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Monday, December 24, 2007

My great Assignment groupmates

When I was an undergraduate, we always have tonnes of assignments and we must complete them within a LIMITED time frame. Sometimes, there's even more than 1 assignment due on the SAME DATE!!! Whooo... Thats tough!

However, I am always lucky enough to get great groupmates... Especially Kelly and Munny!!! Both of you are great... We cooperated well in more than 1 assignments!!! *(^_^)*

She was my groupmate since second year!! We did at least 5 assignments together within 2 years!.. Like, IMC, Mkt Strategy, Mkt Planning, Int. Mkt and Int. Mgt. assignments!!! Errm.. Did I left out anything else? Anyway, I'm happy to have u as my groupmate!!! I enjoyed doing presentations with u!! She's my BEST groupmate ever!!!

And this is Munny... I knew her in my 3rd year and did 3 assignments with her too!! Mkt Strategy, Mkt. Planning and Int. Biz. She's fun, sweet and talk a lot... a.k.a. talkative... LOL!! And she's one of the most daring gal among my circle of friends. So, any of you interested with her? Hehehe!!! And yea... she's single at the moment... *wink*

Saturday, December 15, 2007

3 Star*** Hotel's Menu in China

I discovered another funny English used in a 3 stars hotel in China (My dad sent it to me). Check out the menu below! Hahaa!! You might laugh loudly after seeing it. Make sure that there is nobody around you when you read this. LOLLLL!!! =p
Ok... You may be wondering why 'Sand' is eatible in China... It was supposed to be 'SALAD'!!! OMG!!! 'Swallow to take fish sand'?!?! What the heck! Thats 'Tuna Fish Salad'!! As what I mentioned in my previous post, they actually translated the menu word-by-word. Thats why they got all these funny 'food'...
'Pick type'?? LOL!! Thats STEAK la!!And there's a funny 'pick type' called 'The pig picks the elder brother a cloth'... Hahahahaha!!! Its a type of pork chop!! Funny name ya? So, next time when you eat in China, try to order 'pig pick'!! LOL!!
'Three texts cure'? and 'Many privates'?? Sound like some medicine... LOL!! For those who cant read mandarin, its 'Sandwich' and 'Toasts'... Check out French Toast!! They called it 'France many privates'!!! OMG!! They are driving the customers crazy!! And my favourite Singaporean Meehon became 'The star state fried rice'!!! Grrrr.... Thats meehon!! Not rice!!! =(

...... Even the F word appeared in the menu.... *fainted* They really need help....

Here, there's 'joss-stick fries fish chips'!!! Errm.. I didn't know joss-sticks are eatible!! I thought thats meant for the ghost? LOL!!! For the sake of eating the right food in China, you must learn how to read mandarin. Thats for your own good. Or else, you will get all sorts of funny stuff...

See!! They are selling 'Mandarin duck'!! Yumm!! But how come this is located in the same category as mineral water and fresh milk? Funny ya? Well, they didnt mis-categorised this item. In fact, this mandarin duck is refering to our 'Yin Yong'... which is 'coffee mixed with tea'... Hahaha....

Ermm... I have no idea about this part... Brazil, Italy... Might be some sort of drinks? Or cocktail? Or maybe Brazilian and Italian have to pay extra fees?
Bottom line... This menu is damn confusing and misleading!! But, there's a few solutions if you are a 'banana' in China...
1) Learn how to read Mandarin!!
2) Bring someone who can understand Mandarin with you
3) Go to the restaurants with pictures, eg. McD, KFC... all the fastfood la...
4) Go to the Japanese restaurant. Just grab whichever sushi you like. =p
5) Cook your own instant noodles... But dont take it too often.
6) Fast la... Dunit to eat... LOL!!!
OK.. You may now roll on the floor... Hahahhaah!!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shake the Mansion???

I went to China with my mum last week. That was a business trip. So, we met up with a number of clothing suppliers. Some of them handed us their name cards... Almost 100% of the cards were written in Mandarin. We collected all of them, but I actually don't read them... =p

However, among all the cards, one of them caught my attention!! I found some funny stuffs written in that card. It was super funny!! Check out their ADDRESS IN ENGLISH!!!

