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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My school ~ SMK Dato' Onn

I visited my secondary school's teachers with a bunch of friends yesterday. While we wanted to enter the school, the guard blocked us and asked for our purpose of entering the school... Then we told him... "Nak certify sijil"... Heehehe! Actually, we weren't wanted to certify any certificates... Hehehe!! Anyway, he let us to go in after held our ICs...

Then, we entered the staff room... First, we saw Pn. Lai and Pn. Foong... Haha! They seriously looked older than before... They were quite shocked to see us and chatted with us for a while... All teachers asked us the same thing.. "What are you doing now?" "Ohh! Studying? Which college? Diploma? Degree?".. and blah blah blah... After a while, Pn. Hana passed by and said "Nampak mereka sekarang ni... Saya nampak dah tua la! Haha!" Then, Pn. Lai replied funnily, "Kamu ni tua? Saya ni apa? Usang kah?" Lol!! Funny la them..

After that, we went into a class (should be 4P1) and kacau my Chemistry teacher ~ Pn. Hana. Haha! We asked her... "Cikgu!! Apa khabar? Ingat saya? Nama saya siapa?"... Hehehe! She told us that she can remember all our faces but names... She had a hard time to recall our names... Lol!

Besides, we chatted with Pn. Rahimah, Pn. Noreza, Pn. Saro... and others. Pn. Rahimah even jotted down our telephone numbers!! Coz she wanted to form some Dato' Onn Alumni thingie... Hahaha! They even asked us to give the juniors a talk to encourage them to study hard... Wow!! I seriously dare not la... Lol!!

Ermm... The school really changed a lot ler... First of all.. The name is changed from SMK Jalan San Peng to SMK Dato' Onn. Second, the school is very very Orange!! Orange = warna ceria? But I still prefer last time's blue wall... Looks nicer... And all the murals (wall painting) we did had gone... So sad...

Besides that, we used to draw the banners manually... And now, they printed the banners... No more handmade banners... I wonder whether there's still any junior knows how to make banners. Its fun to do the murals and banners! I enjoyed it very much last time...

And.. What else...? Oh yah! The kacang putih lady is still there selling her kacang putihs... Haha!! She's there for more than 10 years already! Wow!! Looks like her business is very good ohh!! High demand for kacang putih in school!

Lastly, they have very changgih and better teaching method now. They are using laptops and LCD!! No more writings on the normal white boards! They use power point slides!! Just like what we are using now in uni... Hahaha! I'm jealous la... *(^_^)*

Miss my school... Miss my school days...


Monday, June 26, 2006

Cutie Yung Yi

Last Friday was A's last day of exam. After the exam (Finance Paper), I went to A's place and we saw this cute little Yung Yi... See the picture below... She's adorable right? Initially, I asked her to stand still and pose for me to snap picture. But once she saw my camera, she came towards me! Guess what? She was sort of sitting on my tummy when I snapped this picture! Haha! (I was lying on the floor) *(>_<)*

After that, A helped us to snap some photos... *Sigh* This small girl cannot stand still 1... Keep on moving moving... Very hard to snap nice pictures with her... In the end, the photo came out like this... Errmmm... I dunno why my face was so red (like a tomato)... Hehehe!! Maybe I laugh too much... Wahaha!!!

Then, she tried some "Yung Yi Dance" (she created the dances)... See how she dance! Hahah! She has lots and lots of funny faces... I find it cute but A said its ugly... Anyway, all babies are like this... Cute, adorable and naughty... Those very quiet and obedient ones are weird babies... Wahahah!!! Thats the FACT!!

*Babies ROCK*

Friday, June 23, 2006

Exams Ended!

My exams ended yesterday... I'm supposed to be out there enjoying my holiday! Movie, shopping, makan and etc.... But what am I doing over here? Errmmm.... Im actually here in the Computer Lab and blogging rubbish! Hahah!

I went to the library earlier and grabbed 2 books... Some art and comic related books. I thought I can read those so-called-comic books to kill my time while waiting for A to end his exam... But then, the 2 books were sooooo boring!! And I dun understand the comic! Am I too dumb or what? =(

It's 2.30pm now. I need to wait for another 2 hours!! Coz A is now in the exam hall doing his paper... Besides A, many other accounting and econs students are doing the same thing... Good luck people...

