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Saturday, September 02, 2006

2 topics...

My shitty-looking exam timetable

Two days ago, I got an email with an attached "Unofficial Examination Timetable"... I was happily downloaded the file and checked for my timetable... Wat the.... I got a so-damn-terrible exam timetable!!! U see:

27 Oct (Afternoon paper) -- Marketing Law
6 Nov (Afternoon paper) -- Marketing Planning and Implementation
7 Nov (Morning paper) -- International Management
7 Nov (Afternoon paper) -- International Business

CRAZZZZYYYY!!! 3 papers in 2 days!! How to study?!! Wanna cry already la... Anybody please let me know if I can complain and change this timetable... *(x_X)*

HotDog Versus Sausage

Yesterday, I shopped in the night market with my brother... We bought lots of fooood!! Yummy yummy food!!! We came to this stall selling fishball, fried chicken, hotdog, and so on... Then, I grabbed a few cucuk of fishballs... And the hotdog I wanted was quite far away... So, I asked the tauke to take it for me...

Me: One more Hotdog please.. (pointed at the yummy hotdog)
Tauke: This 1? "heong cheong" la... Hotdog is that 1...
Me: *blur* (my brother also blur. Then, he asked the tauke wats the different between HotDog and "Heong cheong")...
The answer was, "HotDog is 'Yit Kau', while 'heong cheong' is sausage...."
Bro and I: *Faint* LOL!!!

So, HotDog and sausage are DIFFERENT!!! Keekekek!!!



sue lin said...

Can!!!! Try asking our business course manager!!! U've got one of the worse of the worse!

All the best!!!

Jacqueline said...

Sigh... I had tried Dr. Tee, Ms Adlina, Ms Ooi & Dr. Ting. Dr. Ting even helped me to post this issue to the head of school Prof. Ron Edwards... Even the manager of examination in Australia!!! End up.. No difference la! They all said cannot change. What to do... My luck lor.

sue lin said...

Aiyaaaa, aiyoh...

Dr Ting is so good! Sigh... Poor thing. U have to study VERY early n then sleep early b4 ur exams.

Jacqueline said...

Yalor... Gotta buy lots of Brands Chicken Essense... Hahahaha!!! Or the Yu Yan Sang's 1 better? Lol!!