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Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas! *(>-<)*

Jingle Bell... Jingle Bell... Jingle Bell Rox...

Heheh!! Merry Christmas!! Ermm.. Actually I'm 1 day late... But still can celebrate right? Since today is the replacement holiday... Kekeke! =p

Yesterday I opened my Christmas pressie early in the morning... At 7 something!!! Haha! That was a wonderful present! I love it so much... After 'play' with it, I fall back to sleep... Hehehee! Yes! My hobby is sleep!! ZZzzzzz....

I didn't go out for celebration last night... In fact, I was doing my HRM assignment at home... See... I was So SO so sO hardworking... Lolz! Ermm... actually I spent most of my time surfing the net and watching TV... Ooopsss...

At night, my cousin and family visited me... Wait... She actually came to use my toilet! Lolz! Btw, she brought someone special along and that's really a big surprise... Lolz... =p Vivian... If u read this... Make sure u keep me updated always... Hehehe! *(^_^)*



Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy ‘Tong Yuen’ Day!!

Today is a very BIG day for Chinese… I call it as ‘Tong Yuen’ day… Lolz! Coz this is the only day of the year I can eat ‘Tong Yuen’… Hehe! *Yummy Yum Yum* Some family will buy the ready-made ‘Tong Yuen’ from the market. For me, I make them by myself!! Anyone wanna try my ‘Tong Yuen’? I have made some extra…

Ermm… But my ‘tong yuens’ do not have standardised shape… Lolz! Although all are round, some are very humungous while others are too tiny… Some got brown sugar inside and some don’t have… Kekeke! But I think still edible la… *wink*

Happy ‘Tong Yuen’ day to you!! *(,”)*(“,)*


Saturday, December 10, 2005

*Old Master Q Comics*

Elaine forwarded this comic to me few days ago... I found it quite interesting... Haha! Coz I used to read Master Q very often when I was small.... =p So, I would like to share with u guys... Happy reading the comics... Hope u like it!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Experiences in HELP

My summer semester had started for 2 weeks. For the first week of lecture, I was very boring, lonely and COLD!! *Nearly become an ice-cream!! Yummy Yum Yum* I got no friend because people there don’t look friendly to me. Moreover, most of the students there speak Mandarin… I felt very weird in that class…

The second lecture was better because I got new friends… Hehe! Finally got people wanna talk to me… So happy… Lol!! Besides, I also found their toilet! Lolz! Their toilets are clean and dry! So, I think HELP’s toilet is better than Monash’s. Hehe!! *(>_<)*

Today, I went for my very first tutorial class in HELP. I got to know another new friend today… She’s friendly and I had a nice talk with her. I even did the tutorial group discussion with her! Not bad… *(^o^)*

After the class, I went to the library to collect my Library ID… They promised that my ID will be ready by today. However, they left out my name in the list… That’s why my ID card is not ready yet…. Sob sob… Need to wait for another few days… Anyway, this library officer is much better than the previous officer I met. He is more helpful and even helped me to reserve a book!! Haha!

I went home after got my stuff done. For my previous 3 trips to HELP, I was lost on my way home… *Malu* But this time, I’m getting smarter!! Lolz!! After asking for directions for dozens of times… Finally, I got the correct way! I can reach home in 30 mins time!! Compared to Monday, I took One and a half hour to get home… Haha! =p

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Exploration in HELP

Today is my day to explore HELP University College… Of course I can’t explore a new place by myself… =p Terry was my tour guide… Coz he brought me to look around the place… Lolz!

This afternoon I followed him to HELP Uni Coll. When we reached the main campus, he brought me to sit the orange colour “BAS SEKOLAH” (so called HELP’s shutter bus) to another building of HELP. We got down from the bus at the KPD building and he leaded me to the “office”. After I made the necessary inquires, I followed him to another building… So many buildings… *Blur Blur* I waited in the library while Terry was having his Tutorial….

