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Saturday, October 01, 2005


Last night, there was a BBQ party held by the pool side of Bunga Raya Condominium, Saujana… The party supposed to start at 6.30pm. Of coz I’m the punctual ppl.. Lol! Aaron and I reached there at 6.30pm! But we only saw a few MBC members over there preparing for food and stuffs… The rest came quite late… Some ppl like Gary… Yes, U! Gary… Came so late… R u a VIP?? Lolz! Joking..

Ermm… They prepared quite a lot of food also… There were chicken wings, sotongs, sausages, lamb, potatoes, salads, corns, watermelon and etc… I ate quite a lot of sausages… Heheh! The easiest food to eat! Coz don’t need to use fingers to hold the food… Lolz! Yeah… U can say I’m lazy… =p Me memang lazy 1.

Besides busy eating, we took some pictures too! *Snap Snap Snap* Too much flash already… Made me a bit pening… Lolx! *Dizzy Dizzy* Haha! Anyway, it was fun to snap pictures! *Chak Chak Chak*

9 something already, the games were about to start. But, it was too late already… All the Cinderellas (including me!) need to go home in time… Lolz! So, I had to say bye bye to them and ciao… The traffic was a bit heavy last night… So, I reach home around 10 something…

Argghh!! Didn’t know my Mum bought me taufufa already… So, I was forced to eat a bit la… Must give face also… Lolz! Luckily didn’t eat until bloated in the party… Or else I can’t take my mummy’s food… =p



Anonymous said...

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QueenSLeen said...

hey babe. hope u had a great time :).

fr, sher leen.