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Sunday, May 20, 2007

AIESEC's conference

2 weeks ago, I attended an AIESEC's conference (Entrepreneurship & Youth - A Learning Network 2007) in UKM, Bangi. It was a 3 days 2 nights conference, which involved approximately 100 students from various Universities/ Colleges. But for Monash representatives, we ponteng-ed the 2nd day =p. So, we attened only the 1st and the last day.

Day 1
For the first day, me together with another 6 Monashians headed to Bangi by Monash's Van! Yea! The black Naza Ria with Monash's LOGO!! Cool ehh! The van was comfortable and spacious!! It's like double the size of my little Kancil.. Lol!!

After registered, we were brought to a lecture hall, which they called it 'Bilik Kuliah'. The hall was big and the seats were better than our LT7!! At least, its not the wooden benches.. =p The commitee members of the conference started to great us, talked to us and so on... The funniest part was, they thought we were from Monash Australia!! Lol!! Do we look like Aussie? Kekeke!!!

After some talks, we were served with lunch!! Guess what?!?! We were served with boxed-lunch... O..kay... I dont mind eating my lunch with the white polysterin box. BUT! The bad part was, we had to eat at the corridoor...!! I was lucky enough to find myself a bench and eat... Some poor guys had to stand beside the watever 'makmal' and eat... Poor thing... And one more... The food was sucks!

After lunch, we continued with some other talks related to entrepreneurship. At 5.30pm, Monash's driver (abang) fetched all of us back to Sunway for some refreshments... Well, I took this opportunity to rush some of my work in the Honours Room...

At 7pm, we headed back to UKM with Prof for Dinner... We had a buffet dinner. Although it was not very tasty, at least it was very much better than our lunch... =p Then, by the time I reach home, it was already 11 something... The best time to sleep... Hehe!!

Our group picture after dinner...
Day 2
As mentioned earlier, we ponteng-ed... Heheh!!

Day 3
We arrive UKM in the morning and we got some free DutchLady milk! Hahaha!! I used to drink a lot of those UHT milk when I was working in DLMI!! I'm such a Milk-Lover... =p When we entered the hall, we were shocked to see the other participants danced in front the stage.. *(^O^)* Then, someone shouted "GO! MONASHES! GO!"... Ermm.. Find it funny? Yea! Since when Monashians became Monashes?!?! In the end, we did stand in front and pretended to dance... Okay... I cant dance. *(>_<)*

After that, we listened to some speakers to share their entrepreneur experiences and stories. There were also some question and answer session where the students can ask them questions relating to entrepreneurship. Besides, there were also GE and Accenture recruitment slots...

After all, its finally our lunch break. And this time, there were totally no bench or chair!! We had to sit at the staircase and had our lunch... Pity us... In the end, we snapped some photos before heading back to uni.

Lol!!! May was looking at some cute guy... =p And this Longkang was blocking Ellie...

Ok... this is our 2nd picture, which looked better... *Cheese!*

Although the food was awful, I had a great experience with the other 6 Monash representatives... We talked a lot in the car and got to know each other better. Ellie, Elise, Hendry, Megah, May and 'Longkang'... Hey!! I'm happy to know u guys!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Time Flies =(

Its already Week 12!!! Oh no... Time flies... Guess what? I still have tonnes of assignments waiting for me to clear up...

BEW4000 --> Almost done =)

BEW4010 --> NOT STARTED YET!!! Still figuring out what is Multiple Regression... *(@_@)*

BEW4030 --> No time for it yet... I need to fill up some 30 pages form for this assignment! Its a super duper lengthy 'assignment'... *faint*

Proposal submission --> the 10-page limit is killing me!!

Presentation/ Thesis Defence --> Errm... Will think bout it after I have done the proposal...

And don't forget! There's still examinations to go!! Unfortunately, my paper falls on the very first day of the exam period. BEW4000 on 7th June and BEW4010 on 14th June... Although I have only 2 papers, I am still worry about it as I am totally not prepared!!

Wish me luck... Or else, I will KO like this... LOL!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spiderman Rocks!!

Hey!! Have u watch Spiderman 3 yet?? If havent, go and catch it before its too late!! Its nice!!... I enjoyed the movie so much... And I actually cried a bit... =p *malu*

See! Spiderman is so cool!!!