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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Busy.. Busy..

Last night I stayed up until 3.30am to finish up my 4000 words of E-Commerce Economics Assignment… After that… It took me 1 hour to print out!! Thanks to my slow motion Bubble Jet printer… It was damn slow… Its time for me to change a new printer… Hahah! Next target… Laser Jet Printer!! --- the lab type… So fast and changgih… LOL!!

This morning, I leaved my house around 7.45am to attend a 9am tutorial… I was half dead when I drove… I wasn’t sure whether the other cars really didn’t signal before cutting in my queue… Or I didn’t see them… But I assumed I was right and guess what? I FLASHED them! I acted like the whole road was mine! Nobody else can fight with me… Lol! *Joking*

Finally, I passed up my assignment at 2pm (during lecture)… *phew*

Wait… There are three more assignments to go!! And EXAM is around the corner!!!

*No Cheers*

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