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Friday, June 23, 2006

Exams Ended!

My exams ended yesterday... I'm supposed to be out there enjoying my holiday! Movie, shopping, makan and etc.... But what am I doing over here? Errmmm.... Im actually here in the Computer Lab and blogging rubbish! Hahah!

I went to the library earlier and grabbed 2 books... Some art and comic related books. I thought I can read those so-called-comic books to kill my time while waiting for A to end his exam... But then, the 2 books were sooooo boring!! And I dun understand the comic! Am I too dumb or what? =(

It's 2.30pm now. I need to wait for another 2 hours!! Coz A is now in the exam hall doing his paper... Besides A, many other accounting and econs students are doing the same thing... Good luck people...

I feel hungry and bored right now... Anyone can introduce me with some interesting online games? Those Free 1 la of coz... Hehehe!! *(^_^)*



phil said...

yeah..merdeka..ahah..ohh..nice of you to wait for A...sweet..ahah

Jacqueline said...

hehehe!! Yeah! We all MERDEKA!! HooooRayyyy... Enjoy your holiday yah!

sue lin said...

Hahaha... i did wht u did also, wait 4 Elwyn... aiyah.. i shouldnt have, thats the day i dropped my phone in the toilet!!! Hahahaha

Jacqueline said...

Hahahah!! Opps... Shouldn't laugh at you hor? Errm... Nvm la... The old phone KO ady then get a new 1 lo... Get camera phone! Then you can snap photo with Elwyn... Heheheh!!