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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hotlink Gift?!?!

Hotlink Gift?!?!

Today, I received a “HotlinkGift” SMS… The SMS was “Select 1 day from 8-14/3/06 to enjoy 50% off sms rates to 012/017 nos. Send Yes to 2222 by 7/3/06 for instructions to activate offer. By invitation only.”

As a truly Malaysian, of coz I signed up for this offer thingie… After I sent “Yes” to 2222, I received this sms from Hotlink “To select your Special Day, dial *128*ddmm#....”. As a result, I dialled *128*1203#. Guess what? I got this stupid message… “There are currently no promotions for this rate plan.”

I feel so bad… Hotlink is making their customers feel disappointed… What are they trying to do? Tried to con our SMS fee in sending the “Yes” reply? In my opinion, they are sort of using some fake marketing strategy to attract more customers…


coco_panda said...

haha....i never bother to do all this things le...

Jacqueline said...

Hey!! Guess what? Hotlink actually apologise!! Right now, i get 500 free SMS!! Hehehe!! But I only have 7 days to finish up the credit as fast as I could.. Of coz only can send to 012/017 numbers for free la... Hey ppl... Dun use Digi or Celcom lerr.. Expensive to call u all la..