verify the doctor's suspicions. This is why it is extremely important to ALWAYS carefully rinse off the tops of canned sodas or foods, and to wipe off pasta packaging, cereal boxes, and so on.
Almost everything you buy in a supermarket was stored in a warehouse at one time or another, and stores themselves often have rodents. Most of us remember to wash vegetables and fruits but never think of boxes and cans. The ugly truth is, even the most modern, upper-class, super store has rats and mice. And their warehouse most assuredly does! Whenever you buy any canned soft drink, please make sure that you wash the top with running water and soap or, if that is not available, drink with a straw.
The investigation of soda cans by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta discovered that the tops of soda cans can be encrusted with dried rat's urine, which is so toxic it can be lethal. Canned drinks and other foodstuffs are stored in warehouses and containers that are usually infested with rodents, and then they get transported to retail outlets without being properly cleaned.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Adventurous Bidor Trip

Last Sunday (the last day of my Easter Break), I drove all the way back to my home town ~ BIDOR, Perak. Anyone know where is it? The place which is very famous with the PUN CHAN ‘kai chai peng’ and ‘shat keh mah’… (See the picture) And… I think petai also…

Depart time: 5.50am
First of all, my cousin wanted to drive my car… My reaction à Dunnit la! I can drive… Heheh!! End up, I won the battle. Then, a small little Kancil was fetching 4 other family members (grandmother, aunty, and 2 cousins) heading to Bidor… *Chit-chit chat-chat in the car*

Maybe I haven’t fully awake yet, that’s why I missed a turn!!! Then we ended up at an ALIEN place!! I was so scared… But then, luckily my aunty cheered me up and she said “Maybe Jesus wants us to detour”… Errm… Meaning something might happen if we were at the correct road?

After a while, we finally found the road sign written “Ipoh”… Even though it’s a blue sign (means its old road, not the highway), I will still get to Perak… So, there was less worries. But then, the old road was very narrow (only 1-lane), no lamp post, dark and don’t have big big sign boards! Guess what, I can only depend on those old road sign! The small batu type of ‘road sign’ besides the road… I passed by Rawang, Kepong… blah blah… and Some kampungs! Very adventurous, oh?

6.45 am
I found a green sign board written “IPOH”!! Hooray!! I was damn happy and quickly turned in to that road… Yay! Road toll! This is the first time I like a road toll sp much! Coz it indicates the highway!!

I asked the toll plaza’s ticket issuer “Jalan ini pergi Ipoh?”. She answered “Yah! Ikut kanan nanti”… Then I asked again “Oh! Boleh pergi?”… She gave me a big smile and answered “Ya”… Then the whole car laughed at me… “Why do you need to confirm so many times?” Haha!! Dua kali aje ma… Banyak meh? :p

7.50 am
Reached Bidor!! YAY!! First thing to do after I parked my car was SMS!! Need to report to the important people… Haha!! Then, we ate breakfast and yum char at the market… We tried their special made ‘chee cheong fun’. Something very different from what we can get in KL… At the same time, my aunty and grandma ‘keng kai’ and chit chat with their old friends…

Then, we went into the market and bought some cheap stuff… I bought hair bands, cousin bought her sandals, grandma bought some fruits, ‘kai chai peng’, ‘shat keh mah’, ‘hiong peng’ and etc.

After shopped, we went to grandpa’s house. We chatted, snapped pictures… and blah blah blah…

11.00 am
We went to another cousin’s house… He is a hair stylist! Then, I asked him to trim my hair… Wow! He was so patient and careful in cutting hair… Took him 2 hours to trim 2 person’s hair… Anyway, I am very satisfied with the hair. Hehe!! Professional hair stylist oo!

