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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My experience of surveying people

I’m doing a survey about people’s attitudes toward Internet Banking (For my Marketing Research Methods). Therefore, Sarah and I went to the banks located in Taipan to do this survey. Firstly, we enter RHB Bank. We went into the bank but dare not ask for permission to conduct our survey. After a while only we dare to get the permission and started our survey…

We stood there for quiet a while to see which person to survey.. Lol! The 1st person I surveyed was an Indian… A friendly guy… Hehe! So nice! He purposely stayed back to finish my questionnaire after he finished his banking stuff… Then, I tried to get the 2nd person. Sigh… The answer I got was “No time”, “Dunno English” and so on… Lastly, I got 1 guy who is willing to fill up for me… At first, I was quite happy… But, the bad thing was, he simply do the survey 1!!! Wasted my questionnaire only larr!! So bad 1! He ticked all “Agree”… Sigh… Tick the answer without seeing the question! Bad Guy!

Since this bank got very few customers, we decided to change to another bank.. We tried Standard Chartered Bank… But the officer only allowed us to do the survey outside the bank… WHAT!? Outside the bank? Where got customer stand outside the bank 1? Stupid…

Then, we tried Public Bank… 1st we saw the counter officer to get permission. She asked us to check with the Customer Service Counter… Ok… But that fella asked us to ask the Manager upstairs… So we followed what she said and go upstairs. We saw an officer there and he told us that their manager was not in. Then, he asked us to get permission from the Customer Service Counter. “Customer Service AGAIN??” -___-” Susah… Lastly, we came to this “Miss something” forget her name already… She told us to apply for the permission from the HEAD OFFICE! *Sigh Sigh Sigh* To get 1 small permission also need to go through so many people and finally back to square one… So Susah… Troublesome!

Besides, we also went to May Bank, Am Bank and Pan Pacific Bank… All banks also unsuccessful… Grr… End of the day, we gave up and went home with 2 completed questionnaires, 1 rubbish questionnaire and 47 empty questionnaires… =(

I think we give up surveying the bank users already… Now we are trying to give out the questionnaires around uni… Lol! Is there anyone who is willing to fill up my questionnaire? Drop me a message then I will send u the questionnaire through Email… :)

Thanks yah!


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Jaszz said...

such efficiency that malaysia banks show ehz? u could ask ur parents to pass ur qnaires to their's y i usually do when i need to complete qnaires..lolx!
dun get disheartened kz..gambate!

Clarence said...

aikks...typical m'sia banks...look for who and who...then who and who tell u look for who and who again...haha...but yar...pitty u 2! hard on ur survey! i'm sure there'a way out! keke...gud luck!