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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Yesterday, I just found out some breaking news!! Lol!! Ermm… Actually is some ‘pat kua’ stuff la. Its about, my primary school classmate, Terry found his the other half!! Well, this is nothing new actually, because all the while I know he has a girlfriend. But the shocking part is… The girl is actually some one I know!! She’s our primary school classmate!! Sounds amazing… After we graduated from Std 6, we hardly meet each other… After a few years, they actually meet back and started their relationship as a bf and gf. Besides Terry and Shan Yin, our class (6M) produces another pair of couple too! They are Justin and Jiy San… Lol!! Congrats, congrats…

For secondary school… Lol!! 5Sc1 produces 2 pairs of couple too!! Yiqi and Suh Yenn as well as Bao Phin and Lei Ye… All 4 pairs of them also started like quite some time after they graduated. Kekeke!! Thanks to all the night outings and yum cha session horr? Maybe there are other pairs too… But as usual, I’m the very last to know all those stuff… *My antenna didn’t work well* Lol!!


1 comment:

coco_panda said...

lol...that's funny..

you got to let us repair your antenna then. Come out more often la... You have to 'pat gua' from us also ma... If you didn't ask, we won't know you are so 'pat gua' ma... *hehe*