Basically, they did a direct translation for this. Probably they checked a Chinese-English dictionary and translated the address word by word. See, they translated "China" as "Chinese". And the funniest part was "Shake the Mansion"!!! LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Facebook Craze

Recently, there's a Facebook craze among the youngsters... Even those in their 30s, 40s and 50s adopted this Facebook thingie!!! You can check out your friends' information and send them messages here... also send them pressies, hug them, kick them, and etc... *(^_^)*

If you wanna check out more about Facebook, you can go to YouTube and search for "Facebook". Then, You will be able to find hundreds of songs or videos related to Facebook...

And among all those videos, I like Andrew's most... Check it out! He is cute!


Monday, November 26, 2007

My 22nd Birthday...

Forty-eight (48) days ago, it was my 22nd birthday... I am another year older... *(^_^)* That was a lovely Monday. As usual, I went to uni in the morning and check my mails... Facebook-ing... Before I started with my work... I remember I was busy with the annoying SPSS software. I was trying to figure out the statistical results I obtained from the questionnaires... Grrrr... The watever beta, alpha thingie made me headache...
In the afternoon, I met up with YL and Kat for lunch... Kat drove us to SS14 for Bakuteh.. The Bakuteh was not bad, I like the golden mushrooms and also the button mushrooms... (Im a mushroom lover =p) But the 'leung char' was awful. It was as tasteless as water!! Even worst than Medan's 'leung char'!!
Then, we returned to our office and continue with our works... Our thesis deadline was approaching!! We had less than a month to complete our 20k words thesis!! And not to forget, we had to prepare for our presentations as well... (Well, all those had already over =p I managed to complete the work in time!!)
After a while, YL a.k.a 'mummy' brought in a CAKE!! OMG!!! That was Strawberry Yogurt cake for me and Afkar!!! Woooww! So lovely~~~ I love the strawberries... and also the white chocolate around the cake! I was so touched!! Even Ms Ghazala, who is my forever lecturer came and sang birthday song for me... *(^_^)* It was a wonderful surprise party!!!..
Check out our pictures...

This is my most memorable birthday ever!!! Thanks a lot gals...


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Marketing versus Sales

Yesterday, I received a call from my potential employers, MC... This HR person is interested in hiring me as a credit control executive. However, this is not what I wanted! Eventhough I worked as a credit control assistant before, this not totally unrelated to what I have studied for the past 4 years. Ok... So, I told him that I wasn't interested with this job as I am looking for a marketing related job. He is quite a nice person, and offer me with a sales related job. SALES?!?! My first reaction was... NO... I'm not looking for a Sales person job!! Then, he insisted that MARKETING and SALES are the same... *(=_=")*

To me, sales and marketing are two different terms with different functions... In most cases, sales persons are focusing on getting the sales, collecting money and delivering the products/ services in short-term. While for the marketeers, we are focusing on the long-term objectives. For example, marketeers are involved in the activities such as advertising, public relations, brand marketing, direct mails and etc. Marketeers perform all these activities to reach and persuade their potential customers. However, sales persons' roles are to close the sale and get a signed agreement or contract.

In short, Sales --> for short-term; while Marketing --> for Long-term!!! So... There are differences between marketing and sales!! Get it? And I think it is inappropriate for the companies to put sales and marketing as the same department...


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wallpaper Tag...

I got this tag from coco-panda... I find it quite interesting... LOL!!


Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by:
1. Going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).
2. Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).

3. If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.


Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons. Things like that.

Tag 5 of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.

Ok... Here's a picture of my desktop..

The background was the beach I went in June... That was in Langkawi... Check out the bar on the right!!! I have so many work undone!! And yet I'm blogging here... *sigh*....

Now, I would like to tag another 5 persons... (This is hard)... LOL!
1) Sue Lin..! ur the most active blogger!!
2) Jinn Xiung
3) Hoo Mun
4) Clarence CK!!
5) Sheer Leen...

OK... there's 5!


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happie Belated B'day to Kat and YenLi...


This is actualy a very very outdated post... Their b'days were in August... And I'm posting it like 1 and a half month late... Anyway, still wanna wish them happie birthday... and all the best!!

From the left: Me, Yen Li, Kat & Afkar...

We are the only 4 students for Honours in Business and Commerce... =) And we were in our Honours room... Do you notice this room has weird colour conbination...? Lol!! Look at the partition! Its Orange, Grey and Green!!! And the door behind us is Yellow!!! And our chairs are in dark blue... Matching colours?


