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Friday, March 24, 2006

Define ‘beautiful’…

I watched a so called horror movie today… Final Destination 3… This episode is pretty similar as the other two episodes… You can see how those people die… Yucks!! Blood all over the place!! Disgusting!

But there’s 1 part, about 2 sisters died when they were tanning their skin in a tanning machine… The machine looks like a coffin… =/ So, I would like to ask, what is the definition of ‘beautiful’? Why those who have white and fair skin want to tan their skin, while those who are having darker skins tend to buy tonnes of whitening skin care in order to make themselves whiter? Isn’t it weird?

For me, I define a beautiful woman as someone who is kind, polite, helpful and clean. But I’m sure guys have different definition from me… I guess, their definition should be fair skin, big eyes, nice body… lol!! Correct me if I’m wrong… =p


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coco_panda said...

evryone has got their own definition. there are like inner beautiies and physical good looking. Just depends on how you want to see it... i guess...