1.00 pm
Lunch time!! 13 of us including grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins ate together in a restaurant. The food was sooo tasty!! I ate until very full… *Yummy Yum Yum*

2.05 pm
Finally we finished our food and prepared to go back KL. Again, my cousin wanted to take over the driver’s role. Haha! But then, I won the battle again!! This time, I didn’t get to the wrong way!! We went back smoothly… Hehe! I over took a lot of cars in front of me, coz they were too slow!! Tortoise cars… ;p

3.00 pm
My cousin’s bf called… He was a bit nanny ler.. “Where are you? When u all departed from Bidor? How fast is she driving? Cannot drive at 110km/h!! And blah blah blah”… I dun care la… I kept on driving with my speed of 110km/h… Heheh!! He is not my parents or bf also… What for I need to listen to him, right? Lol!!

Hooray!!~ We finally reached KL.. We saw the KLCC towers already. Lastly, reached home at 3.35pm… Hehe!! I was damn tired… But it was fun! This is my very first time drive so far! Next challenge ~ Penang! Lol!! But I’m not sure whether my Kancil can go so far… Lol!!


Friday, April 28, 2006


I have 2 Assignments due on 28 Apr!! And I just finished both assignments… Hooray!! … Wait… This is Coco_Panda’s BIG DAY!!

Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday to Panda…
Happy Birthday to you… *Muakx*

Wish you all the best la, Panda… Belanja you ‘yum char’ another day yah!

Next Wed there’s another assignment deadline! Shoots… Haven’t started a single word YET! Gonna start my work soon… Blog later.. =p

Upcoming BLOG: My adventurous Bidor Trip


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mobile phone

Nowadays, many of us can’t live without a mobile phone, even a primary school child also needs a mobile phone... I think this is more like a trend than a necessity! What do you think?

Well, mobile phone is a convenient device which let us to contact our friends and family anytime, anywhere… But of course you need to select the right service provider. Or else, you will end up with… “No Line” or low network coverage… Lol! Recall last time when I was using TM Touch (013)… I can’t make a call inside Monash building!! I need to walk all the way to the window then only can get the “line”…

Right now, I think most of us send at least 1 SMS a day… On average, I think I send around 5 SMSes per day. 5 SMS times 30 days = at least 150 SMSes a month!! Wow!! What about you? Btw, there are something more than the simple, plain text messages… Hotlink/ Maxis is now offering Voice SMS and Colour SMS… Can anyone tell me what’s colour SMS about? Coz I dun really get the advertisement… Maybe I’m a bit slow… Hahaha!!

You may be wondering why I come out with this topic today… It’s because I’m doing some AssignmentS related to mobile phone, service provider and SMS ticketing… Yeah! AssignmnetS! It’s not a typo… I just realized my Assignments for different units are actually inter-related. Lol! So coincident…

Btw, the unofficial exam timetable is already out… Anyone need to check it before the official announcement?


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Break?!

Right now, I’m having my Easter Break for 1 week… Break means HOLIDAY!! But, it doesn’t seem to be a holiday for me. =( I have 6 killing assignments after the break!!! Can you believe it??

Week 8:
Marketing Strategy ~ Assignment 1 (Redo)
Infrastructure for E-Commerce ~ Assignment 1

Week 9:
IT Economics

Week 10:
Marketing Strategy ~ Assignment 2
International Marketing ~ Assignment 2

Week 11:
Infrastructure for E-Commerce ~ XML

Sigh… I’m dying soon… X(

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A 'chapalang' blog...

Marketing Strategy… Anyone is taking Marketing Strategy here? Sigh… Majority of the class failed our Assignment 1 with the marks of 41 to 49 marks… Even the highest score was only 64! Of course the whole class was very dissatisfied with this kind of marks and many of us went to see him and bombarded him. On Thursday afternoon, KY, Kel, Mun and I argued with him bout the assignment… After a lot of arguments and explanations, he sort of accepted it and promised to re-mark it… =p But then, since he is now giving everybody a chance to re-do this assignment, I think we better re-do it and probably we will score an “D” or “HD”… Lol!! But dream on la, because he told me that no one will get an “HD” for his assignment and even other Lecturers wont give students HD. So mean!! Since when other lecturers don’t give students HD for assignments?!?! I got HD for assignments from Ghazala, Dr. Nelson, Ong and Walter Tan last semester!! So, says who that’s impossible?

