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Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm Back!!

Hey friends, I'm BACK!! I didn't abandon this blog ler... Simply lazy to type out new post only... The semester had started for 3 weeks and I was so busy with Monash Business Club's (MBC) thingie... Secondhand book Sale, Recruitment Drive, Networking Party... and bla bla bla...

* A pic with our Pro-Vice chancellor after winning the Best Booth Award... :p And yes... This is the most happening club... Lol! *

* Anyone can figure out the meaning behind this picture? *Blink blink* *

Lets change a topic...

Last Saturday (29 July 2006) was one of the best days in my life!! I went to an event called "SP Setia Night of the STARS"... SP Setia is actually the developer for the place called Setia Alam... and they invited 2 famous singers to perform a concert... The famous singers are Victor Wong and Emil Chau!! Wow!! Victor is my favourite!

The concert was scheduled at 8pm. But, A and I reached there at... 5 something!!! Lol! We were too excited bout the concert, that's why, we went there earlier... (But we weren't the 1st to reach there... Lol!!) Since we were too early, we ate our McD nuggets in the car... After that, we took a shutter bus to the concert place (It's a big recreation park actually)...

There were some small stalls at the side selling food and beverages... Coca cola, Ramly Burger, fish ball, kacang putih and much much more... Besides, there were also a few rows of "temporary toilets"... or you call it "Removable toilet"? Lol! I have no idea...

8.30pm... Finally the concert began... Hehe!! I got to see Victor Wong and Emil Chau!! Yay!!! They sang a few songs each and Emil Chau played some games with the audience as well...

* See~! Victor and Emil!! *

The concert lasted for 1 and a half hour!! Its longer than the 45 minutes I expected! So happy... And the best part was... There were fireworks right after the concert!! The fireworks were damn nice!! Thats the 1st time I see fireworks in such a near distance! Wow... I love those colourful fireworks! BEAUTIFUL!


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