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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Royale Escapade

Last Friday was our Annual Monash Ball... It was held at the Palace of the Golden Horses... The ball was supposed to start at 7.30pm, but we actually reached there around 6.30pm... Haha!! Says who Malaysian always late for dinner?!?!?! We had proved it wrong!!! Hahaha!! Since we were early, we snapped a few pics outside the hotel... See! There were horses behind us!

After 7pm, the place was becoming more and more crowded... We saw more and more familiar faces and started to snap pictures......

1 group of girls here... Who's the prettiest? Lol!!! *(^_^)*

After that, we had an extra male in the pic... Lol!! I call this pic as 7+1! =p

We are Yin Mei, Shu Yin and Mei Yin... A.K.A... THE YINs!! Hahah!!

Becky and I... She's so beautiful!!!

My forever Assignment groupmates,,, Linda and Munny... Too bad... Kelly was absent... Or else we could have a "4 ji mui" pic... Lol!!

And lastly... Our picture... A bit blur... But I like it.. *wink wink*


Monday, September 25, 2006

Random Pictures...

While waiting for my prom pictures, let's have a look on some ramdom pics... Hehehe!!! Actually some 'expired' pictures... =p

I did HRM in HELP Uni Coll last summer... So, this is a pic of the Assignment. The report was actually inside this Green Assignment 'folder'... One thing good about it is... its FREE!! Unlike Monash's Assignment cover sheet, which u need to spend 10cent to print out the cover sheet EACH TIME...

Some yummy, delicious cheese cakes and lemon juices from Secret Recipe!! *slurp*

Aaron, Jacin & Steve a.k.a JX's birthday party at Nando's.... *Happy belated Birthday!!* Lol!!! *(^o^)*

K2 the wacky class!!! Siao siao 1... FLOWER POWER!!! HAHAH!!!


Monday, September 11, 2006

Mentos + diet coke/pepsi explosion

warning: don't try this at home. rather, try it outside. Founders 309 Productions.

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My brother told me some interesting science experiments he did with friends yesterday...

Experiment 1
Ingredients: Coca-Cola, Soap Powder/ detergent
Steps: Put the soap powder into the Coca-Cola (Not ask u to taste it la!)
Results: The colour of Coca-Cola will be changed to white/ clear colour...

Experiment 2
Ingredients: Diet Coke (1.5 litre), Mentos
Steps: Put all the Mentos into the Diet Coke.. MUST be real fast!
Results: Explosion will be resulted!! The gas will shoot as high as 2 metres!!!

Dont trust me?? Haha! I managed to find some proof through Google... Click here for the Video *(^o^)*


Saturday, September 02, 2006

2 topics...

My shitty-looking exam timetable

Two days ago, I got an email with an attached "Unofficial Examination Timetable"... I was happily downloaded the file and checked for my timetable... Wat the.... I got a so-damn-terrible exam timetable!!! U see:

27 Oct (Afternoon paper) -- Marketing Law
6 Nov (Afternoon paper) -- Marketing Planning and Implementation
7 Nov (Morning paper) -- International Management
7 Nov (Afternoon paper) -- International Business

CRAZZZZYYYY!!! 3 papers in 2 days!! How to study?!! Wanna cry already la... Anybody please let me know if I can complain and change this timetable... *(x_X)*

HotDog Versus Sausage

Yesterday, I shopped in the night market with my brother... We bought lots of fooood!! Yummy yummy food!!! We came to this stall selling fishball, fried chicken, hotdog, and so on... Then, I grabbed a few cucuk of fishballs... And the hotdog I wanted was quite far away... So, I asked the tauke to take it for me...

Me: One more Hotdog please.. (pointed at the yummy hotdog)
Tauke: This 1? "heong cheong" la... Hotdog is that 1...
Me: *blur* (my brother also blur. Then, he asked the tauke wats the different between HotDog and "Heong cheong")...
The answer was, "HotDog is 'Yit Kau', while 'heong cheong' is sausage...."
Bro and I: *Faint* LOL!!!

So, HotDog and sausage are DIFFERENT!!! Keekekek!!!