Ok… Let’s get rid off that stooopid topic… Yesterday was Good Friday!! Also the last day before our semester break starts… Yay Yay!! After finished class at 12pm, I waited for Kelly at the pigeon hole and we submitted our International Marketing assignment… =p. *Phew* We finally ‘gao dim’ (finished) this assignment… This assignment took us really long to edit because we over shoot the word limit… =(

After lunch, I went to X’s house to see his baby cousin (1 and a half years old)… Hahaha!! She’s soooo cute and adorable!! She can make lots of funny faces, dance, do baby talks and even glue her eyes to the TV every time she sees advertisements… When she wants to take something from you, she will say please’… When you give her, she will say ‘thank you’… See! She’s behaving well!! But then, the way she says a bit funny… haha! Yesterday, she stuck with me and she refused to come down after carried her… Sat on my hand for so long… Haha!! Need to carry her to see fishes… fake tortoise, and rocks... lol!! Now, I can few my right arm is pain… kekeke!!! Ohyah! Before I went back, I told her ‘bye bye’… And guess what? She gave me goodbye kiss in return… Hahah!! So adorable la this baby girl…

After played with her, I went out with X for a movie… ICE AGE 2!!! Hahaha!! This show is real funny!! Anyone hasn’t watched yet? Must watch!! Errmmm… Probably I’m the last one who watch this show… Haha! Anyway, this show is suitable for kids, teenagers like me… and even parents!! It’s really a funny show… Besides, this show also got quite a number of good reviews and ratings from the newspapers (The Star) and radio (FM 98.8).

Today, my new neighbour moved in! Hahah!! Yay!! Finally I get my new neighbour… Ermm.. But I’m not sure who are they yet. So far, I only have seen their black car and 2 cute little doggies outside the house. The white doggie keep baking non-stop… But it bark very softly. The other 1… A bit brownish and yellowish 1… This 1 damn lazy… It rested on the floor all the time… Even I teased it… it turned its head and look at you… After that, it ignored you… So… Lazy.. Probably it’s a male dog… Haha!!


Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Neighbour

My neighbour (2 houses next to mine) just passed a way last Wednesday… So sad =( He was a 60++ years old man with 5 sons and a daughter. He was a very friendly and helpful uncle as well as a Teakwando master. Therefore, almost everyone in our neighbourhood likes him. Besides, he was also very well-known with his purple cars and the bright yellow roof…

All of us were so shock to hear that he was passed away due to heart attack… All the while we thought a Teakwando master must be very strong and healthy… But he… We feel so sorry… =/

For the past few days, his family were having a ceremony for him… Like other ceremony, there was some music… Ermm… you should know what kind of music they normally play for the death person right? If you were their neighbour, I’m sure you will make your house as quiet as possible to respect the person as well as not disturbing the ceremony right?

But, the other neighbour who is staying right beside them played their Hi-fi from morning till night… Damn loud some more!!! Sigh… Can’t they pay some respect to others?

Friday, March 31, 2006

MBC's Charity Drive

Hey! Monashians... Come n support us!! Buy our yummy ice-cream... RM 1.50 for 1 scoop and RM2 for 2 scoop. Besides, we added a new menu too!! Rootbeer Float! *Yummy*!! Now, u can get rootbeer float from MBC!!! Its selling for RM2 only... Its cheaper than the market price ohh!! So, better act quick!! Its for charity... *Wink*

