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Monday, September 25, 2006

Random Pictures...

While waiting for my prom pictures, let's have a look on some ramdom pics... Hehehe!!! Actually some 'expired' pictures... =p

I did HRM in HELP Uni Coll last summer... So, this is a pic of the Assignment. The report was actually inside this Green Assignment 'folder'... One thing good about it is... its FREE!! Unlike Monash's Assignment cover sheet, which u need to spend 10cent to print out the cover sheet EACH TIME...

Some yummy, delicious cheese cakes and lemon juices from Secret Recipe!! *slurp*

Aaron, Jacin & Steve a.k.a JX's birthday party at Nando's.... *Happy belated Birthday!!* Lol!!! *(^o^)*

K2 the wacky class!!! Siao siao 1... FLOWER POWER!!! HAHAH!!!



sue lin said...

U did HRM in Help??? Like an extra subject??

Jacqueline said...

Hahah!! Errm... Thats my Elective la... Just to get my 6 credit points... :p