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Saturday, August 27, 2005

**Happie Birthday to Aaron**

Today is Aaron's Birthday! Happy Birthday to U, Aaron... =) But too bad... Birthday also need to attend replacement lecture... Haha! Me even worse, coz I need to attend replacement classes until 4pm... Sigh...

After class, I went to Pyramid to buy some stuff... I went into this Music Shop... *Sigh* The sales promoter over there was so rude!! Very very rude to their customers! So bad! Dunno how to describe them! So, people! Never got to this Music shop called "Kedai Music FANTASY" which located at LL2 of Pyramid. Lets boikot this shop!

Then, I went up to LL1 to check out the CDs in Speedy... Heheh! They played "Lao shu ai da mi"... Wat a cute song... =p Anyway, I din buy any CD from there also... Lolz... See for fun only. *(",)* Haha!

Lastly, need to wish Aaron Happie Birthday!!! Happie Happie Birthday!!! Thanks for ur Tiramitsu Cake too! Very tasty! Yummy Yum Yum... *Slurp*

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