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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Happie Saturday!

Yesterday was a Saturday… Suppose to be my first day of holiday. But… Sob Sob… Holiday also need to go back Uni for Marketing Research’s tutorial class… Initially I thought the class will take us about 2 hours… Didn’t know his speed was so slow… =/ The class started at 10am and end around 2 something… 4 hours!!! Was so HUNGRY~~~ *My stomach was calling for food already…*

When class finished, straight away went for lunch… Hehehe! Pizza Hut.. Yummy Yum Yum… Opps… Too bad I didn’t take a picture of the pizza. Or else I can show it to Jason Ng… Lolz! Wanna compete and see whose blog got more food. Lolz!

Last night was the Grand Finale of Malaysian Idol 2!! I was so gan cheong when they were going to announce the result… When I heard the winner was DANIEL, I was so happy!!! *YAY!!* Hahaha! My votes were worth it! Heheh~!

During the press conference, Daniel said he might have a Mandarin Album soon… Hahah! I’m looking forward for his new album… Daniel! Daniel! Go go go! Happy to see u win... Ur our IDOL! Hehehe! *(^-^)* We are so proud of u... Lolz..

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ViNi said...

Nah I'm going to Australia to finish, Perth :P Hey that day i was shopping ith my friend and we passed the Idols at Starbucks. I didn't know who they were (no tv my place), but my friend was so gile, lol. Have fun! I'll linik u asap :P