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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Exploration in HELP

Today is my day to explore HELP University College… Of course I can’t explore a new place by myself… =p Terry was my tour guide… Coz he brought me to look around the place… Lolz!

This afternoon I followed him to HELP Uni Coll. When we reached the main campus, he brought me to sit the orange colour “BAS SEKOLAH” (so called HELP’s shutter bus) to another building of HELP. We got down from the bus at the KPD building and he leaded me to the “office”. After I made the necessary inquires, I followed him to another building… So many buildings… *Blur Blur* I waited in the library while Terry was having his Tutorial….

When I entered the library, I found myself a seat. I didn’t see any big tables or discussion rooms; all I saw was the book racks and the single seats for students to study (Maybe I have not looked through the whole library yet). Many of the tables were full with writings!! I saw 1 phrase on the table… It sounds ‘Happiness is not doing what you like, but liking what you do’. I saw this phrase not bad and meaningful!! That’s why I want to share with you! Hahah! *(“,)*

Then I was thinking of getting myself a book to read or flip through while waiting… So, I was looking around for the computer. Coz I thought there must be an electronic catalogue that listed all the books titles. Amazingly, I found some catalogues on a rack. There are at least 7 catalogues and each catalogue is thicker than the Yellow Pages!! Wow! Guess what? I know how to use the catalogue! Since the catalogues listed the books with different categories… “By Authors” or “By Book Title”… and also in alphabetically order. Therefore, I could easily found the book I need.

One hour later, Terry picked me up in front of the library… Then we took the bus back to the main block… By that time, the bus was a bit packed. We had to stand in the bus… But, luckily it only took us like 5 minutes to reach the main block. After that, I said ‘bye bye’ to HELP and went home… Haha!


Sunday, November 13, 2005

*Conan Rockz*

This morning I woke up quite early and fetched my grandma to the market…. After that, I sent my car for car wash…. *Soapy Soapie Washy* Hahah! So long never bath my car already…. Damn dirty! U can even write words on my car!! Lolz! But, right now, my car is very clean and shinny!! *Sparkling* =)

After lunch, I came online to check my mails and chatted with my cousin…. We were discussing whether to drive back home town (Bidor, Perak) or take a bus… In the end of discussion, we were backed to square one… *Sigh* And right now I’m thinking of whether to attend my distant relative’s wedding or not… What to do??

I supposed to read the journals and complete the literature review for Dr. Nelson… But I was too lazy… I keep on dragging my work day after day… Then, I ended up with watching cartoons with my brothers! Guess what? We watched Conan (DVDs) for more than 2 hours!! Although I watched those DVDs before, but “San Yat” (Conan) was tooooooo Leng Chai!! I can’t resist watching him!! Lolz!!

*Conan Rockz*

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Yay! No more exams!!

Finally I finished my last paper on Thursday…. Hooray!!! I celebrated it with an ice-cream…. Yummy Yum Yum…. Haha!! Finally can rest and online! I didn’t online for so long already… Miss it so much… =p

Wow! I didn’t update my blog since last month!! Ermm… Sort of dunno how to blog already… Haha! *(”,)*

Friday I went 1U and watched 'Chicken Little'.... Haha! That "kai chai" was so cute!!! "The sky is falling down! RUN!! RUN!! FASTER RUN!!!" Lolz.... After that I saw so many Monashians ‘hang kai’ and ‘paktor’ over there… At least 25 Monashians including Sabrina’s gang…. Lolz…. Suddenly 1U becomes Monashian’s paradise? Haha!

*1U Rockz*