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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Summary of a week

Sunday – Mother’s Day…
Wishing all the mummies Happy Belated Mother’s Day!! Hehehe!!

Monday – Becky’s Big Day!!
Wishing Becky happy belated birthday again and again… Your doggie is ^on the way^.. Lol! *surprise surprise*

Tuesday – International Marketing Presentation
Finally its my turn to present my group assignment.. I was the third group to present that day. The first group presented the topic of mini ice-cream.. the second group’s topic was some Arab Cola.. Was it Quilby Cola? Omg.. Cant remember, as long as its some Halal Cola. And guess what? They gave us FREE Cola!! Hahah! For me, that Cola taste exactly the same as Coca Cola coz I cant feel any difference except the can! Wait.. The design of the can was actually very similar with the original Coca Cola.. From far, it looked really similar! Its a red can with similar font as Coca Cola!

Then, Kelly and I presented our topic on Health Centre.. TRUE FITNESS!! *Blah Blah Blah* Its a 30 minutes presentation. But we over shot the time and end up 7 marks deducted from the timeframe.. =( SO SAD!! Anyway, I was quite satisfy with the overall marks la.. Hehe!!

Wednesday – Skipped Dogan’s Lecture
That was my VERY VERY FIRST TIME of skipping lecture in the whole semester!! Initially I wanted to rush my XML Assignment at the foyer.. But then, Munny called me for some Marketing Strategy group discussion.. O..kay.. Then, I put my XML aside and discussed with them.. Ermm.. *Chit Chit Chat Chat* + *discuss discuss*..

Finally I finished my XML assignment at night.. Ermm.. It wasnt a perfect program actually.. But then, its valid and well-form! So, I dont care it anymore and straight away continue with my Marketing Strategy assignment.. But end up ter-slept until next morning.. *Sigh*

Thursday – Handed in my XML Assignment
I went to the lab early morning and sent the XML program through online.. *Phew* Finally.. I felt a bit more relaxed..

I went home around 4.30pm, and there was heavy traffic along KESAS highway!! Can you believe it? I was wondering what was happening.. I saw 14 Lorries (big and small) and cars stopped at the road side (at the opposite direction) *Yea! I counted the number of vehicles*. ??? Why ar? After a while, I realised, theres actually an accident happened at my lane.. A big lorry was lost controlled and crashed to the motorcycle lane.. Then, those busybody from opposite direction stopped at the roadside and crossed over to see what was happening.. Maybe they wanna see the car plate number for 4D or Toto purposes? Hahah! Im not sure la.. What I know is, these people caused massive traffic at both directions..

Ermm.. I am a last minute person.. I always rush my assignment very last minute.. And I study very last minute too! So, dunit to ask whether I have started to study for exam or not.. The answer is – NO! Coz Im a lazy person.. Yeah.. I admit. Thats why Thursday night I rushed my marketing assignment until 2 something in the morning!! By that time, my brain started to shut down and I kept seeing funny stuff on my screen.. *Sigh*.. Kelly, Munny, Linda and Aaron will know what am I talking about..

Friday – Happy Friday!!
Friday!! Thank God Its Friday! Hehee!! Nola.. Im not here to do free advertisements for TGI Friday.. I feel so ‘han fok’ (blissful) yesterday, coz I dont have to drive!! Hahaha!! Sue Lin and bf came and pick me up in the morning.. :p Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very MUCHIE!! *(^o^)*

We reached uni around 8am, then I started to compile my marketing assignment.. *Compile compile* I finished it at 10am, and then went for GCO lecture. Wow!! SO many ppl absent!! Where they went la? One hour later, Thomas gave us a short break..

*10 minutes later*

The class left 3 students ONLY!! JX left the class without telling me!! =’( But luckily he ended the lecture 30 minutes early.. Yay! I can go to the lab and improve the assignment before hand in.. *Edit Edit*… And finally finished it at 1pm.. *PHEW PHEW* NO MORE ASSIGNMENT FOR THIS SEMESTER!!!



CK@Blogger said...

heyyo! wah! XML pulak! so does ur XML conforms to ur DTD? issit validated? hahaha...aiks...i'm taking 2 units dis sem dat tok bout XML wan...dun play play wif me eh!hahaha...aiyor...wanna buy 4 ekor ar...14 car numbers worr..u buy all? or jz add all of them up and get a divided no.? haha...dun dream la...4 ekor wun gain u hard la! presentation!!!so fun!!!got high marks oso worr...rmb to belanja me makan worr! haha...neway...congrats la k!

Jacqueline said...

So sad la... My XML conforms with the DTD and its well form and validated!! But then, my score for DTD was damn low!! The major problem is, I dun even know wats wrong with my DTD... Die la... Like that sure fail in Exam... :(

Errmm... Yeah.. Marketing presentation was fun.. But the exam is not... Grrr!!!! EXAM!!! STRESS!!

Eh! U cuming back after exam isit?

sue lin said...

Your welcome!!!

My i m got 75% Happy, but urs is so much better! =P

Jacqueline said...

nola... mine slightly better only la... hehehhe!

Good Luck in exams!