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Friday, June 02, 2006


Coco_Panda had tagged me for more than 1 week.. Aiya.. Recently very busy with studies... EXAM IS CUMING SOON!!! My 1st paper will be starting next Wednesday... And now Im here blogging.. *(x_X)*

I AM: Jacqueline/ Jac/ Mei Yin/ Foong.. "eh!".. Lol!

I JUST NOW: Reply an email

I SAID: Did I say something?

I WANT: to watch moviesSSsss!! Cinema will be my second home after exams... Muahahah!!

I WISH: the final is over!! Yay!!


I MISS: Little Yung Yi and her cousin... Miss you sooooOOOO much!

I FEAR: snakes!

I HEAR: the sound from tv

I WONDER: how's my results for this sem.

I REGRET: Im not doing revision now...

I AM NOT: a male.

I SING: ?!?! I cant sing.. =p

I CRY: when Im sad... And I can cry non-stop for hours!!

I AM NOT ALWAYS: Err... Duno...

I MADE: Lots of noise in the library... Lol... *flu flu* *hatt-chooo*

I WRITE: with my right hand..

I CONFUSE: with directions..

I NEED: to bath... and then study..

I SHOULD: finish this faster and do what I need to do..

I START: start wat? I start my comp? car? blah...

I FINISH: this tag-along thingie!!! FINALLY...

I TAG: Errmmm... 'Brother', Jinn Xiung, Philip, Rebecca, Lei Ye, Sue Lin.... Hahahah!!

^Good Luck in Exams^ ^All the BEST^


coco_panda said...

at last!

Thought you quit blogging.... :)

Jacqueline said...

hahahah!! U miss my blog so much meh? I will blog more after exam... =) My last paper is on 22 June... Heheh!!

Yong said...

when u will finish exam????????