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ancora Imparo

Ancora Imparo, which means I am still learning... This is Monash University's motto... It encourages us to continuously learn new things and experiences... Not to give up and etc...

Well, last Saturday was my Graduation Ceremony!! The event was held at 10.00am at the Grand Lagoon Ballroom. That was my very first convocation!!! I was so excited on that day. I woke up early and dressed up nicely for the grand event.

Aaron picked my up at 7 something in the morning and we reached the ballroom around 8am. Amazingly, there were already packed with early birds!! Wow! Some of my friends collected their gowns at 7 something and rushed to the nearby photo studio for some professional photo shoots... Yea... It's once in a life time. So, we must keep some great pictures as memories...

After I collected my graduation gown, a friendly Malay lady helped me to wear it on... Lol!! She even praised my shirt was nice... =p *Thank you!* Then, I proceeded to another counter to get my hat... I got a small hat. But, its still way TOOOO BIG for me!! The guy realised that my hat was loose, and he gave me 5-6 hair pins... =/ Even after I pinned it, the hat still couldn't sit stably on my head. They should order some smaller hats!

When we are ready with our gown, all of us were busy snapping pictures! *Snap snap snap*... I snapped a lot too! But, those who took my picture have not sent them to me yet!! So, I have very few on hands now. Here are some of the pictures I have...

First of all, my picture with my family... My beloved daddy, uncle and 2 brothers... *Thanks to my cousin who gave my that bouquet of flowers*

Then, a pic with Aaron... Finally we are graduated...

And more... *Yin Mei*, *Shu Yin* and *Mei Yin*... We are the Yins...

Below is Gary --> The big bully...! p/s: the flowers and snoopy are not mine... those belong to his gf - Joanna... Lol!

*Jacin, Joanna, Yin Mei and Aaron*.... They all are accountants in the Big 4 company!! Happy Graduation!!

All graduands were supposed to proceed to the ballroom for rehearsal at 9am. However, no one bother about that rehearsal. We continued with our photo sessions.

5-10 mins before the actual ceremony starts, the graduands together with the guests proceeded to the ballroom. I was very blur... I did not notice that there are numbers along the sideway... Just like the cinema, which tell you that which row you are supposed to go. I stupidly walked row by row to look for my number... *sweat...*

Finally, I found my number at the other side of the ballroom... Sigh... I was sitting beside Yin Mei; in front of Sabrina; and behind KH and Yen Li.... Luckily there are familiar faces around me... =p

Its my turn to receive my Certificate! I was a bit nervous... Lol!! And also afraid that my hat will fall down on the stage... And this is my picture on stage... My brother shook his hand when snapping... Sigh... Wasted!

The ceremony ends at 11 plus and all graduands walked out from the hall proudly... Sadly, my brother didnt get to snap my photo. He was sitting too far away from the stage and his hand always shook when snapping pictures... *Geram*..

After the ceremony, I met Ms. Ghazala... She teaches me forever!! Can you imagine that she taught me for 5 semesters for the past 3 years, out of 6 semesters!!! She's a great Marketing lecturer. Hehehe!! Thanks for everything...

Also many other friends... This is Kathleen, my Honours classmate. Her favourite animal is Monkey... =p

This is Yen Li... She's our 'mummy' aka 'dai kah jie'... Printer problem/ door problem/ assignment problem/ phone problem... or watever problem... Just call her and she will solve everything...... Kekekke!!

This is my best friend in High school... Yenn.... Thanks for the striking Yellow Spongebob... Lol!! Some people laughed at us when she gave it to me... opps...

*Thanks for all the pressies... The pink roses are sweet!!*

Anyway, it was a great ceremony!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

*Kenangan Terindah*

Recently, I'm in love with an Indonesian song!! The song is so soothing and it has very meaningful lyrics... Check it out...

Kenangan Terindah by Samsons

Aku yang lemah tanpamu ----- Aku yang rentan karena ----- Cinta yang tlah hilang darimu ----- Yang mampu menyanjungku ----- Selama mata terbuka ----- Sampai jantung tak berdetak ----- Selama itu pun ----- Aku mampu tuk mengenangmu Darimu... Kutemukan hidupku ----- Bagiku... Kau lah cinta sejati


Bila yang tertulis untukku ----- Adalah yang terbaik untukmu ----- Kan kujadikan kau kenangan ----- Yang terindah dalam hidupku ----- Namun takkan mudah bagiku Meninggalkan jejak hidupku ----- Yang tlah terukir abadi ----- Sebagai kenangan yang terindah


This song has reminded me about my other memorable events in the past... Some of my happy moments, especially in school...