When I entered the library, I found myself a seat. I didn’t see any big tables or discussion rooms; all I saw was the book racks and the single seats for students to study (Maybe I have not looked through the whole library yet). Many of the tables were full with writings!! I saw 1 phrase on the table… It sounds ‘Happiness is not doing what you like, but liking what you do’. I saw this phrase not bad and meaningful!! That’s why I want to share with you! Hahah! *(“,)*

Then I was thinking of getting myself a book to read or flip through while waiting… So, I was looking around for the computer. Coz I thought there must be an electronic catalogue that listed all the books titles. Amazingly, I found some catalogues on a rack. There are at least 7 catalogues and each catalogue is thicker than the Yellow Pages!! Wow! Guess what? I know how to use the catalogue! Since the catalogues listed the books with different categories… “By Authors” or “By Book Title”… and also in alphabetically order. Therefore, I could easily found the book I need.

One hour later, Terry picked me up in front of the library… Then we took the bus back to the main block… By that time, the bus was a bit packed. We had to stand in the bus… But, luckily it only took us like 5 minutes to reach the main block. After that, I said ‘bye bye’ to HELP and went home… Haha!


Sunday, November 13, 2005

*Conan Rockz*

This morning I woke up quite early and fetched my grandma to the market…. After that, I sent my car for car wash…. *Soapy Soapie Washy* Hahah! So long never bath my car already…. Damn dirty! U can even write words on my car!! Lolz! But, right now, my car is very clean and shinny!! *Sparkling* =)

After lunch, I came online to check my mails and chatted with my cousin…. We were discussing whether to drive back home town (Bidor, Perak) or take a bus… In the end of discussion, we were backed to square one… *Sigh* And right now I’m thinking of whether to attend my distant relative’s wedding or not… What to do??

I supposed to read the journals and complete the literature review for Dr. Nelson… But I was too lazy… I keep on dragging my work day after day… Then, I ended up with watching cartoons with my brothers! Guess what? We watched Conan (DVDs) for more than 2 hours!! Although I watched those DVDs before, but “San Yat” (Conan) was tooooooo Leng Chai!! I can’t resist watching him!! Lolz!!

*Conan Rockz*

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Yay! No more exams!!

Finally I finished my last paper on Thursday…. Hooray!!! I celebrated it with an ice-cream…. Yummy Yum Yum…. Haha!! Finally can rest and online! I didn’t online for so long already… Miss it so much… =p

Wow! I didn’t update my blog since last month!! Ermm… Sort of dunno how to blog already… Haha! *(”,)*

Friday I went 1U and watched 'Chicken Little'.... Haha! That "kai chai" was so cute!!! "The sky is falling down! RUN!! RUN!! FASTER RUN!!!" Lolz.... After that I saw so many Monashians ‘hang kai’ and ‘paktor’ over there… At least 25 Monashians including Sabrina’s gang…. Lolz…. Suddenly 1U becomes Monashian’s paradise? Haha!

*1U Rockz*

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Last night, there was a BBQ party held by the pool side of Bunga Raya Condominium, Saujana… The party supposed to start at 6.30pm. Of coz I’m the punctual ppl.. Lol! Aaron and I reached there at 6.30pm! But we only saw a few MBC members over there preparing for food and stuffs… The rest came quite late… Some ppl like Gary… Yes, U! Gary… Came so late… R u a VIP?? Lolz! Joking..

Ermm… They prepared quite a lot of food also… There were chicken wings, sotongs, sausages, lamb, potatoes, salads, corns, watermelon and etc… I ate quite a lot of sausages… Heheh! The easiest food to eat! Coz don’t need to use fingers to hold the food… Lolz! Yeah… U can say I’m lazy… =p Me memang lazy 1.

