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Monday, December 24, 2007

My great Assignment groupmates

When I was an undergraduate, we always have tonnes of assignments and we must complete them within a LIMITED time frame. Sometimes, there's even more than 1 assignment due on the SAME DATE!!! Whooo... Thats tough!

However, I am always lucky enough to get great groupmates... Especially Kelly and Munny!!! Both of you are great... We cooperated well in more than 1 assignments!!! *(^_^)*

She was my groupmate since second year!! We did at least 5 assignments together within 2 years!.. Like, IMC, Mkt Strategy, Mkt Planning, Int. Mkt and Int. Mgt. assignments!!! Errm.. Did I left out anything else? Anyway, I'm happy to have u as my groupmate!!! I enjoyed doing presentations with u!! She's my BEST groupmate ever!!!

And this is Munny... I knew her in my 3rd year and did 3 assignments with her too!! Mkt Strategy, Mkt. Planning and Int. Biz. She's fun, sweet and talk a lot... a.k.a. talkative... LOL!! And she's one of the most daring gal among my circle of friends. So, any of you interested with her? Hehehe!!! And yea... she's single at the moment... *wink*

Saturday, December 15, 2007

3 Star*** Hotel's Menu in China

I discovered another funny English used in a 3 stars hotel in China (My dad sent it to me). Check out the menu below! Hahaa!! You might laugh loudly after seeing it. Make sure that there is nobody around you when you read this. LOLLLL!!! =p
Ok... You may be wondering why 'Sand' is eatible in China... It was supposed to be 'SALAD'!!! OMG!!! 'Swallow to take fish sand'?!?! What the heck! Thats 'Tuna Fish Salad'!! As what I mentioned in my previous post, they actually translated the menu word-by-word. Thats why they got all these funny 'food'...
'Pick type'?? LOL!! Thats STEAK la!!And there's a funny 'pick type' called 'The pig picks the elder brother a cloth'... Hahahahaha!!! Its a type of pork chop!! Funny name ya? So, next time when you eat in China, try to order 'pig pick'!! LOL!!
'Three texts cure'? and 'Many privates'?? Sound like some medicine... LOL!! For those who cant read mandarin, its 'Sandwich' and 'Toasts'... Check out French Toast!! They called it 'France many privates'!!! OMG!! They are driving the customers crazy!! And my favourite Singaporean Meehon became 'The star state fried rice'!!! Grrrr.... Thats meehon!! Not rice!!! =(

...... Even the F word appeared in the menu.... *fainted* They really need help....

Here, there's 'joss-stick fries fish chips'!!! Errm.. I didn't know joss-sticks are eatible!! I thought thats meant for the ghost? LOL!!! For the sake of eating the right food in China, you must learn how to read mandarin. Thats for your own good. Or else, you will get all sorts of funny stuff...

See!! They are selling 'Mandarin duck'!! Yumm!! But how come this is located in the same category as mineral water and fresh milk? Funny ya? Well, they didnt mis-categorised this item. In fact, this mandarin duck is refering to our 'Yin Yong'... which is 'coffee mixed with tea'... Hahaha....

Ermm... I have no idea about this part... Brazil, Italy... Might be some sort of drinks? Or cocktail? Or maybe Brazilian and Italian have to pay extra fees?
Bottom line... This menu is damn confusing and misleading!! But, there's a few solutions if you are a 'banana' in China...
1) Learn how to read Mandarin!!
2) Bring someone who can understand Mandarin with you
3) Go to the restaurants with pictures, eg. McD, KFC... all the fastfood la...
4) Go to the Japanese restaurant. Just grab whichever sushi you like. =p
5) Cook your own instant noodles... But dont take it too often.
6) Fast la... Dunit to eat... LOL!!!
OK.. You may now roll on the floor... Hahahhaah!!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shake the Mansion???

I went to China with my mum last week. That was a business trip. So, we met up with a number of clothing suppliers. Some of them handed us their name cards... Almost 100% of the cards were written in Mandarin. We collected all of them, but I actually don't read them... =p

However, among all the cards, one of them caught my attention!! I found some funny stuffs written in that card. It was super funny!! Check out their ADDRESS IN ENGLISH!!!

Basically, they did a direct translation for this. Probably they checked a Chinese-English dictionary and translated the address word by word. See, they translated "China" as "Chinese". And the funniest part was "Shake the Mansion"!!! LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Facebook Craze

Recently, there's a Facebook craze among the youngsters... Even those in their 30s, 40s and 50s adopted this Facebook thingie!!! You can check out your friends' information and send them messages here... also send them pressies, hug them, kick them, and etc... *(^_^)*

If you wanna check out more about Facebook, you can go to YouTube and search for "Facebook". Then, You will be able to find hundreds of songs or videos related to Facebook...

And among all those videos, I like Andrew's most... Check it out! He is cute!