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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Blog

A weblog, web log or simply a blog, is defined as a web application which contains periodic time-stamped posts on a common webpage (Wikipedia, 2006). Topics can range from a personal life journal to personal journalism intended to complement, complaint or sometimes even challenge the mainstream media. For example, Citizen Blog, which you can find out lots of complaints from people out there. But for me, I prefer those picture blogs more than the long-winded complaints.

A blog may be published by one person or a group of people, but regularly will reflect a consistent point of view through a series of entries. Besides, topics within a given blog can be wide-ranging and cover different phenomena or can be narrowed down to a niche discussion (Schneider, 2005).

Well, for my blog, it’s more like a personal journal. I blog my own events, personal views and at the same time, keep in touch with my friends. :) We read each other’s blog and find out how are they, what are they up to, and etc..

However, some of them are anti-blog!! For example, Mr. PigHead.. According to him, bloging is a waste of time.. Only those who has nothing better to do will come out with a blog. X( So, are you apro-blog or ranti-blog? Or maybe neutrals



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V** You might ask.. Wahh!! Need to quote journal 1 ar? Hehe!! Im doing an Assignment related to corporate blog actually. So, not I purposely look for a journal 1.. :p


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Jacqueline said...

Who's this fella? Spamming my blog!! Ppl out there, dun ever believe such deal la.. If you can get that so-called 'degree' in 2 weeks, then you dunit to suffer in Monash ler.. All con ppl 1... Haha!!

sue lin said...

Hahahaha, hey! No wonder u so crazy go n reference Blogging!!!

What subject is this, the E-business one ar?? Whats its code? N put up the word verification thing lar

Jacqueline said...

Errm... The blogging thingie was for my Marketing Subject... IM and Marketing Strategy..

My e-commerce assignment I did the SMS ticket topic la.. y u so interested with the subject code? Its GCO 3601... The pre-requisite are MKW1601 and GCO2601.. So I dun think you will take it anyway...