*While stock last*


Sunday, March 26, 2006


Yesterday, I just found out some breaking news!! Lol!! Ermm… Actually is some ‘pat kua’ stuff la. Its about, my primary school classmate, Terry found his the other half!! Well, this is nothing new actually, because all the while I know he has a girlfriend. But the shocking part is… The girl is actually some one I know!! She’s our primary school classmate!! Sounds amazing… After we graduated from Std 6, we hardly meet each other… After a few years, they actually meet back and started their relationship as a bf and gf. Besides Terry and Shan Yin, our class (6M) produces another pair of couple too! They are Justin and Jiy San… Lol!! Congrats, congrats…

For secondary school… Lol!! 5Sc1 produces 2 pairs of couple too!! Yiqi and Suh Yenn as well as Bao Phin and Lei Ye… All 4 pairs of them also started like quite some time after they graduated. Kekeke!! Thanks to all the night outings and yum cha session horr? Maybe there are other pairs too… But as usual, I’m the very last to know all those stuff… *My antenna didn’t work well* Lol!!


Friday, March 24, 2006

Define ‘beautiful’…

I watched a so called horror movie today… Final Destination 3… This episode is pretty similar as the other two episodes… You can see how those people die… Yucks!! Blood all over the place!! Disgusting!

But there’s 1 part, about 2 sisters died when they were tanning their skin in a tanning machine… The machine looks like a coffin… =/ So, I would like to ask, what is the definition of ‘beautiful’? Why those who have white and fair skin want to tan their skin, while those who are having darker skins tend to buy tonnes of whitening skin care in order to make themselves whiter? Isn’t it weird?

For me, I define a beautiful woman as someone who is kind, polite, helpful and clean. But I’m sure guys have different definition from me… I guess, their definition should be fair skin, big eyes, nice body… lol!! Correct me if I’m wrong… =p


Monday, March 13, 2006


Our country, Malaysia is a country with different cultures, races, religions and so on… Besides that, we are also using a wide variety of languages… Aren’t you notice the dialogue below is a very common thing for many Malaysians?

2 students are having their lunch break…
A: Hey… Going for lunch?
B: Yar.. Lets go..
When they reached the restaurant/ cafeteria…
A: Makan apa?
B: Dunno larr… Anything larr
A: Ermm… Chicken rice?
B: Ok.. You go order ler..
A: Eh! I got no small change lar… U belanja me first, ok?
B: Okie… Tomorrow ur turn to belanja me shark fin…
A: Siao arr? Shark fin so expensive…..

From the conversation above, u can notice that, most of the Malaysians use more than 1 language in their dialogues… Malay, English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka... Some even use a combination of Malay/Chinese and English… For example... “baca-ing” or “Ciao-ing”…

Now you can see… Our conversation is such a “Rojak”… Hahaa! It’s a good thing or a bad thing?


Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm bored...

Hey frens… Where have u been? There are 16 persons on my MSN list… But they are either away or busy… Are they really busy/ away? Or some people like me… Forever put it as “Away”… In fact, I’m with the computer busy with something else… Hehe!!

Now, I’m feeling so bored… I’m stuck with my Marketing Strategy presentation slides… I dunno whether it’s lucky or unlucky to be the first group to present… To see it positively, I called it “Lucky number 1”… Hopefully everything is alright with my presentation… Good luck…


Monday, March 06, 2006

Hotlink Gift?!?!

Hotlink Gift?!?!

Today, I received a “HotlinkGift” SMS… The SMS was “Select 1 day from 8-14/3/06 to enjoy 50% off sms rates to 012/017 nos. Send Yes to 2222 by 7/3/06 for instructions to activate offer. By invitation only.”

As a truly Malaysian, of coz I signed up for this offer thingie… After I sent “Yes” to 2222, I received this sms from Hotlink “To select your Special Day, dial *128*ddmm#....”. As a result, I dialled *128*1203#. Guess what? I got this stupid message… “There are currently no promotions for this rate plan.”

I feel so bad… Hotlink is making their customers feel disappointed… What are they trying to do? Tried to con our SMS fee in sending the “Yes” reply? In my opinion, they are sort of using some fake marketing strategy to attract more customers…