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Monday, October 09, 2006

My b'day pictures =p

As mentioned in my previous post, I will upload the pictures once I get it from the 'camera-man'... Lol!!!

Here's my 21st Birthday Cake... Tiramisu!! Very yummy!! *slurp slurp* But the strawberries were toooo SOUR!!

A picture with A, together with my cake and a cup of hot honey drinks... How come there's a baby chair behind us? Lol...

After blowing the candles... S helped me to cut the cake into pieces... Hehe!! Thanks!! I think she's quite pro in cutting cakes... Got experience!! Hahaa!!

I was enjoying the cake... Yummy!! Do you want some? *(^0^)*

And lastly... Happy family!!

Thanks for all the wishes... including the sms, mms, friendster and msn messages... Thanks for everything :-) I'm officially an adult now... As what K said, I can go into the CASINO already!! So, who wanna be the 1st one to bring me in to the casino? Lol!!!



sue lin said...

Happy Belated Birthday again!
Where did u celebrate???

"i think she's quite pro in cutting cakes... Got experience!! Hahaa!!"--- sounds like S is REALLY old = a lot of experience in cutting cake! Hahaha

Note: this is just a lame joke =)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, i didnt know it was ur birthday till when was it .. yesterday ... on friday .... well happy belated birthday to you.

Though i dun know you that well, but still it is always nice to wish someone happy birthday.

Jacqueline said...

Sue Lin:
Thanks for the wishes again!!! :) We celebrated at a cafe near Damansara lo...

Haha!! I didn't say she's old la... She has loads of experiences because she always help others to cut their b'day cakes ma... lol!!

Thank you!! U actually read my blog... lol!! Welcome!

ViNi said...

Happy Bday! Unfortuntely I have yet to turn 21, so long, hahha. Is that Sarbina next to you? She looks so much prettier and thinner now eh! Oh i miss you guys!

Jacqueline said...

Hey yah!! Thank you!! Sorry ya... Me long time din blog ady... Just finished my final exam yesterday... :p

Yeah! thats Sabby... Haahhaha!! I will tell her wat u said. Im sure she will be very happy and jumping up and down... :p

Miss you too! Take Care!