She is my best friend in high school... We spent most of our time together. Some seniors even mistaken us as twin sisters... Lol!! *miss yah*

They are my crazy classmates and Maths teacher in 2002... 5 Sc 1 Rocks!!!

Guess where were we?? Lol!! We were inside the GENTS!!! Yea... Crazy fellas... Errm.. Actually we wanted to snap a picture of every corner of the school before graduate. Thats why... *paiseh*

... And I also had a sweet and enjoyable holiday in Langkawi... But the worse part was I got sunburn after that... *sad*

So, what about your Kenangan Terindah??


Presentation Skills

I went for a "Mini Presentation Skills Workshop" last Friday. That was a quite interesting workshop. The speaker made us into 5 small groups and discussed a mini task. The task was "How do you celebrate Malaysia's 50th Birthday"... LOL!! Yea... 31st August is coming soon!

My group suggested to have some 'teleconferences' with our Malaysians abroad... And also some video clips showing our Tanah Melayu and so on... Then, 2 presenters represented my group and presented our suggestions in front of the rest... That 2 representatives did a very good job. I like the way they present... =p

After that, the speaker commented on all the presenters and gave us lots of useful tips on how to improve our skills of presentation... Here's some presentation skills that I wanna share with you... =) *Sharing is Caring* Lol!!

During Presentation
  • Take control - control the audiences
  • Breath - this may help you to reduce your nervousness
  • Realise people want you to suceed
  • Concentrate on your message, not medium - FOCUS!
  • Don't apologise for your nervousness
  • Organise your mind - BE PREPARED!
  • Pretend - Act like your super confident... Lol!!
  • Control the pace - Not too slow... Not too fast...
  • Use 'pause' - instead of 'emm... ahh... errr...'

After Presentation

  • Be supportive
  • Reward yourself - Maybe buy yourself some chocolates?
  • Get perspective

I hope these little tips will help you (and myself) to do better during presentations... =)


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Malaysia Book Exchange! *NEW*

Hey!! I would like to introduce you with a brand new website!!

Malaysia Book Exchange provides an online market place which enables you to buy used or even new books at a significantly reduced price, which means larger savings on books! Not only that, it is also 100% free and easy to use!

Besides that, all members will have the opportunity to join the book community forum! You can post any views, opinions and even recommend the interesting books to the rest of the members!! So, why wait? Get the FREE membership NOW!! =)


Sunday, August 12, 2007

My experiences of conducting surveys...

As mentioned in my previous post, I am conducting a market research for my final thesis. So, I am in the process of collecting information about the consumers' buying behaviour and perceptions towards the fashion apparel products.
For the past few weeks, I was busy in the food courts and shopping malls to distribute my questionnaires. For the first day (in Asia Cafe, SS15), my response rate was not bad. Most of them are willing to participate in my research. One of them even asked if there are any vacancies in Monash University... LOL!! However, a small number of them rejected my survey politely (at least with a smile).
The following week, I was conducting my survey in Mid Valley Mega Mall. Some of the shoppers are willing to help me. They are quite friendly. But, unfortunately, the management of the shopping mall disallowed me to carry on my survey... =( Anyway, the guard stopped me in a very polite way. He didn't screw me up in public. *Phew*
Ok... Another area was Sogo, KL... The shoppers were quite rude... Most of their responses were "No!", "Solli..."... And one of the guy even ran away with my questionnaire and pen!!! What the hell... I had bad experiences over there... *Sigh*
And last week, I was in Berjaya Times Square... The situation was even worse! NONE of them is willing to fill up the form for me! One of the guy replied "Tak ape... Saya ni student"... I was like... Huh?? Did I ask u to buy anything? And some lady gave me a weird look and said no... Some even stared at me fiercely... Oh my god... I didnt know KL people are so unfriendly... No wonder one of the research conducted by Reader's Digest said KL people are rude... And yea... I had proven their research is quite true. Ohh wait... Me myself is from KL too... *Opps* Maybe I am the minority... LOL!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Consumer Behaviours on Fashion Apparels - Questionnaire

Hey friends,

I am conducting a research project for my Honours thesis. I would like to invite you to provide me your views regarding your fashion apparel's buying behaviours. I would be grateful if you could spend about 15 minutes to fill in the questionnaire which is about the satisfaction levels, perceived product quality and loyalty of customers towards their fashion apparel retail outlet.

