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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Adventurous Bidor Trip

Last Sunday (the last day of my Easter Break), I drove all the way back to my home town ~ BIDOR, Perak. Anyone know where is it? The place which is very famous with the PUN CHAN ‘kai chai peng’ and ‘shat keh mah’… (See the picture) And… I think petai also…

Depart time: 5.50am
First of all, my cousin wanted to drive my car… My reaction à Dunnit la! I can drive… Heheh!! End up, I won the battle. Then, a small little Kancil was fetching 4 other family members (grandmother, aunty, and 2 cousins) heading to Bidor… *Chit-chit chat-chat in the car*

Maybe I haven’t fully awake yet, that’s why I missed a turn!!! Then we ended up at an ALIEN place!! I was so scared… But then, luckily my aunty cheered me up and she said “Maybe Jesus wants us to detour”… Errm… Meaning something might happen if we were at the correct road?

After a while, we finally found the road sign written “Ipoh”… Even though it’s a blue sign (means its old road, not the highway), I will still get to Perak… So, there was less worries. But then, the old road was very narrow (only 1-lane), no lamp post, dark and don’t have big big sign boards! Guess what, I can only depend on those old road sign! The small batu type of ‘road sign’ besides the road… I passed by Rawang, Kepong… blah blah… and Some kampungs! Very adventurous, oh?

6.45 am
I found a green sign board written “IPOH”!! Hooray!! I was damn happy and quickly turned in to that road… Yay! Road toll! This is the first time I like a road toll sp much! Coz it indicates the highway!!

I asked the toll plaza’s ticket issuer “Jalan ini pergi Ipoh?”. She answered “Yah! Ikut kanan nanti”… Then I asked again “Oh! Boleh pergi?”… She gave me a big smile and answered “Ya”… Then the whole car laughed at me… “Why do you need to confirm so many times?” Haha!! Dua kali aje ma… Banyak meh? :p

7.50 am
Reached Bidor!! YAY!! First thing to do after I parked my car was SMS!! Need to report to the important people… Haha!! Then, we ate breakfast and yum char at the market… We tried their special made ‘chee cheong fun’. Something very different from what we can get in KL… At the same time, my aunty and grandma ‘keng kai’ and chit chat with their old friends…

Then, we went into the market and bought some cheap stuff… I bought hair bands, cousin bought her sandals, grandma bought some fruits, ‘kai chai peng’, ‘shat keh mah’, ‘hiong peng’ and etc.

After shopped, we went to grandpa’s house. We chatted, snapped pictures… and blah blah blah…

11.00 am
We went to another cousin’s house… He is a hair stylist! Then, I asked him to trim my hair… Wow! He was so patient and careful in cutting hair… Took him 2 hours to trim 2 person’s hair… Anyway, I am very satisfied with the hair. Hehe!! Professional hair stylist oo!

1.00 pm
Lunch time!! 13 of us including grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins ate together in a restaurant. The food was sooo tasty!! I ate until very full… *Yummy Yum Yum*

2.05 pm
Finally we finished our food and prepared to go back KL. Again, my cousin wanted to take over the driver’s role. Haha! But then, I won the battle again!! This time, I didn’t get to the wrong way!! We went back smoothly… Hehe! I over took a lot of cars in front of me, coz they were too slow!! Tortoise cars… ;p

3.00 pm
My cousin’s bf called… He was a bit nanny ler.. “Where are you? When u all departed from Bidor? How fast is she driving? Cannot drive at 110km/h!! And blah blah blah”… I dun care la… I kept on driving with my speed of 110km/h… Heheh!! He is not my parents or bf also… What for I need to listen to him, right? Lol!!

Hooray!!~ We finally reached KL.. We saw the KLCC towers already. Lastly, reached home at 3.35pm… Hehe!! I was damn tired… But it was fun! This is my very first time drive so far! Next challenge ~ Penang! Lol!! But I’m not sure whether my Kancil can go so far… Lol!!


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