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Saturday, January 27, 2007


There are lots of uncertainties in our life... And I hate those uncertainties which will probably ruin ur day/ mood. Recently, I had applied a scholarship for my Honours Degree course. But, till now I'm still waiting for their confirmation. I havent receive any offer letter from Monash yet...

So, right now I am planning for the worse situation. I gotta start looking for a permanent job. Just in case they rejected my application. Grrr........ What happen to me? Cant seem to blog something nice and happy... I need an Angel to help me out...


Friday, January 26, 2007


Case 1
I used to love Mix fm a lot..... I used to listen to MIX everyday!! The first thing in the morning was to tune into MIX... The MIX breakfast show by Richard Ng and Shazmin was soooooo good! I love their topics, their jokes, their games and the way they speak... Their voices are so soothing.. =)

BUT!! Recently they had changed their usual breakfast show with a brand new breakfast show. The new DJs and programmes are so damn bored!! I dont like their topics. And their games are not as interesting as the old ones... I want my Richard and Shazmin back!!! This radio station is disappointing me so much! Coz of these changes, I cant enjoy my morning drive. I always busy changing channel... From English to Chinese... From Chinese to Malay... Anyone knows any interesting radio channel? Or else... Im gonna get my Kancil a CD player... Hehehe!! Who's gonna sponsor me? *Wink wink*

Case 2
The food in my cafeteria is disappointing me as well... In the very first week I joined the company, I was told that the cafeteria food was not good. However, to me, it was not that bad. At least we are allowed to choose from various variety of food. So, I did enjoy my food.

However, I think the quality of food is getting worse now... I'm not sure whether they had hired some new chef or the food wasnt fresh... Oh no... I started to miss Medan's food... and also One to Eat's food... Hey Monashians! Our food was actually not bad!

Case 3
Today, I thought of meeting O for dinner... So, I purposely drove to O's working place after work. It was a totally new place for me. Since I had no idea how exactly the place looked like, I felt scared when I turned into that area. But I was lucky enough to get to the correct place. Yeah! I found O's office building!!

However, O rather has dinner with the colleague instead... So disappointed.. Then, I hunted for my way back home... But, silly me followed the wrong sign board and it led me back to PJ instead of Cheras... In the end, I had to make a big stupid U-turn.... DURING PEAK HOUR ON THE FEDERAL HIGHWAY!!! It was damn terrible man! *sigh*

Case 4
Another person who is disappointing me is my doctor. Remember my previous post mentioned that I was sick? Yea.. I had gastric. So, I saw this doctor and ate the medicine he gave. After a few days, I'm still not fully recovered yet. My stomach still having some weird feeling... How sad... *(@_@)*

And lots and lots of things are disappointing me... I hope my scholarship application wont get me disappointed... Or else.. You will be seeing me in the newspaper next week... "Monash Graduate Gone CRAZY"...


Thursday, January 25, 2007

A date with Coco

This afternoon, I had a lunch appointment with my lost friend --> Coco_panda... I was so excited!! When the clock turned 1pm, I faster called her and checked whether she's ready to meet me. Then, I rushed out with my handphone, key and company ID. When I was walking out the gate, I smiled and waved at the security guards. Then, I was happily walking to my makan place...

*SHIT* Mana saya punya money!?! Aiyah... I was so so so wanted to see her until forgot to bring my money out for lunch... Grr... Coz I was used to eat free lunch in my company's cafeteria... Thats why money had never cross my mind... In the end, I rushed back into the office and take out money. I know... The guards must be saying this girl very cute... Everyday also rushing here and there 1... =p Hehehe!!!

I met her for less than an hour... So not enough!! I wished to talk longer... I got lots and lots of stuff wanna share with her... U know... Gossips... Hehehe!!! But, since I will be working in DL till end of next month, I'm sure I will be seeing her for lunch again... Meet you again coco... =)


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Has been working for 1 month and 3 weeks...
Knew a lot of people...
Learnt a lot of new stuffs...

But... Now sick already... *KO*