Please click HERE to view the questionnaire. Or type as address...


p/s: If you don't mind, please fwd the link to your friends as well. Thanks a lot!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My First Journal Article...

After waited for about 1 and a half year, I finally get to see my published work... It was my group assignment for Marketing Research Methods --> the most time-consuming assignment... Lol!!!

*Flash back*
I was in my second year, second semester... I had 2 wonderful groupmates --> Sarah and Sean... We spent a lot of time together to work out the research paper... We also spent a number of days to beg people at the banks to fill up our 200 sets of questionnaires... It was a nightmare, man! Not easy to get people to fill up our lenghty questionnaire...

But in the end, we still managed to finished the paper... *sweat* However, it wasnt a perfect work... and the article had been polished by our supervisor before it was sent for publication.

Anyway, I feel so happy to see our names appear in the journal... I'm lucky to have 2 great groupmates... And they are now my GREAT friends... who are still very supportive...!!! =)

And of course... YOU are my great friend as well... *wink*


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Homer Simpson is back!! *Edited*

I had finally finished my first semester!! Yoohoooo!!~~~ From now onwards, I wont be sitting for any academic related exams! (There may be some job inteview exams in the future) No more lectures! No more tutorials!! All I need to do is to wait patiently for my final results... *Pray hard for good results*

There was a presentation (thesis defence) last Friday. My presentation was quite alright. No major problems occured... And I was quite satisfied with it as well. *(^_^)* Maybe I was the first person to present. So, the panel didn't give me hard time... They were so good!
My slot was at 10am, but I wanted to avoid the jam and leaved my house early. End up, I reached there at 8.30am. Damn Early!!! So, I took my own sweet time to make reverse parking (I'm quite dumb in parkings) and then sat in the car for a while... Guess what!?! I heard a funny news from the radio! "Homer Simpson was stolen!!!"

*Send me back, please... Help~~~!!!*

Lol!! There was Simpson and family sitting on a couch outside one of the cinemas at 1 Utama. Then, on Thursday night (if not mistaken), there were 2 guys stole their daddy away!! Lol!! They actually carried him away from the shopping centre around 2am! So daring man! And I just get to know that the 2 fellas who carried him away had returned him... For more information or pictures, click HERE.

Happy to see Homer Simpson is back "home"... *(^_<)*


Saturday, June 16, 2007

No more exams in my life!


Last Thursday was my last day of exam!! That was my last time sitting in the C~O~L~D MPH... After this, I dont need to sit for exams anymore!! No more exams in my life!! Yohoooo!!~~~

You might ask whether I hv graduated... Lol!! Not yet! I hv 1 more semester to go. But for my next semester, there will be no lecture, no tutorial, no exams... I need to focus only on my thesis writing and collection of survey data...

*(^_^)* I cant wait to use the new campus... The library looks cool ehh! But I hope the library wont be as cold as a freezer... Lol!! And I wish there is sufficient parking lots for the staffs and students... I will check out the campus next week... Anyone wanna come with me? =p


Sunday, May 20, 2007

AIESEC's conference

2 weeks ago, I attended an AIESEC's conference (Entrepreneurship & Youth - A Learning Network 2007) in UKM, Bangi. It was a 3 days 2 nights conference, which involved approximately 100 students from various Universities/ Colleges. But for Monash representatives, we ponteng-ed the 2nd day =p. So, we attened only the 1st and the last day.

Day 1
For the first day, me together with another 6 Monashians headed to Bangi by Monash's Van! Yea! The black Naza Ria with Monash's LOGO!! Cool ehh! The van was comfortable and spacious!! It's like double the size of my little Kancil.. Lol!!

After registered, we were brought to a lecture hall, which they called it 'Bilik Kuliah'. The hall was big and the seats were better than our LT7!! At least, its not the wooden benches.. =p The commitee members of the conference started to great us, talked to us and so on... The funniest part was, they thought we were from Monash Australia!! Lol!! Do we look like Aussie? Kekeke!!!

After some talks, we were served with lunch!! Guess what?!?! We were served with boxed-lunch... O..kay... I dont mind eating my lunch with the white polysterin box. BUT! The bad part was, we had to eat at the corridoor...!! I was lucky enough to find myself a bench and eat... Some poor guys had to stand beside the watever 'makmal' and eat... Poor thing... And one more... The food was sucks!