I feel hungry and bored right now... Anyone can introduce me with some interesting online games? Those Free 1 la of coz... Hehehe!! *(^_^)*


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tag-along 2


Heheh!! I finished my exam at 3.42pm today!! YOOOHOOOO!!! F~R~E~E!! Anyone wanna ajak me out? Lol! =p

Well, I have been tagged by coco_panda AGAIN!! Let me finish this tag-along thingie first...

10 Life's simple pleasure...

1) Pass all my exams with flying colours...!! *(^_^)* Hopefully I can make it this semester... Aiming for 4 Ds this time... D means Distinction ler... not the empat ekor punya 4D... Hahaha!! I dun gamble.. =p

2) Getting HDs for all assignments.. This is to help me to pull up the marks for my final score... Coz I usually dun do well in my written exams... =( Aiyoh... Exam got time constrains 1 ma... how to do well worr... agree with me?

3) Dunit to drive to uni everyday... Hehehe! I wish someone will drive me here and there everyday... U know, its so so SO SO tired to drive a manual car while its stuck in the heavy traffic?!?!

4) Play with Yung Yi every week... Hehee!! She's so adorable... cute... hugable... and notti as well... *(>_<)*

5) Eat ice-cream... I love Mc D's ice-cream.. Especially the vanila ice-cream... The Mc Flurry is even nicer... I like the Oreo flavour! Yummy Yum Yum!! *slurp slurp slurp* But Mc Flurry is a bit pricy ler... Its RM 4.19 each... More expensive than a plate of Chicken rice in medan... So cannot eat that so often...

6) Watch movies with A... I missed out lots of new movies!! Errmm... I wanna watch CARS! And many other new shows... I gotta check out the list later... hahah!

7) Have a gathering with my old classmates... I miss my frens... primary school frens, secondary shool frens and SAM's classmates... I miss my teachers too! Ermmm... Wanna go back to Dato' Onn (Jalan San Peng) lar... Anyone wanna teman me? I have 2 weeks semester break now!! Coco_panda!! R u free?

8) Chit chit chat chat with frens... Hehehe! What will girls do when they sit together? Gossip la! What else...? LOL! Im not really a 'pat kua' person la... But I find it fun to know ppl's gossip... Hehehe!! dont you?

9) Snap pictures... I like to snap pictures... Hehehe!! *Snap Snap Snap* Now we can use digital camera. So, we can snap unlimited number of pictures... Then, delete those ugly ones... Lol!!

10) Go for Guang Liang's concert!! I'm looking forward for Guang Liang's September 30's concert in Bukit Jalil!! Im not a real big fan of Guang Liang, but I like his songs... heheh!

Phew, finally Im done with this... *sweat*

Okay now, who am I going to tag?
JX!! you are the chosen one!! Coz you finished ur degree!! No more exam or assignments for u! Congrats!!


Friday, June 02, 2006


Coco_Panda had tagged me for more than 1 week.. Aiya.. Recently very busy with studies... EXAM IS CUMING SOON!!! My 1st paper will be starting next Wednesday... And now Im here blogging.. *(x_X)*

I AM: Jacqueline/ Jac/ Mei Yin/ Foong.. "eh!".. Lol!

I JUST NOW: Reply an email

I SAID: Did I say something?

I WANT: to watch moviesSSsss!! Cinema will be my second home after exams... Muahahah!!

I WISH: the final is over!! Yay!!


I MISS: Little Yung Yi and her cousin... Miss you sooooOOOO much!

I FEAR: snakes!

I HEAR: the sound from tv

I WONDER: how's my results for this sem.

I REGRET: Im not doing revision now...

I AM NOT: a male.

I SING: ?!?! I cant sing.. =p

I CRY: when Im sad... And I can cry non-stop for hours!!

I AM NOT ALWAYS: Err... Duno...

I MADE: Lots of noise in the library... Lol... *flu flu* *hatt-chooo*

I WRITE: with my right hand..

I CONFUSE: with directions..

I NEED: to bath... and then study..

I SHOULD: finish this faster and do what I need to do..

I START: start wat? I start my comp? car? blah...

I FINISH: this tag-along thingie!!! FINALLY...

I TAG: Errmmm... 'Brother', Jinn Xiung, Philip, Rebecca, Lei Ye, Sue Lin.... Hahahah!!

^Good Luck in Exams^ ^All the BEST^