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Monday, October 09, 2006

My b'day pictures =p

As mentioned in my previous post, I will upload the pictures once I get it from the 'camera-man'... Lol!!!

Here's my 21st Birthday Cake... Tiramisu!! Very yummy!! *slurp slurp* But the strawberries were toooo SOUR!!

A picture with A, together with my cake and a cup of hot honey drinks... How come there's a baby chair behind us? Lol...

After blowing the candles... S helped me to cut the cake into pieces... Hehe!! Thanks!! I think she's quite pro in cutting cakes... Got experience!! Hahaa!!

I was enjoying the cake... Yummy!! Do you want some? *(^0^)*

And lastly... Happy family!!

Thanks for all the wishes... including the sms, mms, friendster and msn messages... Thanks for everything :-) I'm officially an adult now... As what K said, I can go into the CASINO already!! So, who wanna be the 1st one to bring me in to the casino? Lol!!!


Sunday, October 08, 2006

So Surprise & Thank You!!

Last week was a tough week for me... 3 assignments due in 1 week! Although all are group assignments (Int Mgt, Int Biz, and Mkt Planning), they were not easy! I went through the hassle of editing the draft... Imagine 3 or 4 members in a group and each of us has different styles of writing!! Therefore, we had to re-format the whole report to ensure the flow of the report is good... (Yala.. I'm very fussy 1 lar... Not a perfectionist, but fussy.. Lol!!)

My last assignment (Marketing Plan) was supposed to hand in by Friday... But, it somehow postponed to Saturday, 2pm... Err.. I dunno why it was postpone. Anyway, once I found out the new due date, I stopped editing the work... Lol!! I walked off from the computer lab! Hehe!! and went out for lunch... (I was very hungry...)

A came to uni and fetched me out for lunch... Guess what? S, SY, YM, & JC actually came along and they wanted to throw me a surprise party!! Wow!! I was really shocked! Oo.. Thanks a lot!! *(^o^)* We drove all the way to Damansara for lunch!! And thanks to KH as well... He came late and end up parked very far from the restaurant... Lol!! He was our DBKL to help us to finish up all the leftover food as well... Hahaha!!!

Thanks for the party, the pressies, the birthday song, the tiramisu cake, and the wishes... I love it!

p/s: Will upload some pictures once I get it. =p