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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Luncheon @ Sushi Zanmai

Last week I went to Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid with Aa for lunch... That wasnt my first time trying Zanmai. However, this time I tried something new here... =p Check out this 'soft shell crab sushi'... Very yummy!! Its nice to eat with wasabi and soy sauce.... *slurp*

'Soft shell crab sushi' @ RM6.00

Now, check out this 'Chicken Gyoza'. They are something like Chinese 'wantan' or 'gaozhi'... The sause given should be soy sauce (could be different type of soy sauce). I found it very salty. So, I prefer to eat those Gyoza without the sauce... YUM!!

'Chicken Gyoza' @ RM9.80

Not to forget other dish... The 'Chicken Katsu' came together with a bowl of Soba actually. After we finished the chicken, 2 of the waiters kept trying to take away my plate... Isshhh... I love the veggie, ok? I havent finish them, let me eat...

Besides that, the 'prawn sushi' on the black plate were good too! There were 6 pieces of sushi actually... We had eaten 2 before snapping the pic. =p

'Chicken Katsu with Soba' @ RM8.80 & 'Prawn sushi' @ RM4.80

In the end, our bill came to... RM36.10 *(^_^)*

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One way to prevent A(H1N1)

Please wear your mask to prevent any "hini" viruses... =)

In order to prevent us from catching the "Type A" flu, my company is giving away masks for free! =p Ermm... Its not easy to breathe with the mask on actually... Anyway, I was hangat-hangat to wear it for the first day only.. After that, I never put on my mask already.

To all those who are infected by the flu, please take care and get well soon! *pray*


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Me and my walkie-talkie

I had a few days of nightmare in Genting last week... Don't get me wrong, I didnt encounter any ghost or whatsoever... *touch wood!!!* Well, I was very busy in helping out in my company's convention. I got to check this, check that, confirm this, confirm that... and also to arrange this and that... LOL! So, most of the time, I was running around with my walkie talkie...

You might look cool when holding this walkie (Looks like some tai-lo or tai-kah-jie at work. hehe!). In fact, I find it very heavy and bulky. It is not convenient to bring it everywhere and those people around you will be able to listen to your conversation. This is not so great... However, it saves our phone bill... $$$$$ Kekeke!!! =)

The smallest walkie talkie (on the right) which labelled with "Jac" was mine!! =p
"Jac calling Izz, rodger"


Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first trip to Gohtong Jaya

I just got back from a 4 days 3 nights trip to Genting Highlands. Sound good huh? Well, I wasnt there for holiday!! I went there for a company event... Its already 2 days after the event and I'm still feeling tired. Is it a sign of old age? LOL!

Well, for the first day, I went to Gohtong Jaya to unload some stuff into a Sze Chuan Restaurant. This is a restaurant with some interesting Chinese antiques and full with spicy szechuan food! They serve everything with dried chillies... *HOT* If you are not a fan of spicy food, better get some icy drink to cool you down. =p
This is the entrance of the restaurant. Quite unique right?

My company's van and lorry reached there before my colleagues and I... These 2 vehicles were full with our stuffs... Over here, we gotta unload some mineral water bottles. As I mentioned earlier, the szechuan food is really HOT! So, we gotta standby some mineral water for our participants. =)

All the 55 boxes were unloaded by our drivers and security guards. *clap clap* These boxes were really heavy!! My colleague, Iz was there marking the boxes with our company names. While I was snapping this picture as a proof that we left our boxes here. kekeke...

Right before we left Gohtong Jaya to Genting Highlands, I found this creative and environmental friendly idea. The restaurant actually recycled the empty alcohol bottles and created a 'barrier' for the garden. I find it very nice! *(^o^)*


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facebook Games

Recently, I got addicted to the FB games! All thanks to my colleague - M... She told me that this Restaurant City is great!! We can hire our friends to be the waitress/ waiter, chef and even cleaner! So, I am actually busy managing my restaurant. LOL! I gotta ensure that my employees and customers are happy. besides, I need to buy ingredients to upgrade my recipes. I also need to arrange my tables and chairs, other facilities, etc... Its actually quite interesting. However, the website is always down. =(

Whenever its down, I will go to another FB game, which is Happy Farm... I get to plant my veggie and flowers... If there's any pest or weeds, I gotta kill them!!! LOLz!! I will also get points if I help out my friends in killing the pest or weeds in their farm. However, the best part of this game is we get to steal crops from friend's farm!! Not bad right?

See! I have a guard dog to take care of my farm... But he is hungry now... I do not have enough money to buy him dog food and increase his energy level... *sad*

Anyway, the games keep me entertained when I'm bored at home...


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Me and the 'KTM station'

My colleague just got her new Honda City this week... Guess what? Me and a few of my colleagues actually bought her car plate number... We bought from all 'KTM stations'... Kuda (Damacai), Toto & Magnum... LOL!

It was a raining afternoon. However, it didn't stop us from driving to the 'stations' and get the 'winning tickets'... =p Instead of accompanying my colleague, TL to buy those numbers, he asked me to get the ticket from the counter!! Okay... This is pretty new to me... kekeke!!! All I did was queue-up, give number to the counter, pay money and get the ticket.

Now, the results are OUT!!!!!!!! 9109... 9109... 9109.... =( We didn't get to win the number. Fine~~~ When I get my new car next time, I will buy again... Probably 3 years later or so.


p/s: I am sharing my personal experience only, not teaching anyone to gamble.