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Saturday, May 06, 2006

A visit to Compassion Home

Today, I visited Compassion Home in USJ 1 with a few other MBC committee members. We reached there around 3pm. We were so surprised that there was a big crowd having some party. Haha! Its actually Tupperware Company’s staffs gave them a party with food, presents, games and a lot of tupperwares!! I’m not sure how the kids gonna use those tupperwares. Besides, they oversupplied the food!! What a waste.

We waited there until they finished their games and stuff. Then, we started to unload our “presents”, including rice, cooking oil, magi mee, ribena (my favourite!!), tomato sauce, milo and etc. After that, Basil performed with his guitar. We sang 2 songs.. First, Rasa Sayang and second, Sound of music (Doe a deer, a female dear..). Remember our famous childhood song? Lol!

After that, we played the MBC well-known game ~ Blow Wind Blow!! *Blow Blow Blow* And we ended up with cheque giving ceremony.. Lol! Its just a simple ceremony, as in Sheer Leen passed them the big mock cheque of RM500! Lol! This is not a big amount of money, compared to other sponsors like the one we saw in the picture. The big mock cheque written RM 22,000 plus plus!! Anyway, I’m sure our RM500 does help some of them.

Let's support MBC!!



sue lin said...

Eh... how come normal members not invited to go ar? CPA's members went too. But no mock cheque! Haha.

How much u all use to make the mock cheque ar? Not waste of $$ ar? Haha.

Were u guys allowed to eat the oversupplied food?

Jacqueline said...

Err... Coz.. our prez said dunit so many ppl go worr.. U know la.. MBC got more than 100 members.. and the home only has ard 15 kids.. the house cannot fit so many ppl... haha!! And the mock cheque.. Kekeke!! Sher leen hand made it 1 la.. not a valid cheque..

And yeah! They all keep on asking us to makan the food.. The guys ate a bit, and me drank the 'tong-sui' only...