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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Yesterday, I had a grocery shopping spree with my colleagues after work. Our company chauffeur drove us to the nearby Carrefour. As usual, Friday's traffic is always the heaviest. We got stuck in the heavy traffic for quite some time.

Along the journey, we saw some guys were earning a living by the road side. Some of them trained their monkeys to do some tricks or performance. Yea... Monkeys! Some of the monkeys even wore sunglasses and pants!! They were so 'bergaya' (stylist)!! If the passerby like it, they will throw out some money to the monkeys... This was how they earn a living. I was trying to snap some pictures of them, but failed. Maybe I will try again next time.

Later, we reached our destination and shopped for our one week supply of food. Check this out! What you see at the picture below is only 50% of the instant noodles... There are more noodles behind these stacks of noodles. These are either our breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes supper!!

Yea, we know these instant noodles are very unhealthy, but we still consume a lot. We have no choice, as this is the easiest and the fastest food. Anyway, we also have these... 

Those are our so-called healthy food. We have boxes of cereals, bread, peanut butter, biscuits, pasta, milo and etc. Of course there are more in the fridge! Heheheh!!!

Guess what I ate for brunch this afternoon... What else? Indomie!! I made myself a special bowl of Indomie! I added some beef sausages, vegetables, and egg!! Not to forget, a glass of chocolate milk!! Yummers!!!

Its time for me to think of what to eat for tonight and where to lepak (hang out) tomorrow... =)


Friday, April 23, 2010

A day out in Senayang City, Jakarta

Even though I have been to Jakarta for 3 weeks, I have not really explore the city yet. So far, I have been to only a few shopping malls nearby my office/ apartment. About two weeks ago, my colleagues and I decided to explore the second best shopping mall in Jakarta (as recommended by one of the magazines). We took a cab (its local term called Taksi/ Blue Bird) to Senayang City.

When we arrived, we got to walk through a machine. I think its a machine to examine if we were having fever to avoid the spreading of H1N1 virus.

Anyway, this is a pretty spacious and nice shopping mall. Most of the shops are selling the branded items ranging from clothing to electronic items, and etc. M and I walked into some of the boutiques and departmental stores. Some of the bags and shirts are pretty!! However, they were still too expensive even after discount. So, we decided to do window shopping only. Maybe we can afford some of the items one day. We gotta work harder... =p

There were some new cars displayed in their concourse areas. Toyota Vios was just launched here. But I don't think the new model is launched in Malaysia yet though. Other than that, we also saw this cute car. Its TerminalMotor (Is this the name of its model?). I am not a fan of cars, but this looks rather cute to me. Hehe!

In the end of the day, we went home with lots of breads, cakes, and J&Co donuts! The donuts were delicious!! There are avocado donuts flavor, which I don't think we can find them in KL. I will surely buy them again... Yummers!!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting used to Jakarta

It has been one week working in Jakarta here... I have started to get used to the currency, traffic condition, as well as food. For the first few days I arrived in this city, I kept confused with the Rupiah currency. There were so many 'zeros'. XD A meal can simply cost us about IDR 35,000 (RM13). I got to stare at the paper money a few moments to confirm whether it was a thousand or 10 thousands Rupiah. LOL! Until now, I still cant recognise them by its colour. =/

During weekdays, I will go to the nearby restaurant with my colleagues for a quick lunch. Unfortunately, there are only two restaurants nearby (others are the roadside stalls). So, we visit that two restaurants every alternate days! Monday, Wednesday and Friday was Nasi Bangkong; while Nasi Padang on Tuesday and Thursday. Actually, it is quite bored to eat the same thing everyday. On top of that, most of them are spicy food! I hope I can survive for a longer term... LOL!

Today, it is a lovely Saturday. However, my colleagues and I stayed in the apartment for the whole day! We were too lazy to walk out of the apartment. First of all, we cant drive here. Not to mention that we do not have a car and a valid local driving license. Even if we do, we are not use to the the driving styles here. I dont think I can ever drive on such a busy road here. We rather stay at home and watch TV, Dvds, and surf the Internet. 

Guess what? I cooked today! It took us more than 30 mins to cook our instant noodles! LOL! Actually, we were struggling to turn on the stove. Hahaha!! We tried all the buttons and switches... It wasnt working! =( In the end, we needed a lighter to light up this old style stove. After this, we had appointed B to be our 'Stove-man'. Kekekekek! He will be in-charged of the stove everytime we need to cook.

In the evening, we cooked Bolognese spaghetti for dinner. Our spaghetti was not bad. Thanks to M for her expertise in cooking. She was the chef, while I was the assistant chef. LOL! I even added cheese into my spaghetti!! Hahahaha! Yum yum!!

I find it quite interesting and fun to cook as a team. I am sure there will be more fun cooking sessions in the future. =p Looking forward to those happy moments....


Friday, April 09, 2010

My first working day @ Jakarta

Last Monday, I flew to Jakarta with another four of my colleagues - H, B, K and M. Our flight was scheduled at 7am. I have already arrived the airport at 4.40am. I met up with M and we checked in our luggage first. Since we were still early, we went for a drink at McD before boarding our plane.
That was the first time I boarded Air-Asia plane with 'Express Boarding Pass'. I thought we can board the plane earlier and avoid the long queue. Who knows... There were actually a huge group of people purchased the express pass too!!! Hence,the queue for express boarding was pretty long. It wasn't that express after all... =/

Two hours later, we reached Jakarta airport. Since I was sitting at the second row of the plane, I got to come down from the plane early. The customs procedures here were a bit different from other countries. Besides handed our passport and arrival card to the customs officer, we were asked to scan our finger prints too! Not 1 finger, but all 10 fingers!! Hahaha! After we got our luggage, we proceeded to our office at Jalan Rasuna Said.

Wowwww... Immediately, we started our work. Since that was our day one in our new office, we were still trying to get use to the environment. We spent a lot of time trying to settle down and also to set up our wireless internet connections.

In the evening, our Jakarta colleagues brought us to a nearby shopping centre. We bought our new local phone sim cards and some groceries items from Carrefour. Then, we went for dinner before heading to our new 'home'. Finally, I can see my new place and rest.

Phew! That was a long day to me! I was exhausted... yet enjoyed my day. =)