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Sunday, November 13, 2005

*Conan Rockz*

This morning I woke up quite early and fetched my grandma to the market…. After that, I sent my car for car wash…. *Soapy Soapie Washy* Hahah! So long never bath my car already…. Damn dirty! U can even write words on my car!! Lolz! But, right now, my car is very clean and shinny!! *Sparkling* =)

After lunch, I came online to check my mails and chatted with my cousin…. We were discussing whether to drive back home town (Bidor, Perak) or take a bus… In the end of discussion, we were backed to square one… *Sigh* And right now I’m thinking of whether to attend my distant relative’s wedding or not… What to do??

I supposed to read the journals and complete the literature review for Dr. Nelson… But I was too lazy… I keep on dragging my work day after day… Then, I ended up with watching cartoons with my brothers! Guess what? We watched Conan (DVDs) for more than 2 hours!! Although I watched those DVDs before, but “San Yat” (Conan) was tooooooo Leng Chai!! I can’t resist watching him!! Lolz!!

*Conan Rockz*

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