Besides busy eating, we took some pictures too! *Snap Snap Snap* Too much flash already… Made me a bit pening… Lolx! *Dizzy Dizzy* Haha! Anyway, it was fun to snap pictures! *Chak Chak Chak*

9 something already, the games were about to start. But, it was too late already… All the Cinderellas (including me!) need to go home in time… Lolz! So, I had to say bye bye to them and ciao… The traffic was a bit heavy last night… So, I reach home around 10 something…

Argghh!! Didn’t know my Mum bought me taufufa already… So, I was forced to eat a bit la… Must give face also… Lolz! Luckily didn’t eat until bloated in the party… Or else I can’t take my mummy’s food… =p


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Special Date ~ 28 Sept

Today is 28th of September, which is a very nice and special date… Why? Because today is a lot of ppl’s BIG DAY!! Lolz!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Yin Mei, Philip, Kat and “Uncle”…
Happy Birthday to you…

Haha! Why so coincident that more than 2 persons who I know got the same birthday? Hehe!
*(,")*(",)* Good Luck frens!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Happie Saturday!

Yesterday was a Saturday… Suppose to be my first day of holiday. But… Sob Sob… Holiday also need to go back Uni for Marketing Research’s tutorial class… Initially I thought the class will take us about 2 hours… Didn’t know his speed was so slow… =/ The class started at 10am and end around 2 something… 4 hours!!! Was so HUNGRY~~~ *My stomach was calling for food already…*

When class finished, straight away went for lunch… Hehehe! Pizza Hut.. Yummy Yum Yum… Opps… Too bad I didn’t take a picture of the pizza. Or else I can show it to Jason Ng… Lolz! Wanna compete and see whose blog got more food. Lolz!

Last night was the Grand Finale of Malaysian Idol 2!! I was so gan cheong when they were going to announce the result… When I heard the winner was DANIEL, I was so happy!!! *YAY!!* Hahaha! My votes were worth it! Heheh~!

During the press conference, Daniel said he might have a Mandarin Album soon… Hahah! I’m looking forward for his new album… Daniel! Daniel! Go go go! Happy to see u win... Ur our IDOL! Hehehe! *(^-^)* We are so proud of u... Lolz..

Thursday, September 22, 2005

IMC Assignment drives me crazy!

22 September, 12.30pm.. IMC Assignment DEADLINE!!

Yesterday I was rushing for this Assignment until 3 something in the morning… *Yawn* I was so tired and decided to sleep and continue with my other group members the next morning.

6 am… Alarm rang.. I woke up… then fall back to sleep.. So tired!! 7am… My morning call came already… *Open Eyes* OHH! Late already! I have a 8am class! So, I rushed to the bath room, got myself ready and drove to Uni. Ermm… Today’s traffic was a bit unusual. Because there were very few car on the Highway!! Ppl save petrol that’s why they decided to car pool? Lol!

This morning, I was half dead in the lecture. I didn’t pay attention to what’s Ghazala saying… because I HAVENT finish my IMC Assignment!! *Sigh* Besides, I forget to print today’s lecture notes also… Grrr.. I hate that… I cant see the screen clearly.. It’s too far away from me. Think its time for me to get a pair of new specs.

After the lecture, I rushed to the Lab with my group mates… We did some final editing and printed out the whole assignment… Hehe! We were so happy! We finished it at 10.30 am!! Yay Yay!! Before handing in the assignment, of coz we need to indicate the word count of the assignment! *Deleting all the headings and tables in the assignments, then count the number of words using MS Word…* OHNO!!! We exceeded the word limit!! The word limit was 4500 but we had 5200!!!

At first, we thought that’s not a big deal. So, we sort of dun care bout it until one of my group mates went to see Ghazala… Sob Sob… She said she only allowed a maximum of 4750 words. Anything more than that, she won’t mark… =( As a result, we started to re-read the whole assignment and cut down all the unnecessary words… MAD… But luckily she allowed us to extent the deadline until 4pm.

That’s why I was forced to skip my MRM tutorial and lunch as well… =( So, today I only eaten 1 meal, which is my dinner. Lolz! Sleepy.. It’s time to sleep already… Good night!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

HaPPi3 MiD AuTuMn F3stiVaL

Today is Tanglung Festival!!! Early this morning, I received an SMS from Yuki… She wished me Happy Mid Autumn Festival. Thank you… But.. U know what? I was having a sweet and nice dream lerr… Why you come and disturb my sweet dream?? Lolz… Joking…

Anyone celebrate this festival with Tanglung and candles? I miss those days… I want to play Tanglung and candles too! But too old to play already.. Lolz.. Young in heart?? Kekeke!

