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Monday, September 11, 2006


My brother told me some interesting science experiments he did with friends yesterday...

Experiment 1
Ingredients: Coca-Cola, Soap Powder/ detergent
Steps: Put the soap powder into the Coca-Cola (Not ask u to taste it la!)
Results: The colour of Coca-Cola will be changed to white/ clear colour...

Experiment 2
Ingredients: Diet Coke (1.5 litre), Mentos
Steps: Put all the Mentos into the Diet Coke.. MUST be real fast!
Results: Explosion will be resulted!! The gas will shoot as high as 2 metres!!!

Dont trust me?? Haha! I managed to find some proof through Google... Click here for the Video *(^o^)*



sue lin said...

Hehehe, will try it one day... soap powder/detergent! Yeah, but will pour some coke into a cup only... dun wanna waste! =P

Jacqueline said...

Lol!! Rmb to dispose the drinks after that... Or else ur sis thought thats 7up!! Heheeh!!