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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Students are smarter nowadays?

I'm sure all of you are aware that the number of SPM straight A's students are increasing from year to year. There are so many students out there with 12, 13, or even 16 A's in SPM!! What's the reasons for this? Probably the students have better teachers or tutors... Or they are smarter!? Or the standard of the examination has been more lenient?

I have an answer here... :p

Unlike our generation, the students nowadays have a smarter way of studying!! Take my brother for example... He is among the SPM candidates for this year... Most of his time is spent on the computer and the printer!!!

Guess what? The 'SPMers' actually have a forum, and that forum is used to discuss and predict the questions which will come out in the exams... And worse... Even the 'Soalan BOCOR'!!! No jokes man! My brother relied on those 'tips' and got good results in his trial exams!! According to him, those questions came out 'bulat-bulat' from the so-called 'tips'!!! Thus, there is no need to study the whole syllabus as the students can only concentrate on the selected topics. Is this fair?

So, now you know... Why the students are 'SMARTER'?? Lol!!



sue lin said...

Hahaa, my time also got bocor, but it is only for the trials n stuff.... real spm not much.

Got a bit of bocor, via sms. But i didnt understand what te sms is saying... too bad

Jacqueline said...

Wahh! Why can get soalan bocor punya? My time dun have la... Had to 'telan' the whole book... :'(