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Friday, March 31, 2006

MBC's Charity Drive

Hey! Monashians... Come n support us!! Buy our yummy ice-cream... RM 1.50 for 1 scoop and RM2 for 2 scoop. Besides, we added a new menu too!! Rootbeer Float! *Yummy*!! Now, u can get rootbeer float from MBC!!! Its selling for RM2 only... Its cheaper than the market price ohh!! So, better act quick!! Its for charity... *Wink*

*While stock last*



aiks said...

HI jacqz~!! U bet i'll be eating ice cream evryday!! Lol.

And i have a suggestion!! (Me n my truckloads of it..hehe)

Shud we offer cream puffs with ice cream n hot fudge sauce?? Dat would b really sumthin man...

I've mailed u d gorgeous pic i got from a site..They quite easy 2 make dun u worry..N dat pic is making my mouth water!!

-cheng wai-

Jacqueline said...

I'm more interested with the float actually... :p Rootbeer float!!! Yummy!

Thanks for ur suggestion and we will think bout it. :)


coco_panda said...

can I have some too?