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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Homer Simpson is back!! *Edited*

I had finally finished my first semester!! Yoohoooo!!~~~ From now onwards, I wont be sitting for any academic related exams! (There may be some job inteview exams in the future) No more lectures! No more tutorials!! All I need to do is to wait patiently for my final results... *Pray hard for good results*

There was a presentation (thesis defence) last Friday. My presentation was quite alright. No major problems occured... And I was quite satisfied with it as well. *(^_^)* Maybe I was the first person to present. So, the panel didn't give me hard time... They were so good!
My slot was at 10am, but I wanted to avoid the jam and leaved my house early. End up, I reached there at 8.30am. Damn Early!!! So, I took my own sweet time to make reverse parking (I'm quite dumb in parkings) and then sat in the car for a while... Guess what!?! I heard a funny news from the radio! "Homer Simpson was stolen!!!"

*Send me back, please... Help~~~!!!*

Lol!! There was Simpson and family sitting on a couch outside one of the cinemas at 1 Utama. Then, on Thursday night (if not mistaken), there were 2 guys stole their daddy away!! Lol!! They actually carried him away from the shopping centre around 2am! So daring man! And I just get to know that the 2 fellas who carried him away had returned him... For more information or pictures, click HERE.

Happy to see Homer Simpson is back "home"... *(^_<)*


Saturday, June 16, 2007

No more exams in my life!


Last Thursday was my last day of exam!! That was my last time sitting in the C~O~L~D MPH... After this, I dont need to sit for exams anymore!! No more exams in my life!! Yohoooo!!~~~

You might ask whether I hv graduated... Lol!! Not yet! I hv 1 more semester to go. But for my next semester, there will be no lecture, no tutorial, no exams... I need to focus only on my thesis writing and collection of survey data...

*(^_^)* I cant wait to use the new campus... The library looks cool ehh! But I hope the library wont be as cold as a freezer... Lol!! And I wish there is sufficient parking lots for the staffs and students... I will check out the campus next week... Anyone wanna come with me? =p