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Sunday, September 18, 2005

HaPPi3 MiD AuTuMn F3stiVaL

Today is Tanglung Festival!!! Early this morning, I received an SMS from Yuki… She wished me Happy Mid Autumn Festival. Thank you… But.. U know what? I was having a sweet and nice dream lerr… Why you come and disturb my sweet dream?? Lolz… Joking…

Anyone celebrate this festival with Tanglung and candles? I miss those days… I want to play Tanglung and candles too! But too old to play already.. Lolz.. Young in heart?? Kekeke!

Anyway, wish u guys Happy Tanglung Festival! Eat more moon cakes!! Nowadays, we are very lucky… We can try all sorts of new flavour! Chocolate, coffee, green tea and etc etc… But dun turn out to be a feichai or feimui next week! Lolx!



ruisheng said...

playing lanterns when young is a common thing.. but playing candles..??

Jacqueline said...

Yes.. Play candles.. Burn the candles and blow... like celebrating birthday like that lor... hehehe!

johneygreene9987 said...

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Jacqueline said...

Johney.. Ermm.. I'm not sure who u r... But thanks for praising the my blog. For the link u sent me... I dun think I'm interested with it.. Lol! Coz I dun need any online dating. =)