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Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Neighbour

My neighbour (2 houses next to mine) just passed a way last Wednesday… So sad =( He was a 60++ years old man with 5 sons and a daughter. He was a very friendly and helpful uncle as well as a Teakwando master. Therefore, almost everyone in our neighbourhood likes him. Besides, he was also very well-known with his purple cars and the bright yellow roof…

All of us were so shock to hear that he was passed away due to heart attack… All the while we thought a Teakwando master must be very strong and healthy… But he… We feel so sorry… =/

For the past few days, his family were having a ceremony for him… Like other ceremony, there was some music… Ermm… you should know what kind of music they normally play for the death person right? If you were their neighbour, I’m sure you will make your house as quiet as possible to respect the person as well as not disturbing the ceremony right?

But, the other neighbour who is staying right beside them played their Hi-fi from morning till night… Damn loud some more!!! Sigh… Can’t they pay some respect to others?


sue lin said...

Aiyoh, so terrible la the neighbour beside the teakwondo master! Maybet hey cannot stand the music but need so loud meh??

Anyway, i am told that it is a good time 2 pass away la now. Very peaceful time, near cheng beng... My grandma passed away around this time too, abt 7 years ago. Of course those who have gone are surely missed.

Jacqueline said...

Sigh... That family memang not 'ngam' with the teakwando master 1... 1 or 2 days b4 he passed away, they actually quarreled due to some car issue.

What I heard was, my neighbour's bf's car park outside the master's house and blocked their way... Then he put a notice at the wiper... After that the quarrel had begun... Susah...

sue lin said...

Wahh, so mean ar? Bf block ppl's way?! Aiyoh!

And put a notice is ok what, it's the most diplomatic way d. At least didn't horn n horn n horn.... or scratch or...

Such neighbours!