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Saturday, April 15, 2006

A 'chapalang' blog...

Marketing Strategy… Anyone is taking Marketing Strategy here? Sigh… Majority of the class failed our Assignment 1 with the marks of 41 to 49 marks… Even the highest score was only 64! Of course the whole class was very dissatisfied with this kind of marks and many of us went to see him and bombarded him. On Thursday afternoon, KY, Kel, Mun and I argued with him bout the assignment… After a lot of arguments and explanations, he sort of accepted it and promised to re-mark it… =p But then, since he is now giving everybody a chance to re-do this assignment, I think we better re-do it and probably we will score an “D” or “HD”… Lol!! But dream on la, because he told me that no one will get an “HD” for his assignment and even other Lecturers wont give students HD. So mean!! Since when other lecturers don’t give students HD for assignments?!?! I got HD for assignments from Ghazala, Dr. Nelson, Ong and Walter Tan last semester!! So, says who that’s impossible?

Ok… Let’s get rid off that stooopid topic… Yesterday was Good Friday!! Also the last day before our semester break starts… Yay Yay!! After finished class at 12pm, I waited for Kelly at the pigeon hole and we submitted our International Marketing assignment… =p. *Phew* We finally ‘gao dim’ (finished) this assignment… This assignment took us really long to edit because we over shoot the word limit… =(

After lunch, I went to X’s house to see his baby cousin (1 and a half years old)… Hahaha!! She’s soooo cute and adorable!! She can make lots of funny faces, dance, do baby talks and even glue her eyes to the TV every time she sees advertisements… When she wants to take something from you, she will say please’… When you give her, she will say ‘thank you’… See! She’s behaving well!! But then, the way she says a bit funny… haha! Yesterday, she stuck with me and she refused to come down after carried her… Sat on my hand for so long… Haha!! Need to carry her to see fishes… fake tortoise, and rocks... lol!! Now, I can few my right arm is pain… kekeke!!! Ohyah! Before I went back, I told her ‘bye bye’… And guess what? She gave me goodbye kiss in return… Hahah!! So adorable la this baby girl…

After played with her, I went out with X for a movie… ICE AGE 2!!! Hahaha!! This show is real funny!! Anyone hasn’t watched yet? Must watch!! Errmmm… Probably I’m the last one who watch this show… Haha! Anyway, this show is suitable for kids, teenagers like me… and even parents!! It’s really a funny show… Besides, this show also got quite a number of good reviews and ratings from the newspapers (The Star) and radio (FM 98.8).

Today, my new neighbour moved in! Hahah!! Yay!! Finally I get my new neighbour… Ermm.. But I’m not sure who are they yet. So far, I only have seen their black car and 2 cute little doggies outside the house. The white doggie keep baking non-stop… But it bark very softly. The other 1… A bit brownish and yellowish 1… This 1 damn lazy… It rested on the floor all the time… Even I teased it… it turned its head and look at you… After that, it ignored you… So… Lazy.. Probably it’s a male dog… Haha!!



sue lin said...

Hey hey! Thank God i'm not taking Marketing Strategy! =P Hehe

I overshot the word limit for IM... and then i heard a rumour that for gropus of 4 it's 4000! Please dun let it b real!

So cute la X's cousin! Remind me of my sis when she was a baby. Train her 2 say please and give us a kiss before giving her anything! They grow up so fast!! =( Hahaha

Aiyoh sad la i paid RM11 to watch The Wild. Not v nice. Should have watched Ice Age!!! =(

Haha, typical modern Malaysians, they never bother to make friends with u guys! U only know their doggies! =)

Anonymous said...

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Jacqueline said...

Aiks... Got anonymous come n spam my blog...

Sue Lin, the 4000 word limit is only a rumour la.. I confirmed with Ghazala and Pn Nor many times ady... the limit is 2750!! Nuting more than that!! I wish she increase it to 4k earlier then we dunit to cut down the words like mad...

Yeah! His cousin memang cute.. adorable.. love her so much... haha!!

Huh? The Wild is not nice? I thought I saw the funny ad on tv? Anyway, I paid RM8 for Ice Age only... Wahaha!! Student price!!

sue lin said...

Hey! Maybe u should put up that word verification thing like i did in my blog! It's to avoid all these spams.

Yay, good good, 2750!! Lucky didnt waste my time cutting like hell.

Some people say the Wild is nice but i dun really like it la. The day i watched it was a Saturday, paid RM11!!! So grumpy a bit i think. For Ice Age i paid only RM5 student price!!! Hahaha, Leisure Mall is the greatest! So happy

Jacqueline said...

I find the word verification thingie very mafan la.. I'm a lazy fella... haha!!

I like LeisureMall's cinema! Very comfortable... but damn cold la! Especially House 3. But then the last time I went that cinema was last year July... Lol!!