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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fire Drill

On Tuesday, we were told that there will be a fire drill in the next morning at 10.30... Our reactions were like... "HAR?!?! What should we do? Run??" Then, S (the one and only male staff in my floor) told us to shut down the computer and 'run' to the assembly area and bla bla bla...

Wednesday, 10 o'clock in the morning... One of my colleagues was preparing to 'escape'... Well, she's a bit plum and you know... So, she told me "I gotta go down earlier and standby first... Or else, I will be blocking the way when everybody wants to run down..." Hahah!! She's so funny la! As if she can predict when will the real fire come... Lol!!

The clock turned 10.30... The fire alarm still not bell yet... Actually I was already standby la... Closed down all the unwanted windows and prepared to shut down the computer anytime... Then, the clock turned 11... My colleague J said "SEE!! This is what we called Malaysian time!! 11 already still not bell yet..." *Sigh* Actually that time was raining lar... No fire drill even better la! Coz the assembly area is an open area...

*DRING!!!!!~~~ DRING~~~~~~" Ohh!! Finally the bell rang at 11.30 am... I shutted down the computer immediately... And prepared to run!! But wait... All other colleagues were still sitting there and some were on the phone... Aiyaya... Fire come already still berlengang-lengang over there 1... After a while then only we walked out at a super slow pace... Haha!!

That time, outside was drizzling... The staffs from other departments were so smart!! They brought along their umbrellas... However, my department... Aiyah! So dumb la! Summore we need to queue up according to departments... Grrr! Cannot share umbrella with them... *(@_@)*

We were waiting under the rain patiently.. *Actually I was very impatient that time*... Seeing the Ang Moh Director eating his apple.. I also want... =p After 5 minutes... We heard "Ngee Ngoor Ngee Ngoor..." Here came the firemen!!! Guess what? There was actually someone making fake smoke at the second floor's balcony. Then, the rest of the firemen sprayed water to the building... The water was sooooooooo dirty!! Like longkang water... Yukes!

After all the 'shows'.. We got back to work... Errrm... I felt a bit mou liu... hahah!! Anyway, its still a good experience for me. At least I know where to run when there's fire...



sue lin said...

I read this early but coudnt comment forgot why. Very very funny la that lady!!! So she turned off her comp really early??

Fire also got Malaysian time! Wahaha

Jacqueline said...

Yealor! We Malaysian very hebat wan marr... =p Kekekeke!!

The fireman said our fire drill had failed... Coz that day was raining, then got some ppl 'escape' from the building and then ran back to the office to get UMBRELLA! Hahaha!! Lagi funny... =p

sue lin said...

Hahahaha, very funny! Reminds me of school days

And Happy New Year!