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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tag-along 2


Heheh!! I finished my exam at 3.42pm today!! YOOOHOOOO!!! F~R~E~E!! Anyone wanna ajak me out? Lol! =p

Well, I have been tagged by coco_panda AGAIN!! Let me finish this tag-along thingie first...

10 Life's simple pleasure...

1) Pass all my exams with flying colours...!! *(^_^)* Hopefully I can make it this semester... Aiming for 4 Ds this time... D means Distinction ler... not the empat ekor punya 4D... Hahaha!! I dun gamble.. =p

2) Getting HDs for all assignments.. This is to help me to pull up the marks for my final score... Coz I usually dun do well in my written exams... =( Aiyoh... Exam got time constrains 1 ma... how to do well worr... agree with me?

3) Dunit to drive to uni everyday... Hehehe! I wish someone will drive me here and there everyday... U know, its so so SO SO tired to drive a manual car while its stuck in the heavy traffic?!?!

4) Play with Yung Yi every week... Hehee!! She's so adorable... cute... hugable... and notti as well... *(>_<)*

5) Eat ice-cream... I love Mc D's ice-cream.. Especially the vanila ice-cream... The Mc Flurry is even nicer... I like the Oreo flavour! Yummy Yum Yum!! *slurp slurp slurp* But Mc Flurry is a bit pricy ler... Its RM 4.19 each... More expensive than a plate of Chicken rice in medan... So cannot eat that so often...

6) Watch movies with A... I missed out lots of new movies!! Errmm... I wanna watch CARS! And many other new shows... I gotta check out the list later... hahah!

7) Have a gathering with my old classmates... I miss my frens... primary school frens, secondary shool frens and SAM's classmates... I miss my teachers too! Ermmm... Wanna go back to Dato' Onn (Jalan San Peng) lar... Anyone wanna teman me? I have 2 weeks semester break now!! Coco_panda!! R u free?

8) Chit chit chat chat with frens... Hehehe! What will girls do when they sit together? Gossip la! What else...? LOL! Im not really a 'pat kua' person la... But I find it fun to know ppl's gossip... Hehehe!! dont you?

9) Snap pictures... I like to snap pictures... Hehehe!! *Snap Snap Snap* Now we can use digital camera. So, we can snap unlimited number of pictures... Then, delete those ugly ones... Lol!!

10) Go for Guang Liang's concert!! I'm looking forward for Guang Liang's September 30's concert in Bukit Jalil!! Im not a real big fan of Guang Liang, but I like his songs... heheh!

Phew, finally Im done with this... *sweat*

Okay now, who am I going to tag?
JX!! you are the chosen one!! Coz you finished ur degree!! No more exam or assignments for u! Congrats!!



sue lin said...

Hello! =)

If can win the BIG 4D, i'd rather have 4D than 4 distinctions! Haha.

Haha, ya lor, hard 2 drive manual in jams =( Kaki sakit when i worked... drive in jam everyday... abt 2 hours a day.

Gossip's great!! Hehe

Post more pix!

Jacqueline said...

Hahaha!! For me, I rather get 4 Distinctions ler... Pictures... Errmm... Will try to post some more next time.

Happy Holidays!!


coco_panda said...


though we already talk about meeting up with school teachers the other day, i am still gonna post it up here.

don't think I can join you le. Class at 11am, gt to leave home by 1030. Will be kind of rush for me if I'm to meet up you guys at 10am.

so, sorry...

i'll find another time to meet up with you!!