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Friday, March 31, 2006

MBC's Charity Drive

Hey! Monashians... Come n support us!! Buy our yummy ice-cream... RM 1.50 for 1 scoop and RM2 for 2 scoop. Besides, we added a new menu too!! Rootbeer Float! *Yummy*!! Now, u can get rootbeer float from MBC!!! Its selling for RM2 only... Its cheaper than the market price ohh!! So, better act quick!! Its for charity... *Wink*

*While stock last*


Sunday, March 26, 2006


Yesterday, I just found out some breaking news!! Lol!! Ermm… Actually is some ‘pat kua’ stuff la. Its about, my primary school classmate, Terry found his the other half!! Well, this is nothing new actually, because all the while I know he has a girlfriend. But the shocking part is… The girl is actually some one I know!! She’s our primary school classmate!! Sounds amazing… After we graduated from Std 6, we hardly meet each other… After a few years, they actually meet back and started their relationship as a bf and gf. Besides Terry and Shan Yin, our class (6M) produces another pair of couple too! They are Justin and Jiy San… Lol!! Congrats, congrats…

For secondary school… Lol!! 5Sc1 produces 2 pairs of couple too!! Yiqi and Suh Yenn as well as Bao Phin and Lei Ye… All 4 pairs of them also started like quite some time after they graduated. Kekeke!! Thanks to all the night outings and yum cha session horr? Maybe there are other pairs too… But as usual, I’m the very last to know all those stuff… *My antenna didn’t work well* Lol!!


Friday, March 24, 2006

Define ‘beautiful’…

I watched a so called horror movie today… Final Destination 3… This episode is pretty similar as the other two episodes… You can see how those people die… Yucks!! Blood all over the place!! Disgusting!

But there’s 1 part, about 2 sisters died when they were tanning their skin in a tanning machine… The machine looks like a coffin… =/ So, I would like to ask, what is the definition of ‘beautiful’? Why those who have white and fair skin want to tan their skin, while those who are having darker skins tend to buy tonnes of whitening skin care in order to make themselves whiter? Isn’t it weird?

For me, I define a beautiful woman as someone who is kind, polite, helpful and clean. But I’m sure guys have different definition from me… I guess, their definition should be fair skin, big eyes, nice body… lol!! Correct me if I’m wrong… =p


Monday, March 13, 2006


Our country, Malaysia is a country with different cultures, races, religions and so on… Besides that, we are also using a wide variety of languages… Aren’t you notice the dialogue below is a very common thing for many Malaysians?

2 students are having their lunch break…
A: Hey… Going for lunch?
B: Yar.. Lets go..
When they reached the restaurant/ cafeteria…
A: Makan apa?
B: Dunno larr… Anything larr
A: Ermm… Chicken rice?
B: Ok.. You go order ler..
A: Eh! I got no small change lar… U belanja me first, ok?
B: Okie… Tomorrow ur turn to belanja me shark fin…
A: Siao arr? Shark fin so expensive…..

From the conversation above, u can notice that, most of the Malaysians use more than 1 language in their dialogues… Malay, English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka... Some even use a combination of Malay/Chinese and English… For example... “baca-ing” or “Ciao-ing”…

Now you can see… Our conversation is such a “Rojak”… Hahaa! It’s a good thing or a bad thing?


Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'm bored...

Hey frens… Where have u been? There are 16 persons on my MSN list… But they are either away or busy… Are they really busy/ away? Or some people like me… Forever put it as “Away”… In fact, I’m with the computer busy with something else… Hehe!!

Now, I’m feeling so bored… I’m stuck with my Marketing Strategy presentation slides… I dunno whether it’s lucky or unlucky to be the first group to present… To see it positively, I called it “Lucky number 1”… Hopefully everything is alright with my presentation… Good luck…


Monday, March 06, 2006

Hotlink Gift?!?!

Hotlink Gift?!?!

Today, I received a “HotlinkGift” SMS… The SMS was “Select 1 day from 8-14/3/06 to enjoy 50% off sms rates to 012/017 nos. Send Yes to 2222 by 7/3/06 for instructions to activate offer. By invitation only.”

As a truly Malaysian, of coz I signed up for this offer thingie… After I sent “Yes” to 2222, I received this sms from Hotlink “To select your Special Day, dial *128*ddmm#....”. As a result, I dialled *128*1203#. Guess what? I got this stupid message… “There are currently no promotions for this rate plan.”

I feel so bad… Hotlink is making their customers feel disappointed… What are they trying to do? Tried to con our SMS fee in sending the “Yes” reply? In my opinion, they are sort of using some fake marketing strategy to attract more customers…

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Streamyx Sucks!

My Streamyx connection was down for the past 1 week… 2 days after the connection was down, I called up the call centre 1300-88-9515… They put me on hold… I kept listening to the Streamyx music… Very irritating and annoying… After 5 minutes, still no people pick up my call… I gave up and ended the call… =(

Next day, I tried again. Luckily there’s someone picked up the call… She told me to check the telephone line, cable, modem… Do this and that… But, the connection was still down. Finally, she decided to send me a technician…

Two days after the report was made, the technician came to my house and ‘repaired’ the problem. According to him, my router was spoilt. So, he asked me to bring it back to the hardware shop for repair or replace it with a new router. As a result, I brought it back to Low Yat. However, that technician told me this router got no problem!! 100% ok… *Blur*

Right now, I can online with the same router… So, my conclusion is, the Streamyx technician is not professional enough and they simply blame on other things… And they never admit the fact that their connection has problem…

In short, Streamyx sucks!!