Anyway, wish u guys Happy Tanglung Festival! Eat more moon cakes!! Nowadays, we are very lucky… We can try all sorts of new flavour! Chocolate, coffee, green tea and etc etc… But dun turn out to be a feichai or feimui next week! Lolx!


Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Stressful Day~

Week 10 is coming soon already... Exams are around the corner... Assignments also havent finish yet... 1 word STRESS!!! I only have 5 more days before handing in my IMC assignment... Right now... not even 1 word was written!! *Sigh* I dun have the mood of typing out the assignment. So, I decided not to do it... =( Anyone can tell me some ways "unstress" myself?? Really stress right now...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My experience of surveying people

I’m doing a survey about people’s attitudes toward Internet Banking (For my Marketing Research Methods). Therefore, Sarah and I went to the banks located in Taipan to do this survey. Firstly, we enter RHB Bank. We went into the bank but dare not ask for permission to conduct our survey. After a while only we dare to get the permission and started our survey…

We stood there for quiet a while to see which person to survey.. Lol! The 1st person I surveyed was an Indian… A friendly guy… Hehe! So nice! He purposely stayed back to finish my questionnaire after he finished his banking stuff… Then, I tried to get the 2nd person. Sigh… The answer I got was “No time”, “Dunno English” and so on… Lastly, I got 1 guy who is willing to fill up for me… At first, I was quite happy… But, the bad thing was, he simply do the survey 1!!! Wasted my questionnaire only larr!! So bad 1! He ticked all “Agree”… Sigh… Tick the answer without seeing the question! Bad Guy!

Since this bank got very few customers, we decided to change to another bank.. We tried Standard Chartered Bank… But the officer only allowed us to do the survey outside the bank… WHAT!? Outside the bank? Where got customer stand outside the bank 1? Stupid…

Then, we tried Public Bank… 1st we saw the counter officer to get permission. She asked us to check with the Customer Service Counter… Ok… But that fella asked us to ask the Manager upstairs… So we followed what she said and go upstairs. We saw an officer there and he told us that their manager was not in. Then, he asked us to get permission from the Customer Service Counter. “Customer Service AGAIN??” -___-” Susah… Lastly, we came to this “Miss something” forget her name already… She told us to apply for the permission from the HEAD OFFICE! *Sigh Sigh Sigh* To get 1 small permission also need to go through so many people and finally back to square one… So Susah… Troublesome!

Besides, we also went to May Bank, Am Bank and Pan Pacific Bank… All banks also unsuccessful… Grr… End of the day, we gave up and went home with 2 completed questionnaires, 1 rubbish questionnaire and 47 empty questionnaires… =(

I think we give up surveying the bank users already… Now we are trying to give out the questionnaires around uni… Lol! Is there anyone who is willing to fill up my questionnaire? Drop me a message then I will send u the questionnaire through Email… :)

Thanks yah!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bye Bye 1 Ringgit Coins

We need to say Good Bye to our 1 Ringgit coins in 3 months time… It’s only a legal tender until this 7 of December… After that, we need to stick back to our 1 Ringgit notes. I’m sure will miss the coin… Lolz! *(>_<)*

After this news was announced, all Malaysians wanna get rid off their 1 Ringgit coins as soon as possible.. Haha! Including me… Lolz… I used it to pay for parking and buy food. Right now, I only got one shinny 1 Ringgit coin left. See the picture… Shinny anot? I wanna keep it as “antique”. Lolz!! Maybe it worth much more than RM1 in the future! Kekeke… Investment?

The other day, my mum used her 1 Ringgit coins to pay for parking also. She gave the cashier four 1 Ringgit coins… Lolz… Guess what? That fella told her that they already collected more than 1000 1 Ringgit coins in 1 day! Wow!! Crazy!!

