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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Summary of a week

Sunday – Mother’s Day…
Wishing all the mummies Happy Belated Mother’s Day!! Hehehe!!

Monday – Becky’s Big Day!!
Wishing Becky happy belated birthday again and again… Your doggie is ^on the way^.. Lol! *surprise surprise*

Tuesday – International Marketing Presentation
Finally its my turn to present my group assignment.. I was the third group to present that day. The first group presented the topic of mini ice-cream.. the second group’s topic was some Arab Cola.. Was it Quilby Cola? Omg.. Cant remember, as long as its some Halal Cola. And guess what? They gave us FREE Cola!! Hahah! For me, that Cola taste exactly the same as Coca Cola coz I cant feel any difference except the can! Wait.. The design of the can was actually very similar with the original Coca Cola.. From far, it looked really similar! Its a red can with similar font as Coca Cola!

Then, Kelly and I presented our topic on Health Centre.. TRUE FITNESS!! *Blah Blah Blah* Its a 30 minutes presentation. But we over shot the time and end up 7 marks deducted from the timeframe.. =( SO SAD!! Anyway, I was quite satisfy with the overall marks la.. Hehe!!

Wednesday – Skipped Dogan’s Lecture
That was my VERY VERY FIRST TIME of skipping lecture in the whole semester!! Initially I wanted to rush my XML Assignment at the foyer.. But then, Munny called me for some Marketing Strategy group discussion.. O..kay.. Then, I put my XML aside and discussed with them.. Ermm.. *Chit Chit Chat Chat* + *discuss discuss*..

Finally I finished my XML assignment at night.. Ermm.. It wasnt a perfect program actually.. But then, its valid and well-form! So, I dont care it anymore and straight away continue with my Marketing Strategy assignment.. But end up ter-slept until next morning.. *Sigh*

Thursday – Handed in my XML Assignment
I went to the lab early morning and sent the XML program through online.. *Phew* Finally.. I felt a bit more relaxed..

I went home around 4.30pm, and there was heavy traffic along KESAS highway!! Can you believe it? I was wondering what was happening.. I saw 14 Lorries (big and small) and cars stopped at the road side (at the opposite direction) *Yea! I counted the number of vehicles*. ??? Why ar? After a while, I realised, theres actually an accident happened at my lane.. A big lorry was lost controlled and crashed to the motorcycle lane.. Then, those busybody from opposite direction stopped at the roadside and crossed over to see what was happening.. Maybe they wanna see the car plate number for 4D or Toto purposes? Hahah! Im not sure la.. What I know is, these people caused massive traffic at both directions..

Ermm.. I am a last minute person.. I always rush my assignment very last minute.. And I study very last minute too! So, dunit to ask whether I have started to study for exam or not.. The answer is – NO! Coz Im a lazy person.. Yeah.. I admit. Thats why Thursday night I rushed my marketing assignment until 2 something in the morning!! By that time, my brain started to shut down and I kept seeing funny stuff on my screen.. *Sigh*.. Kelly, Munny, Linda and Aaron will know what am I talking about..

Friday – Happy Friday!!
Friday!! Thank God Its Friday! Hehee!! Nola.. Im not here to do free advertisements for TGI Friday.. I feel so ‘han fok’ (blissful) yesterday, coz I dont have to drive!! Hahaha!! Sue Lin and bf came and pick me up in the morning.. :p Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very MUCHIE!! *(^o^)*

We reached uni around 8am, then I started to compile my marketing assignment.. *Compile compile* I finished it at 10am, and then went for GCO lecture. Wow!! SO many ppl absent!! Where they went la? One hour later, Thomas gave us a short break..

*10 minutes later*

The class left 3 students ONLY!! JX left the class without telling me!! =’( But luckily he ended the lecture 30 minutes early.. Yay! I can go to the lab and improve the assignment before hand in.. *Edit Edit*… And finally finished it at 1pm.. *PHEW PHEW* NO MORE ASSIGNMENT FOR THIS SEMESTER!!!


Friday, May 12, 2006

Mission Impossible 4 (MI.IV)

**I put this pic for fun only ler**

Yesterday morning, I parked at Elephant Walk.. There will be some X-game event during the weekend. Therefore, I saw lots of signboards over there, “No food and drinks allowed” and etc.. On the way to uni, I met my International Marketing (IM) lecturer.. Here goes our conversation:

Me: Morning!
She: Morning! How’s your IM?
Me: Oh! My group is going to do presentation. (I thought she was asking for the IM report)
She: Did your group present in the first assignment?
Me: No, we did a report for that.
She: I see. Then your group will be presenting on Wednesday because... (blah blah blah)
Me: Oh! Thats great!!
She: I will put up an announcement later.. Check out student drive ya!
Me: Oki! No problem!
And blah blah blah..

After that, I started to do my IM presentation slides at the foyer.. After a while, I saw more and more laptop users came but theres only 4 powerpoint plugs. So, remember to charge your laptop before come to uni!! In case you didnt get a plug! Or bring an extension wire.. Hahaha!! (I saw people did that!)

I took my own sweet time to do the slides.. Slowly look for sources and stuff because my group will be presenting on next Wednesday! We have at least 5 days to prepare for the slides! Hehe!! But all a sudden, I heard SHOCKING NEWS! According to one of my classmate, the presentation slides are to be submitted first! And the due date is that day itself!! I was so damn panic..

But luckily our lecturer is good enough to extent another day for all the presenters.. So, me and my groupmate rushed for the slides like mad.. I slept at 4.30am last night, while she slept at 5 something.. And this morning, we started to compile all the slides in uni.. Can you belief it? 50 detailed presentation slides were done in less than 2 days!! *Phew*

Finally, we submitted the slides at 2.30pm just now and hooray!!! LUNCH @ McD!!


Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Blog

A weblog, web log or simply a blog, is defined as a web application which contains periodic time-stamped posts on a common webpage (Wikipedia, 2006). Topics can range from a personal life journal to personal journalism intended to complement, complaint or sometimes even challenge the mainstream media. For example, Citizen Blog, which you can find out lots of complaints from people out there. But for me, I prefer those picture blogs more than the long-winded complaints.

A blog may be published by one person or a group of people, but regularly will reflect a consistent point of view through a series of entries. Besides, topics within a given blog can be wide-ranging and cover different phenomena or can be narrowed down to a niche discussion (Schneider, 2005).

Well, for my blog, it’s more like a personal journal. I blog my own events, personal views and at the same time, keep in touch with my friends. :) We read each other’s blog and find out how are they, what are they up to, and etc..

However, some of them are anti-blog!! For example, Mr. PigHead.. According to him, bloging is a waste of time.. Only those who has nothing better to do will come out with a blog. X( So, are you apro-blog or ranti-blog? Or maybe neutrals



Schneider, H. (2005), Rapid ICT Change and Workplace Knowledge Obsolescence:
Causes and Proposed Solutions, The Social Science Research Network Electronic Paper Collection, No. 2005-04, pp. 1-48.

Wikipedia (2006), Blog,, Assessed 7 May 2006.

V** You might ask.. Wahh!! Need to quote journal 1 ar? Hehe!! Im doing an Assignment related to corporate blog actually. So, not I purposely look for a journal 1.. :p

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A visit to Compassion Home

Today, I visited Compassion Home in USJ 1 with a few other MBC committee members. We reached there around 3pm. We were so surprised that there was a big crowd having some party. Haha! Its actually Tupperware Company’s staffs gave them a party with food, presents, games and a lot of tupperwares!! I’m not sure how the kids gonna use those tupperwares. Besides, they oversupplied the food!! What a waste.

We waited there until they finished their games and stuff. Then, we started to unload our “presents”, including rice, cooking oil, magi mee, ribena (my favourite!!), tomato sauce, milo and etc. After that, Basil performed with his guitar. We sang 2 songs.. First, Rasa Sayang and second, Sound of music (Doe a deer, a female dear..). Remember our famous childhood song? Lol!

After that, we played the MBC well-known game ~ Blow Wind Blow!! *Blow Blow Blow* And we ended up with cheque giving ceremony.. Lol! Its just a simple ceremony, as in Sheer Leen passed them the big mock cheque of RM500! Lol! This is not a big amount of money, compared to other sponsors like the one we saw in the picture. The big mock cheque written RM 22,000 plus plus!! Anyway, I’m sure our RM500 does help some of them.

Let's support MBC!!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Busy.. Busy..

Last night I stayed up until 3.30am to finish up my 4000 words of E-Commerce Economics Assignment… After that… It took me 1 hour to print out!! Thanks to my slow motion Bubble Jet printer… It was damn slow… Its time for me to change a new printer… Hahah! Next target… Laser Jet Printer!! --- the lab type… So fast and changgih… LOL!!

This morning, I leaved my house around 7.45am to attend a 9am tutorial… I was half dead when I drove… I wasn’t sure whether the other cars really didn’t signal before cutting in my queue… Or I didn’t see them… But I assumed I was right and guess what? I FLASHED them! I acted like the whole road was mine! Nobody else can fight with me… Lol! *Joking*

Finally, I passed up my assignment at 2pm (during lecture)… *phew*

Wait… There are three more assignments to go!! And EXAM is around the corner!!!

*No Cheers*

Monday, May 01, 2006

*Please Take Note*

You probably have read the message, plese take the necessary action.... IMPORTANT
A stock clerk was sent to clean up a storeroom in Maui, Hawaii.When he got back, he was complaining that the storeroom was really filthy and that he had noticed dried mouse/rat droppings in some areas. A couple of days later, he started to feel like he was coming down with a stomach flu, complained of sore joints and headaches, and began to vomit.
He went to bed and never really got up again. Within two days he was severely ill and weak. His blood sugar count was down to 66, and his face and eyeballs were yellow. He was rushed to the emergency at Pali-Momi, where he was diagnosed to be suffering from massive organ failure. He died shortly before midnight.No one would have made the connection between his job and his death, had it not been for a doctor who specifically asked if he had been in a warehouse or exposed to dried rat/mouse droppings at any time. They said there is a virus (much like the Hanta virus) that lives in dried rat and mouse droppings.
Once dried, these droppings are like dust and can easily be breathed in or ingested if a person does not wear protective gear or fails to wash face and hands thoroughly.
An autopsy was performed on the clerk to verify the doctor's suspicions. This is why it is extremely important to ALWAYS carefully rinse off the tops of canned sodas or foods, and to wipe off pasta packaging, cereal boxes, and so on.
Almost everything you buy in a supermarket was stored in a warehouse at one time or another, and stores themselves often have rodents. Most of us remember to wash vegetables and fruits but never think of boxes and cans. The ugly truth is, even the most modern, upper-class, super store has rats and mice. And their warehouse most assuredly does! Whenever you buy any canned soft drink, please make sure that you wash the top with running water and soap or, if that is not available, drink with a straw.
The investigation of soda cans by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta discovered that the tops of soda cans can be encrusted with dried rat's urine, which is so toxic it can be lethal. Canned drinks and other foodstuffs are stored in warehouses and containers that are usually infested with rodents, and then they get transported to retail outlets without being properly cleaned.