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Monday, October 25, 2010

An 'oinky' birthday celebration with a bunch of good friends

Notice: This post is a non-halal post

I only get to return to my home-sweet-home (KL) every fortnightly. So, my bunch of uni good friends celebrated my birthday on the weekend I came back to KL. They brought me to El Cerdo for some juicy German roasted suckling pig.

El Cerdo is located at Changkat Bukit Bintang, which is a very happening hang-out place in KL. However, parking is an issue here. =( After a few rounds of circling around the area, A decided to leave his car with the car jockey. This had saved us the hassle of walking far too!

We entered the restaurant and found piggy's pictures and figurines were placed every where! Even their menu has a picture of 2 cute piggies too!!

The menu was hiding behind our Hoegaarden

And many other piggies were kept in the rack behind our table... Oink oink oink...

When the sweet couple - KH and AL arrived, we started to order our dinner. A helped in making the orders as that was already his third time having dinner in this restaurant. He ordered a Spanish ham platter as the appetizer. Followed with a "One plate of 4 different mini sausages" - 1. Farmer; 2. Thuringer; 3. German Pepper; and 4. Spicy Lyonner Saussage. The sausages were so good!! So as the soup, salad and pork ribs! Yummers!! =)

Our final dish was a roasted suckling pig! Aww... Half of the piggy came to our table on a wooden chopping board. We were wondering how to eat it. *(>_<)*

Highlights of the night - The roasted sucking pig

Then, a waiter approached us and asked for a volunteer to chop the piggy into pieces. I had the honor to be the butcher of the night. Hahah!! Guess what? I had to chop it with a plate!! Well, the waiter gave me a lesson on how to chop the piggy.

"Hold the plate like this..." and bla bla bla...

I was ready to chop it!! (The waiter was standing next to me to make sure that I was chopping with the correct way)

According to Mr Waiter, that was one of the traditions from German whereby 1 person had to chop the pig with a plate. Then, put all the bad things/ luck onto the plate before breaking the plate. In return, this person will be granted a wish.

I 'gathered' all my friends' bad stuffs onto the plate and tried to break the plate

However, the plate wasn't break at my first try!! OMG... Maybe I didn't put enough bad stuffs onto the plate. Or, I was just too gentle to the plate. Hahaha! Mr Waiter granted me a second chance to break the plate. This round, I put more strengths in throwing the plate into the wooden basket!

Voila!! The plate was finally broke

Mr Waiter took the roasted pig back into the kitchen and got the professionals to chop the piggy into pieces. Btw, my bf commented that Mr Waiter is quite good looking a.k.a handsome. LOL!

After we had finished eaten the piggy, a group of waiters/ waitresses came out with desserts and a creative birthday song!! "Happy birthday to you, Oink Oink... Happy birthday to you, oink Oink oiNk!!!"... The song was just so cute and oinky!!

I even got a little piggy from the restaurant as birthday pressie!

Mr Waiter informed that this little piggy will bring me luck for only 1 year. So, I got to come back next year to 'renew the contract'. LOL! That was a really good marketing gimmick!!

Special thanks to A, JC, YM, KH and AL for making my birthday so memorable =)

Overall, the food and ambiance of the restaurant were great. *Thumbs up* However, I enjoyed most with the presence of my bunch of good friends who shared laughter and joys with me.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pre-birthday celebration @ Look Out Point

Few weeks ago, I had a pre-birthday celebration with A at the Look Out Point, Ulu Langat. We got the idea of going to the Look Out Point after reading SL's post in September. I thought this may be a great place where you can see KL's night view. =)

A googled and did some simple researches of the place. He found the address and we drove up the hill with the directions given by his GPS. The GPS came in very handy when we need to go to an unfamiliar place. Probably I need to get one for myself too! Hehe!

When we arrived at the Look Out Point, we saw a few restaurants were operating next to each other. There were 1. Look Out Point, 2. The Heaven, 3. Gasoline, 4. The Panorama Restaurant and the last restaurant was under renovation. That was our first time came to this place. So, we had no idea about which is the best restaurant. 

In the end, we chose Look Out Point Restaurant because the waiter was friendly. On top of that, we saw more tables were occupied with customers in the restaurant. Then, we got ourselves a table and started to check out the menu.

This is the cover page of the menu

This restaurant also serves local food, like fried rice and fried noodles besides the western meals. After we had finished studied the menu, we were trying to call the waiter/ waitress to take our orders. But...
"Please press for service" and the button??

Where was the dumb button?!?! Hahhaah!!! We couldn't find the button!! In the end, we got to wave at the waiter. I was wondering if their customers stole the button as souvenir? LOL!!

 I posed in the picture while waiting for our food to arrive. You can see the sky was still bright from the background of the photo =)

 KL view in the evening... versus

 KL view at night, which is more colourful!! I like the lights!!