3 more months too see the coins moving around…

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Vei's Birthday Celebration

This morning I fetch my grandma and bro to the market… As usual, I do not like to step into the market and I just stayed inside the car and wait… After they finished bought the necessary stuffs, we went home. But there were 2 stupid cars (with drivers inside) blocked my way… Therefore, I can’t reverse my car out from the parting lot… I press the honk for several times, but that 2 cars still refused to drive away. Stupid dump dump… So selfish! Made me bengang only!

After that, I came home and “pan leng” (dress up) nicely… :p Coz need to attend Vei Ee’s birthday party at Legend Hotel! Hehee! Today, I wore PINK! Coz I wanna be a PINK LADY! Lolz! U can see how PINK was I in the pics… Lolz! Some asked whether pink is my favourite colour. Actually, I love blue and white too! Anyway, Pink is a sweet colour… So Sweeettt…

The party suppose to start at 1pm… But San Peng’s time always… *sigh* Those people really like very grand like that! Guess what? They reach there at 2pm! 1 hour late!!! Yeah! I’m referring to u guys who were late! Need to list ur name out? Too much la… Cannot be punctual 1 meh?

Then, everybody seems hungry already… Food time! Lolz… I stuck myself at the chair and waited for food only.. Haha! Here, I wanna thanks Chee Tat! Haha! Brought me so much food… Hehe! Yiqi and Yenn too! U 2 looked like waiter and waitress only… Keep bringing food to us… Haha! Of all the dishes, I like the Ice-cream most! Yummy Yum Yum!! Opps… *It’s actually Chee Tat’s ice-cream* I stole it from him… :p Dun mind yah?

After eating then photo session! But my camera ran out of battery again… Stupid… Every time need the camera also 4get to charge battery 1… So, I only managed to take 29 photos… Sorry… *Chak Chak Chak*… We took a lot of pics… Its fun!! *wink*

Besides, Vei received a lot of pressies… Hope u like the necklace we bought for u… Must wear it all the time yah? Lolz! Happy 21st Birthday, Vei! Happy Happy Birthday!!!

~Stay Cool~

Friday, September 02, 2005

All sorts of weird people...

On Merdeka Day, there is always high traffic in all major shopping centres... So, I helped my mum in her boutique for a few hours. I found that those customers/ people around there were pretty weird... Haha!

Firstly, there was a guy came into the boutique and tried to hide inside the rack which hangs with clothes... Guess what? He was actually wanted to answer a call... He purposely hides there because outside was too noisy... *(-__-")*

After that, there's a few Middle East customers came in and they were interested with a jacket displayed on the mannequin... And asked for the price... Then, I told them "Fifty-nine Ninety". Guess what?? She tried to get discount from me! She asked for "One Five"!! What?? FIFTEEN Ringgit?!?! Crazy... More then 50%! Too much!! End up, she walked away...

Lastly, there's a lady with weird clothing came in... She asked damn lots of weird questions… Then, she tried 5 pieces of tops… Took very very long time to try.. Came out that time, she returned only 4 pieces… Where’s the 5th 1? She thought we dunno how many pieces she tried. When we asked her that time, she was so PANIC! She quickly took another 2 pieces into the fitting room and said wanna try again… Haha! This time, she came out with 3 pieces! Lolz! The piece which she wanted to steal was actually hided inside her bag! Guess what? One of our promoter peep her from outside. She’s a thief! Recognise her face already. Cannot let her enter our shop next time… *Her mission of stealing clothes had failed* Lolz…

So, my frens… Beware of those weird people… They might do something that can harm you… Lolz! Becareful!! Byez... *wave*

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happie Merdeka!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Tanggal Tiga Puluh Satu… Bulan Lapan... Lima Puluh Tujuh…. Lalalala! Hahaha! Let’s celebrate OUR Lovely Country’s Birthday! Hehehe! *wink*

Anyone went to countdown last night? Saw any fireworks? I din see any… Wasted… Coz 11 something I slept already. Supposed to nap for a while, but was too tired then slept until the next morning. *Sigh*

This morning I woke up at 7am… OHNOO!!! LATE ALREADY!!! Today is Wednesday! I got 8am lecture! *Shoots* I straight away jumped out from the bed and rushed into the bathroom… Wait… Today is holiday lar… Lol! See how blur am I… Hehehe!