After lunch, we continued with some other talks related to entrepreneurship. At 5.30pm, Monash's driver (abang) fetched all of us back to Sunway for some refreshments... Well, I took this opportunity to rush some of my work in the Honours Room...

At 7pm, we headed back to UKM with Prof for Dinner... We had a buffet dinner. Although it was not very tasty, at least it was very much better than our lunch... =p Then, by the time I reach home, it was already 11 something... The best time to sleep... Hehe!!

Our group picture after dinner...
Day 2
As mentioned earlier, we ponteng-ed... Heheh!!

Day 3
We arrive UKM in the morning and we got some free DutchLady milk! Hahaha!! I used to drink a lot of those UHT milk when I was working in DLMI!! I'm such a Milk-Lover... =p When we entered the hall, we were shocked to see the other participants danced in front the stage.. *(^O^)* Then, someone shouted "GO! MONASHES! GO!"... Ermm.. Find it funny? Yea! Since when Monashians became Monashes?!?! In the end, we did stand in front and pretended to dance... Okay... I cant dance. *(>_<)*

After that, we listened to some speakers to share their entrepreneur experiences and stories. There were also some question and answer session where the students can ask them questions relating to entrepreneurship. Besides, there were also GE and Accenture recruitment slots...

After all, its finally our lunch break. And this time, there were totally no bench or chair!! We had to sit at the staircase and had our lunch... Pity us... In the end, we snapped some photos before heading back to uni.

Lol!!! May was looking at some cute guy... =p And this Longkang was blocking Ellie...

Ok... this is our 2nd picture, which looked better... *Cheese!*

Although the food was awful, I had a great experience with the other 6 Monash representatives... We talked a lot in the car and got to know each other better. Ellie, Elise, Hendry, Megah, May and 'Longkang'... Hey!! I'm happy to know u guys!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Time Flies =(

Its already Week 12!!! Oh no... Time flies... Guess what? I still have tonnes of assignments waiting for me to clear up...

BEW4000 --> Almost done =)

BEW4010 --> NOT STARTED YET!!! Still figuring out what is Multiple Regression... *(@_@)*

BEW4030 --> No time for it yet... I need to fill up some 30 pages form for this assignment! Its a super duper lengthy 'assignment'... *faint*

Proposal submission --> the 10-page limit is killing me!!

Presentation/ Thesis Defence --> Errm... Will think bout it after I have done the proposal...

And don't forget! There's still examinations to go!! Unfortunately, my paper falls on the very first day of the exam period. BEW4000 on 7th June and BEW4010 on 14th June... Although I have only 2 papers, I am still worry about it as I am totally not prepared!!

Wish me luck... Or else, I will KO like this... LOL!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spiderman Rocks!!

Hey!! Have u watch Spiderman 3 yet?? If havent, go and catch it before its too late!! Its nice!!... I enjoyed the movie so much... And I actually cried a bit... =p *malu*

See! Spiderman is so cool!!!


Saturday, April 07, 2007

MBC's Networking Party

I was busy with my studies and the club activities for the past 1 month... Finally its our Easter Break now... BUT! There's no holiday for me!! I have an assignment due during the break!! *(@_@)* My progress for the assignment was real slow... Its not even 5% completed yet!
Im now too bored and stressed... Cant think of the assignment anymore... So, let me show you some pictures for the MBC networking party on 22nd March...

This is our board for the tickets sale... And the theme was "WAT THE MELON"... So all of us were supposed to wear watermelon colours to the party... =p

I was busy scoping for food... =p Laura's homemade pasta... Yum Yumm...

There was a number of games in the party... The picture shows one of the games I joined... It was fun...

... Its time for me to continue my assignment... Hahah!! Will post more pics and stories when I'm free...


Monday, March 05, 2007

K2 gathering

This pic was taken in January during my K2 gathering... They were my Pre-U classmates and mentor (middle). This pic is so lovely... See... there's a sweet couple on the left and a cute + notti boy on the right... The rest are pretty gals and handsome guy... hahah!! *bluek*

Friday, February 23, 2007

Happie Chinese New Year!!

Hey bloggers... Happie Chinese New Year... Although its a bit late... But, wait!! CNY is for 15 days wart?! So its still CNY now! Hahaha!!!

