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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Assignment

Finally I had finished my very FIRST Assignment for this semester! *Phew!!*

This is my thinnest assignment ever!! No picture, no graphs, no diagram... all words... *Boring* Haha!! Is an essay format assignment with 2000 plus +- 3% words... *Geram* 3% only!! Might as well don't give la... Aiyoh! So stingy!! 3% of 2000 words is only 60 words!!! What can you write in 60 words? But I have no choice ler... Have to cut down some paragraphs to make it fit into 2060!!

There's another assignment (Int Biz) coming up next week Thursday... *Sigh*... Eh! Where's my unit guide? I wanna read the assignment question la... Lol!!


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