Anyway, I didn’t continue sleeping and start to do my assignment instead. *Sigh* This Marketing Research Assignment very hard to do lerr… Need to rad a lot of journals.. Read until my eyes also become like this already… *(@_@)* Need to get new spec already.. Lol!

Since today is the country’s Birthday, of coz there are a lot of shows on TV ler… Saw those school students danced and did the formation of logo and Jalur Gemilang… Remind me of Form 4… =p Last time I also involved in those formations… Once hear the music, need to run to the respective place… Then pusing sini, pusing sana.. Lol! Very fun! But the food given was awful…

Happie Birthday Malaysia!!! Marilah kita kibarkan Jalur Gemilang...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

**Happie Birthday to Aaron**

Today is Aaron's Birthday! Happy Birthday to U, Aaron... =) But too bad... Birthday also need to attend replacement lecture... Haha! Me even worse, coz I need to attend replacement classes until 4pm... Sigh...

After class, I went to Pyramid to buy some stuff... I went into this Music Shop... *Sigh* The sales promoter over there was so rude!! Very very rude to their customers! So bad! Dunno how to describe them! So, people! Never got to this Music shop called "Kedai Music FANTASY" which located at LL2 of Pyramid. Lets boikot this shop!

Then, I went up to LL1 to check out the CDs in Speedy... Heheh! They played "Lao shu ai da mi"... Wat a cute song... =p Anyway, I din buy any CD from there also... Lolz... See for fun only. *(",)* Haha!

Lastly, need to wish Aaron Happie Birthday!!! Happie Happie Birthday!!! Thanks for ur Tiramitsu Cake too! Very tasty! Yummy Yum Yum... *Slurp*

Friday, August 26, 2005

I'm sick...

Today... I'm sick... ='( In the morning was still ok... After Ong's Lecture, not very well already. Then, it became worse after lunch... *sob sob* I even skipped his tutorial at 12 noon! I felt so guilty.... Its the very first time I ponteng tutorial...

After that, I need to 'ma fan' Aaron to send me home... Sigh... I was really ma fan... Vomitted for dunno how many times... Dirty a few places in the campus... Opps... Even Aaron's car! So sorry.... Btw, his car very nice to sleep... Heheh! Very bouncy! =p

Few hours later, my dad went to my uni and drove my Kancil back... Lolz... I told him I parked my car at the second row... Heheh! Forget to tell him whether its the 2nd row from the right or left... Made him looked for the wrong side under the hot sun... Or was it under the rain? Opps... Feel guilty again...

Lastly, I wanna say thank you to:
Aaron who take care of me when I'm sick and sent me home...
My Daddy who also take care of me and drove my car back...
My Brother who helped me to carry books and get me the medicine + water...
Also my grandmother who gave me the blankie... =p
Thank you everyone! *Muakz Muakz Muakz*

Btw, I'm ok already... Not that sick. =)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Changing blog site...

I signed up to Blogspot since last year... But I never use it and end up using Friendster's Blog... But now, my Friedster's Blog couldn't open... Due to some technical problem I guess. So I need to come back to Blogspot already. Anyway, I think Blogspot also not bad... Seeing so many of u using this. Hehe!

Today, I checked the Exam Timetable already... Ermm... The timing not bad la. I only got 1 paper for the 1st week and 2nd week. Then 3rd week got 2 papers... Luckily got no back to back papers.. =p But the bad things are, I got 1 morning paper (Cannot wake up so early la...) and my last paper end at 10 Nov... So late! Less time for holiday already... Lol!

Good Luck and Gambate to everyone!!

*Uni Rockz*