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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Changing blog site...

I signed up to Blogspot since last year... But I never use it and end up using Friendster's Blog... But now, my Friedster's Blog couldn't open... Due to some technical problem I guess. So I need to come back to Blogspot already. Anyway, I think Blogspot also not bad... Seeing so many of u using this. Hehe!

Today, I checked the Exam Timetable already... Ermm... The timing not bad la. I only got 1 paper for the 1st week and 2nd week. Then 3rd week got 2 papers... Luckily got no back to back papers.. =p But the bad things are, I got 1 morning paper (Cannot wake up so early la...) and my last paper end at 10 Nov... So late! Less time for holiday already... Lol!

Good Luck and Gambate to everyone!!

*Uni Rockz*

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