*San Nin Fai Lok*
**Man Si Yu Yee**
***Gong Hei Fatt Choi***
****Nin Nin Yau Yu****
*****Yat Bun Man Lei!!!*****

Lol!!! Happie Piggy Year!! *Oink Oink*

p/s: Remember to feed my pet piggy yea!


Saturday, January 27, 2007


There are lots of uncertainties in our life... And I hate those uncertainties which will probably ruin ur day/ mood. Recently, I had applied a scholarship for my Honours Degree course. But, till now I'm still waiting for their confirmation. I havent receive any offer letter from Monash yet...

So, right now I am planning for the worse situation. I gotta start looking for a permanent job. Just in case they rejected my application. Grrr........ What happen to me? Cant seem to blog something nice and happy... I need an Angel to help me out...


Friday, January 26, 2007


Case 1
I used to love Mix fm a lot..... I used to listen to MIX everyday!! The first thing in the morning was to tune into MIX... The MIX breakfast show by Richard Ng and Shazmin was soooooo good! I love their topics, their jokes, their games and the way they speak... Their voices are so soothing.. =)

BUT!! Recently they had changed their usual breakfast show with a brand new breakfast show. The new DJs and programmes are so damn bored!! I dont like their topics. And their games are not as interesting as the old ones... I want my Richard and Shazmin back!!! This radio station is disappointing me so much! Coz of these changes, I cant enjoy my morning drive. I always busy changing channel... From English to Chinese... From Chinese to Malay... Anyone knows any interesting radio channel? Or else... Im gonna get my Kancil a CD player... Hehehe!! Who's gonna sponsor me? *Wink wink*

Case 2
The food in my cafeteria is disappointing me as well... In the very first week I joined the company, I was told that the cafeteria food was not good. However, to me, it was not that bad. At least we are allowed to choose from various variety of food. So, I did enjoy my food.

However, I think the quality of food is getting worse now... I'm not sure whether they had hired some new chef or the food wasnt fresh... Oh no... I started to miss Medan's food... and also One to Eat's food... Hey Monashians! Our food was actually not bad!

Case 3
Today, I thought of meeting O for dinner... So, I purposely drove to O's working place after work. It was a totally new place for me. Since I had no idea how exactly the place looked like, I felt scared when I turned into that area. But I was lucky enough to get to the correct place. Yeah! I found O's office building!!

However, O rather has dinner with the colleague instead... So disappointed.. Then, I hunted for my way back home... But, silly me followed the wrong sign board and it led me back to PJ instead of Cheras... In the end, I had to make a big stupid U-turn.... DURING PEAK HOUR ON THE FEDERAL HIGHWAY!!! It was damn terrible man! *sigh*

Case 4
Another person who is disappointing me is my doctor. Remember my previous post mentioned that I was sick? Yea.. I had gastric. So, I saw this doctor and ate the medicine he gave. After a few days, I'm still not fully recovered yet. My stomach still having some weird feeling... How sad... *(@_@)*

And lots and lots of things are disappointing me... I hope my scholarship application wont get me disappointed... Or else.. You will be seeing me in the newspaper next week... "Monash Graduate Gone CRAZY"...


Thursday, January 25, 2007

A date with Coco

This afternoon, I had a lunch appointment with my lost friend --> Coco_panda... I was so excited!! When the clock turned 1pm, I faster called her and checked whether she's ready to meet me. Then, I rushed out with my handphone, key and company ID. When I was walking out the gate, I smiled and waved at the security guards. Then, I was happily walking to my makan place...

*SHIT* Mana saya punya money!?! Aiyah... I was so so so wanted to see her until forgot to bring my money out for lunch... Grr... Coz I was used to eat free lunch in my company's cafeteria... Thats why money had never cross my mind... In the end, I rushed back into the office and take out money. I know... The guards must be saying this girl very cute... Everyday also rushing here and there 1... =p Hehehe!!!

I met her for less than an hour... So not enough!! I wished to talk longer... I got lots and lots of stuff wanna share with her... U know... Gossips... Hehehe!!! But, since I will be working in DL till end of next month, I'm sure I will be seeing her for lunch again... Meet you again coco... =)


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Has been working for 1 month and 3 weeks...
Knew a lot of people...
Learnt a lot of new stuffs...

But... Now sick already... *KO*