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Monday, June 26, 2006

Cutie Yung Yi

Last Friday was A's last day of exam. After the exam (Finance Paper), I went to A's place and we saw this cute little Yung Yi... See the picture below... She's adorable right? Initially, I asked her to stand still and pose for me to snap picture. But once she saw my camera, she came towards me! Guess what? She was sort of sitting on my tummy when I snapped this picture! Haha! (I was lying on the floor) *(>_<)*

After that, A helped us to snap some photos... *Sigh* This small girl cannot stand still 1... Keep on moving moving... Very hard to snap nice pictures with her... In the end, the photo came out like this... Errmmm... I dunno why my face was so red (like a tomato)... Hehehe!! Maybe I laugh too much... Wahaha!!!

Then, she tried some "Yung Yi Dance" (she created the dances)... See how she dance! Hahah! She has lots and lots of funny faces... I find it cute but A said its ugly... Anyway, all babies are like this... Cute, adorable and naughty... Those very quiet and obedient ones are weird babies... Wahahah!!! Thats the FACT!!

*Babies ROCK*

1 comment:

sue lin said...

Hahaha, all kida are cute but naughty! =)