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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Be careful of those unrecognisable mechanics

Today, my petrol level was running low. Therefore, I drove into a petrol kiosk along the highway to refill my petrol tank. There were two mechanics and they offered themselves to check my engine… After they checked my engine, they told me that the “acid” was finished. Then, they asked me to refill the acid or else my car will burn…

Although I was scared, I dared not leave my car to them… I scared them will do something bad to my car… I refused to follow what they said and immediately drove to my own mechanic. After my mechanic checked it, he told me… “Finished his head la” (In Cantonese)… Haha!! He said got damn lot la… That’s actually “Battery Water” lerr… Luckily I didn’t get con by that two men…

So frens… Be careful of those mechanics… Only go to those recognisable workshops…


Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Bangkok Trip

When I was in Bangkok, I saw some funny scenes… For the first night, I went MPK Complex for some window shopping and dinner by Taxi. In Malaysia, Taxis are mostly Proton Wira… But in Bangkok, majority of the Taxis are Toyota! Guess what? It’s colourful Altis!! There are pink, orange, green, purple, blue, red, yellow and etc. Walau… Their Taxi is nicer then my car… So sad…

When I reached the complex, I saw a few security guards or policemen were standing in front of the door… Security guards should look after the complex. But guess what are they doing? READING NEWSPAPER!!! This is the very first time I see the guards holding a newspaper and read while they are on duty! *Salute*

The second day I joined a tour to Bangkok most famous place – The Grand Palace (Wat Phra Kheo). The tour was full with Ang Mohs… My mum and I was the only “non-blonde” in the trip. Anyway, it doesn’t matter coz all of us speak English. =p

When we reached Grand Palace, there were also security guards/ policemen on duty… Guess what? Both of them were enjoying their breakfast!! One of them was squatting on the ground, while the other one was standing. I’m really saluting them… Why not they eat before come for duty??

Grand Palace was a nice place… I took quite a number of pictures there… Here are some of the pictures...

This is one of the temples...

This picture below is their Library... But its not open for public.

This is the palace for dunno which King... The design of the palace is a combination of Thai and European Style. Very nice!!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Delayed Flight

I just came back from Bangkok… *Tired* I was supposed to reach KLIA by 11.30 last night. But my flight was delayed due to some reason (I don’t know what was the reason). Therefore, when I reached KLIA, it's already passed midnight… All the passengers can’t wait to leave the airport… Everybody was rushing out of the plane! Guess what? All the doors were locked and we were stuck at the terminal building. That time, some of them were grumbling and complaining bout the inefficiency… While others were busy switching on their handphones!! (Including myself) Hahah!! I can hear the ring tones everywhere… Looks like majority of them using Nokia phones… =p

After a while, one of the airhostesses unlocked the door and we walked out to claim our luggage. Since it’s already passed midnight, we need to pay extra for the Airport Limo… *Sigh* Stupid flight…

Finally my mum and I reached home… Home Sweet Home… *Happy* BUT! We don’t have the house key!! Shoots… Everyone in the house already slept like pigs… We shouted outside the house… None of them wake up. We called the house phone and their handphones, none of them pick up the call… =( Lastly, I climbed into the house, knocked the door and shouted for my brothers… Phew! Luckily my grandma heard and opened the door for us… Or else, we might need to sleep outside the house… Lol!

Right now, I’m trying to arrange the photos I took in Bangkok. I will post the nicest photo later… =p


Saturday, February 11, 2006

A trip to Bidor – My hometown

This morning I woke up very early and prepared to go back my hometown – Bidor, Perak. Hahaa!! Its time for me to visit my grandpa, uncle and aunty… And its time to collect Angpows too!! *(^_^)*

My parents and I reached Bidor around 12.30 in the afternoon. Then, we had our lunch in “Mewah Restaurant”… Dad ordered us wantan mee… Haha! Their wantan mee is so different from KL’s… Definitely tastier and cheaper!! Yummy yum yum… =p

After we had some talks with our relatives, we went home. On the way back to KL, we passed by Tanjong Malim. Dad said Tangjong Malim’s ‘Kaya pao’ very nice… So we stop by and ate pao… Haha!! This pao business is really big! Guess what? There is already 80 years old history for the business and they even have their own website! Amazing huh? A website for pao… Haha!

Then, we passed by a market… I’m not sure it’s a Pasar Petang or Pasar Malam… Lol! But there are lots of stuffs selling over there. There are plastic-wares, variety of drinks, coffee powder, fresh vegetables, fruits, corns, kuih-muih, mee, clothes, and etc… Wow! It’s a busy market! That’s why me and my mum dropped by there and grabbed some stuffs while dad was waiting inside the car…

After we shopped for some vegetables and fruits, we continued our journey back to KL. When we reach home, mum showed my grandma what she bought… Haha! Since my mum hardly goes to the market… She’s not good in choosing vegetables… That’s why grandma complained when she sees those veges… Lol!! “This one is too old! This one is not fresh… What? Buy so much ginger for what??” Haha!! Looks like my mum failed in buying vegetables… Kekeke!!

Anyway, I’m happy to see my grandpa… *(>_<)*


Monday, February 06, 2006


Officially announce ~ Holiday!! Yoohooo!!! My holiday begins today!! I got tons of stuff need to do during this holiday…. Heheh!

  1. Clean my room... Dirty and messy... Lol!
  2. Pack the old notes and dump them into the store room =p
  3. Return library books
  4. Read the book called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill (Daddy asked me to read 1…)
  5. Meet my friends and teachers
  6. Meet my cousins… Long time didn’t hang out with them…
  7. Watch CNY comedy… Kung Fu sweetheart!!
  8. Last but not least, enjoy my shopping spree!!! Haha! I’m going to Bangkok next week… =p Shop shop shop…

Friends, happy holiday!!