 Our dinner had arrived...
My grilled dory fish with mushroom sauce

His chicken Maryland with sausage

Well, I won't say the food was great. It was just average. However, I did enjoy the cool air and night view of Kuala Lumpur. *(^_^)*

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Language barrier lead to laughter XD

Last week, I went to Carrefour, Ambassador Mall with T for some grocery shopping. I was surprised that the hypermarket had made a major rearrangement on all its products/ sections. The customers were forced to walk through the electronic and household items department before we can reach other sections. =( That was pretty inconvenient to us.

After we placed all the food and drinks into our trolley, T wanted to get himself a pair of new slippers too. Due to the confused relocation of products, I approached one of the staff and asked for directions. "Excuse me, bisa tanya mana section untuk slipper?" (May I know where is the slipper section?). She looked at me with a smile and question marks all over her head. Okay... Maybe she didn't understand my half past six Bahasa Indonesia. I repeated "Selipar? Kasut"?? (Slipper? Shoes?) Then, she put both her hands together and put them next to her head. She asked if I was asking for 'sleep'... Probably she thought I was hunting for a pillow. Hahaha!!!

This is so funny!! I was scratching my head and pointed at my heels. I told her, 'No.. No... Selipar... Kasut"... Finally, she understood. "Ohhh!! untuk tapak kaki, yea? Sandal?"... I nodded my head and she walked us to the right section. I should have mention 'sandal' in the first place. Hahahahha!!!

Now I know why I should pick up my Bahasa Indonesia. :) 


Monday, October 18, 2010

Highlights of Our Lives booklet from R

I received this lovely booklet from my friend over the weekend.
 This is the front cover of the booklet

There is a welcome note on the first page

R actually 'stole' our pictures from Facebook and compiled them into her "Highlights of Our Lives". The little booklet consists of our outing photos as well as some motivational quotes. One of the nice quotes is "Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact - William James".

This is just so sweet!! I'm starting to miss my uni days... Miss you, R...


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Another flight delay with the World Best Low Cost Airline

I flew back from Jakarta with AirAxxx on last Friday. As usual, my colleagues and I reached the airport around 5pm to catch the 7pm flight. When I was paying my airport tax at the self check-in counter, the officer confidently told me that there would be NO delay for this flight. I was happily thanking him for the great news. I thought I can get home by mid night. =)

After I settled with all the custom procedures, I continued with my works in a cafe. At 6.15pm, my colleague reminded us that its time for boarding. We quickly packed our laptops and proceeded to the boarding lounge. The guys walked so fast and left me behind... =( You cant blame me for being so slow as I was walking with high heels and carried the heaviest laptop!! There was once I weighted my laptop + adapter in the bag. It was 4kg!!! What an antique dinosaur laptop!!
I was holding my passport and boarding pass while working in the airport

At the boarding lounge, we were informed that our flight would be delayed for 1 hour!! OMG!! Passengers like us were cursing... "AGAIN?!?!??!" Well, we have no choice but to wait for the pilots to bring us home. 

Since my boss was rushing me to submit the work, I got to continue working on it in the boarding lounge. Roughly half an hour later, an officer officially announced that the delay of flight was due to some technical issue. Yea right, there's technical issue every week? However, we were luckier this week as all passengers were given a packet of rice and mineral water as compensation. Woohoo... I was so hungry at that time. The meals came to me just in time to cure my hungry tummy.

We finally boarded the plane at 10 minutes past 8 in the evening. I was not sure if it was raining outside because the flight was so bumpy. I felt the flight was flying high and low at the beginning. To be honest, I was a bit worried and tried to sleep.

After some time, the plane was much more stable and the air stewardesses started to distribute meals to all the passengers who pre-booked their meals online. I got my chicken rice combo (chicken rice with a 100ml mineral water). Since I was still full after eaten the free meal at the boarding lounge, I gave away my chicken rice to the American-British man who sat next to me. It is better to be given away than let it end up into the dustbin.

I had a little chat with him and found out that he is a Hong Kong resident who fly between KL, Jakarta and Hong Kong frequently. However, that was the second time he flew with this airline. Later, he asked for a bottle of mineral water from the air stewardess. When the air stewardess handed him the bottle of water, she said 'three Ringgit, please' softly. Probably the guy didn't hear and he felt curious why she was still standing there looking at him. He asked her in a curious tone. 'Do I need to pay?'.... I was like... 'duhhh....' Hahahah!!! Guess what, he took out one stack of 50 Ringgit to pay his 3 Ringgit drinks. Emmm....

Anyway, he was a nice guy who kept me accompanied during the 2-hour flight. We finally reached LCCT at 11.10pm. Subsequently, I got home around 12.40pm. What a loooong day and this will be repeated in 2 weeks time. Wish me luck.