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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thank you note

It was raining this morning... Such weather is the BEST time to SLEEP!! Agree? So cooling and comfortable... But, I had to force myself to get out from the bed. Or else, I will caught in the traffic jam and end up late to the office... The consequences will be kena potong gaji and no parking lot!!

This morning I reached the building around 7.30am and got a perfect parking! It was almost the nearest parking. Errrm... But I was a bit too early, because the office wasn't open yet. (I do not own the key.. Sob sob...) So, I had to wait at the lobby...

15 minutes later, one of my colleagues came and unlocked the door... Finally... *YAY* I faster went into the office and switched on my computer. Then, I wanted to make myself a cup of hot MILO... *Sigh* I found out that I had finished all my 3 in 1 Milo and Coffee... Thats why I end up eating my Tiger Biscuit only... and drink plain water lor...

8am~W..O..R..K..~5pm... Haha! Today wasnt a hectic day for me... So, I could go home early... Heheh! I swapped my ID at 5.15pm!! Kekeke!! Tak payah OT... and can go home and enjoy my TV!! So happy...

When I reached my car... It was like... So SHIT!! What the heck la... Office pun got ppl wanna double park?!?! I thought all the big bosses all went for the company conference already? Then there should have plenty of parkings... How come got ppl double park behind my little KANCIL?!?! I was a bit geram lerr... I thought can head back home earlier... But end up got stuck over there. =(

I stood beside my car and looked so hopelessly... Then I walked nearer to the 'illegally parked car' to find out if there's any phone number for me to contact him/ her to repark the car... But there wasnt any message! All I know is this person is from LAB Dept... I have no idea what department is that...

Amazingly... 5 minutes later, a Malay guy walked towards me and said "Amoi!! Mari sini... Mari kita tolak kereta ni...".... *Eyes rolled big big* I was a bit blur at that time... It took me a while to filter his message,,, Lol!! Then, 'we' pushed the car away... Basically, he was the only one who pushed the car... I was there touching the car only... Never used my strengths to push also... Lol! Anyway, I wanted to thank this helpful guy again... Terima Kasih!!

So... I managed to drive out and reach my house at 5.45pm!! Hehehe!!!



sue lin said...

Hahahaha, why can oush the car one??? The fella purposely did not put haNd break ar for other ppl to push his/her car is it?


Wow, reached home at 5.45? Means less than 30mis of driving? So u have problems getting to work but no problems getting home? Jam-wise?

I can get to work in 30mins, usually never takes longer. But going home is harder =(

Jacqueline said...

Yar! I think they purposely put down the hand break... but they must remember to straighten their steering as well... Or else, the car might bang another car... Lol!!

And yar... I can travel there/ back in less than 30 mins... thats if I leave the company b4 5.20 la... After 5.30 sure KO ady 1... Thank god my working hour is 8-5pm instead of 8.30 to 5.30... Hahah!!

sue lin said...

hahaha good la... my working hour is 830 to 530

Wah... the double parking at your work very keng! hahahahaa