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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Royale Escapade

Last Friday was our Annual Monash Ball... It was held at the Palace of the Golden Horses... The ball was supposed to start at 7.30pm, but we actually reached there around 6.30pm... Haha!! Says who Malaysian always late for dinner?!?!?! We had proved it wrong!!! Hahaha!! Since we were early, we snapped a few pics outside the hotel... See! There were horses behind us!

After 7pm, the place was becoming more and more crowded... We saw more and more familiar faces and started to snap pictures......

1 group of girls here... Who's the prettiest? Lol!!! *(^_^)*

After that, we had an extra male in the pic... Lol!! I call this pic as 7+1! =p

We are Yin Mei, Shu Yin and Mei Yin... A.K.A... THE YINs!! Hahah!!

Becky and I... She's so beautiful!!!

My forever Assignment groupmates,,, Linda and Munny... Too bad... Kelly was absent... Or else we could have a "4 ji mui" pic... Lol!!

And lastly... Our picture... A bit blur... But I like it.. *wink wink*



sue lin said...

Read earlier but didn't comment cuz Blogspot jammed.

I love the outdoor pic! Sooo nice! i shud have taken outdoor pix too. U two look great together! =) In the last pi too! =)

Jacqueline said...

Haha!! Thanks a lot.. Yeah! The outdoor view very nice... But I heard another side even nicer lo... Din get to snap there... Wasted.