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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happie CNY!!

Hey! Frens... Happie CNY!! Gong Xi Gong Xi... Gong Xi Fa Cai... Lol!! Anyone is qualified to giv angpows? Hehehe!! *(>_<)*

Today, I'm supposed to help my mum in her boutique... But due to certain circumstances, I need not to work… Hehehe! That’s why I’m staying at home and accompany my grandma. I can watch TV, study for exam, makan and rest… =p

But guess what?? My grandma forgotten to off the gas after cooking!! She leaved the stove on in the kitchen and went outside for the praying stuff… Luckily, I was so happen to enter the kitchen to throw away my left over roti canai… Then I smelt the weird smell and quickly off the stove before it explode!!! Ohh… By the time I off the stove, the pot was already like this…

Scary right?? So, please be careful and take care of ur kitchen...

Monday, January 23, 2006

10 things to do before CNY

  1. Clean up the house... Kitchen, Living Room, Bed Rooms... Everywhere...
  2. Change all the curtains... From blue to orange.. =p
  3. Deco the house... With cute cute CNY decos... But my house dun have any deco yet... So plain...
  4. Buy new clothes, pants, shoes and etc... Pink and Red... Say no no to BLACK. Old ppl dun like it... Heheh!
  5. Buy CNY food... Kuih Kapit, Kuih Bangkit, prawn crackers... Yummy Yum Yum =D And make sure dun finish up all the kuihs before CNY... Haha!
  6. Buy drinks... Coca-cola, Sprite, Soya Beans... and Jolly Shandy! My favourite!!
  7. Send CNY Cards... Ermm... I think nowadays ppl send E-cards instead... Cheaper, faster, more reliable and save the trees!! Haha!
  8. Send CNY SMSes... "Happy Chinese New Year!!", "Gong Xi Fatt Cai"...
  9. Help parents to wrap Angpow... Hehehe!! Make sure u put in the correct amount of money ya? =p
  10. and of course, unwrap all the hampers... Thats the 'Bestest' part... But make sure those food are not expired before consume..

*Cheers* Happy CNY!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

*Saturday Morning*

Today is a beautiful Saturday… Usually I will be stuck in my bed until 11am and wake up for breakfast com lunch. But today, I forced to wake up early in the morning for a replacement lecture! There gone my beautiful Saturday morning. Sob sob…

6.45am… Ring ring ring ring… My handphone alarm and my normal alarm clock did not manage to wake me up… 7am, a miss call from someone… That also did not manage to get me out of the bed… Finally, I woke up at 7.15am… Haha!! Yeah! I’m a lazy piggy… “Lan Fan Chu”… I always take forever to get up from my bed sweet bed… Lol!

After bath and did last minute printing of the lecture slides, I rushed out around 8am… The traffic on Jalan Cheras was a bit heavy… But, I still managed to reach HELP by 8.35am. When I reached there, I didn’t see any bus travelling the students! In fact, there’s not suppose to have classes on Saturday! Shoots! How am I going to get to the KPD Block??

Darn… After I asked the “parking-tix man”, he confirmed that there’s no bus services on Saturday… =( Then, I had to drive to the other building… I thought I was very lucky, coz I managed to get a free parking! Hehe! But it’s quite far away from KPD building. Nvm.. I treated it as ‘morning jog’. Lol!

I waited outside the classroom for more then half an hour… Later, we found out that we were at he wrong building! The replacement class supposed to be in the main block! Ouchhh!!! We actually need to go back to the main block!! Sigh… I was there lehh….

After that, we had no choice and forced to get back to the main block. Since the other 4 early birds (classmates) got no transport to get back, I offered them a ride. =) Hehe! Suddenly I became an angel… Haha! But my ‘small little Kancil’ was quite cramp to fit 5 persons…

When we reached the main block, Sree leaded us to the lecture hall. Wow!! It was so far! I din know this HELP main block was actually so long and big!! But the lecture hall was very much smaller than Monash’s…

As usual, this lecturer will be late for at least 20 minutes. That’s why other students also came pretty late… Today’s attendance was great! Because everybody came for the tips! Haha! HRM Exam TIPS!! He was smart enough to tell us bout the tips during the last 30 mins before the class ends coz he wanted to prevent students from ciao-ing early after getting his tips. Hehe!!

Finally, we went home at 1.30pm… I even gave Elbrine a lift to Tmn Midah… We had a good talk in the car! Haha! Elbrine, nice to be ur friend. =)


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dangerous Motorists

This afternoon I drove to college to attend a tutorial class. Along the road, I saw a Malay Lady riding her motorcycle with one hand while the other hand was carrying a small baby. If not mistaken, the baby was less than 1 year old. Besides, she didn’t wear any helmet! Does she know that it’s very dangerous to ride a motorcycle like that?

On the way I drove home after my tute, there’s another car wanted to create accident… I was so pissed off! This old-looking white car with the plat number BCK 6338 was beside my car. Then, he suddenly cut in front of me without any signal and I had to use emergency break! Stupid fella doesn’t how to drive properly… I jammed my honk for a few seconds and flashed him a few times… I was really angry with him! I hate this type of motorist!!

Malaysian drivers, can u please drive safely?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Finishing my Assignment...


Me finishing my HRM Assignment already!! Yay!! Later I will do some final touch up and also the Executive Summary… After that, I can shout “HOOOOOooooRAaaayYY!!!”. Hahaha!!

Wait… Exam is coming soon… No CNY celebration for me… =( Coz my exam falls on the 1st day of the Exam week… which is 6th Feb '06. Summore 8am in the morning!!! Gosh! How an I going to wake up? Summore need to travel to HELP with that crazy heavy traffic road ~ Jalan Loke Yew… Besides, I need to reach there very early because it takes time for me to travel from the main block to the Exam block by their so called ‘school bus’… *Sigh* So mafan… That’s why I planned to leave my house by 6.15 am to attend the exam… Sob sob… 8 am!!! The brain also hasn’t wake up yet… How to answer exam questions ooo?

But, there’s another bright side… The exam will be ending by 11.10 am… After that, I can go and enjoy my holiday!! Yooohooo! I know Mid Valley, 1U, Sunway Pyramid, KLCC are waiting for me! Hehhe! Besides, I also wanna see Hock Yee and CK!! Hey, frens, dun ciao to Melbourne yet… Wait for me!! Hahah! I got a lot of places to visit after exam… And I planned to visit my primary and secondary school too! Anyone wanna join me? =)


Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm stuck =(

I am very tired with my assignment… I get stuck in my HRM Assignment… This is a very boring and tough assignment… Lots of sources and info are needed and it's not as interesting as marketing… *Sigh* Help help… I need help… My table is now full with books, files, papers and other stationeries… Very messy… *faint*

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A note for Monash people…

For all the Monash Students who drive to uni please take note… Now, Monash already changed their parking system. Last time, we need to hunt for coins to slots into the machine… And that machine always breaks down from time to time… Beside, if you are so unlucky to have a fella in front of you slotting in 20 10 cents coins 1 by 1 into the machine, you will need to queue damn long!!

Now, all these problems had been solved! They had changed it to Auto-pay system, like the 1 in Elephant Walk… You are required to press for a ticket when you enter. Then, kindly pay the ticket at the auto-pay machine before you exit… That’s all…. No more hassle of hunting for 50 cents coins!!! Haha! But please don’t lose the ticket!!!

Besides, the Library book renewal system had changed too! Last time we can renew our books online for unlimited times right? Now, you only can renew it online for a maximum of 2 times... So sad... =( So, remember to return the books!!! Haha!

Cheers ^^